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WWE Vengeance 2011 Preview & Predictions

vengeance 2011WWE returns to pay per view this Sunday with Vengeance 2011. The bad news is you have another poorly promoted show that appears to be more of a throwaway than a must-see. The good news, we are one pay per view closer to seeing the return of The Rock!

The WWE is taking a page out of their SummerSlam 2011 booking and haven’t announced a full card until a week before the show. With little time to simmer, it is real difficult to get excited for this show. That said, there are a few matches on the show that have potential to tear the house down. Unfortunately neither of those are in the main-event.

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing match for the WWE championship

We are only a few days away from Vengeance and the WWE has yet to tell their television audience exactly why these guys are even wrestling. Yes I get it, Cena lost the title at Hell in a Cell and was screwed. It makes sense, which is why I find it a bit of a mystery that Cena has yet to sell to the WWE Universe.

I like Del Rio, yet I feel like he has really taken a big hit with the quick loss to Cena before regaining the belt. I think the WWE has screwed with his push too much over the last several months for fans to really buy into him as a top heel. Sadly I think the perfect time to capitalize on Del Rio has come and gone.

[adinserter block=”2″]Cena back in the main event is just an absolute joke. I am not one of those guys that expect Cena to move aside every month and work opening matches or mid card feuds. However, this is just ridiculous. Unfortunately they have really boxed themselves into a corner by already announcing that Cena and The Rock are teaming at Survivor Series. Hence, the idea of doing a lengthy series here just isn’t going to work.

This match is a Last Man Standing Match and if it is anything like Cena’s I Quit Match with The Miz a few months back, expect Cena haters to start breaking televisions. I’d expect a lot of the same thing as The Miz match. I expect Cena to get beaten down for about 30 minutes and somehow by miracle pull out the win and recapture the WWE championship. I don’t like it, but that appears to be the blue print in these situations.

Mark Henry vs. Big Show for the WWE world heavyweight championship

Just when you thought Mark Henry was turning a corner, the WWE gives us this crap fest they call a main-event. Talk about booking against the strength of the guy you are trying to get over as the monster of the company.

I am sure The Big Show is a nice guy but if I never saw him wrestle again, it wouldn’t be too soon. The upside here is that he is probably fresh which will give you a little more Show than you are used to getting. However, again you limit his options by booking him with Henry. This one isn’t going to be pretty.

I look for Henry to retain the title. The right decision for business is to have Henry destroy Show. I just don’t see them bringing Show back with this big push only to squash him in his return match. So with that said, I look for ten minutes of boredom and a screwy finish which leaves a rematch open for Survivor Series 2011.

Triple H and CM Punk vs. The Miz and R-Truth

It only took what, a few months to bring CM Punk back down to earth and squash any momentum he had going during the summer. CM Punk is back to just being one of the guys. The whole idea of someone of Punk’s character teaming with Triple H is a big slap in the face for the rebellious fans that believed in their fearless leader.

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I like Triple H, probably more than most bloggers, but I have no interest in seeing him here. On paper, he should be a guy that destroys these guys. I think you only have a handful of Triple H matches left before he hangs it up. Wasting it here isn’t exactly what I’d call productive.

But we have the match and I think it will be quite good. I am sure you will see your typical heel vs. babyface tag team match with Punk getting punished and Triple H playing the role of Robert Gibson for the save. A win for Awesome Truth would be huge here. As surprised as I’d be to see it, I can’t see them blowing their heat with a pinfall here. I like Awesome Truth in an upset.

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes Non-Title Match

[adinserter block=”1″]Here is a match that I think has some serious potential to steal the show. Unfortunately the non-title stipulation already gives the result away, thus taking steam off of what we already know is the inevitable finish.

The WWE has something here with these guys. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it appears that they have more chemistry brewing with every match. The history is obviously there and the WWE really has a chance to give Cody Rhodes the ball here and see what happens. The possibilities here are very good.

I look for a good back and forth match. Orton appears to have his working shoes on when he is in there with Cody, and I can’t imagine it’d be any different on this night. It is a shame because a win for Rhodes would be huge, but you can’t pin Orton three pay per views in a row. I like Orton, but look for this one to steal the show.

Air Boom vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger for the tag team championships

I am not going to waste a lot of time here on this one. I like the Ziggler and Swagger team so hopefully this one turns out with them leaving the show with the belts. Unfortunately I smell a screw job here coming with the new team of Mason Ryan and Zack Ryder. I’ll predict Swagger and Ziggler with the win, but a quick loss immediately thereafter to Ryder and Ryan.

Full WWE Vengeance 2011 card…
Mark Henry vs. The Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship
Triple H and CM Punk vs. R-Truth and The Miz
Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes Non-Title Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres for the WWE Divas Championship
Air Boom (Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston) vs. Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Tag Team Championship

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  1. What a nothing card. Things will invariably pick up post Survivor Series and hopefully the presence of people like The Rock, Kevin Nash, Booker-T and HHH will give WWE a bit more star quality than it has had over the last several WM years.


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