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WWE Universe Is The Worst Character In The WWE

As fans, we often think that the WWE isn’t really listening to what we want. Hell, most of the time it’s probably true. But here’s something you likely won’t hear often: I agree with them.

[adinserter block=”1″]Hold on, put down the torches and pitch forks and just hear me out for a second. I’m not saying the WWE is right, I’m just saying the “WWE Universe” has become the worst character on the show. Confused? I’ll explain.

At some point, the crowd began to interject themselves into shows in an attempt to control them. The post-Wrestlemania crowd got the ball rolling, booing performers like Randy Orton and Sheamus – generally not well-liked by the Internet Wrestling Community – out of the building or by just chanting about whatever they wanted while those types were in the ring. These types of crowds also heavily cheered heels (think Dolph Ziggler before Jack Swagger kicked him right back to the mid-card) or The Shield.

The message from those crowds were clear: this is what we want and this is what we’re going to cheer for. Don’t shove the same crap in our faces or we’ll boo it to death. And that’s a fantastic message to try to deliver to the WWE. They should be putting on interesting shows and listening to the crowds.

But then we had to go and ruin it. Instead of seeing that those particular crowds were doing what they were doing not as an attention-grabbing act but as a form of rebellion against the stale product of the WWE, typical WWE crowds saw it as a chance to be “cool” and turn the attention to themselves.

Those random chants that everyone loved out of the post-Wrestlemania crowds? The WWE Universe bastardized those in the name of boredom and trying to be cool. Chants of “Randy Savage”, “JBL” and “HBK” stopped meaning “this is boring, stop giving us boring crap” and started meaning “haha, look how cool we are! We remember these people and liked them!” Crowds would even start chanting “we are awesome!” after a few random chants. No, you’re not awesome. The show you’re watching should be what you think is awesome. The message becomes meaningless and the WWE can’t help but look at us as ADD-riddled nimrods.

And really, that’s not even the worst part. The cries of “we want to be heard”, the heavy booing of a perceived WWE favorite becomes worthless when the WWE Universe will play the “call and respond” game with anyone. A perfect example for this: when the New Age Outlaws came back and were clearly the cowardly pals of Triple H who had returned and weaseled their way to the tag team championships, fans would boo as they rightfully should. That is until the Road Dogg started in on his nostalgic entrance because we can’t help but love stuff we remember, right? Who cares that we were booing him a few minutes earlier and will be doing the same a few minutes from now? He says words I remember and can chant along to! How fun!

[adinserter block=”2″]The WWE Universe negates its own voice because it can’t help but chant along. Hell, people still love to “Boom! Boom!” along with Kofi Kingston and no one cares about him. When is the last time you heard someone say “you know who I really enjoy? Kofi Kingston”? Exactly.

At some point, we the crowd took the opportunity to be heard, to disrupt the show because it wasn’t the show we wanted to see and flushed it down the drain so we could chant for guys who haven’t been around in ages because we think it makes us cool to chant. Perhaps the IWC should start threads all over message boards railing against the WWE Universe.

It’s clear by now that the WWE won’t listen to us that way. But maybe if we complain through the WWE app…

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  1. Totally agree. I hate it also when the crowd tries to put itself over. It’s like “see how smart we are? ” So annoying. Great job.

  2. Great article. People never take in to account their own part in a messed up situation. I said a few months back these people dont even know why they cheer or boo anymore.

    With that said the chants are (sometimes) fun…the audience taking “9.99” into their own hands is awesome to me. The WWE workers and admin get paid (and some handsomely) to evolve with the times and take advantage of changes. They’ll adapt to the bipolar IWC in time, it just wont happen over night. I actually feel like Trips has done a good job of taking what they give and turning it into storylines.

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