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Here’s What The New WWE Universal Title & Heavyweight Title Might Look Like After Summerslam

Each WWE brand will have their own heavyweight championship belt, this we know, but new leaked info might give clues as to the look of each belt.

via Wrestling Inc.

“A Reddit user who often posts reliable tidbits on WWE title belts, also known as “Da Belt Guy” on, indicated that the new WWE Universal Title will look just like the current WWE Title, but it will be red to represent the RAW brand.

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The user, Dvizzle, noted that multiple sources leaked the news to him at the same time. He wrote that it will be the same belt with different wording, and a red background behind the logo. He also indicated that the WWE Title will have a new blue background to match SmackDown.

He was waiting confirmation on this quick render that was worked up based on the description that was leaked to him.”

WWE Universal Title Red

This is an artist rendering and not confirmed for either title.

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