Has The Triple H Vs. Daniel Bryan WWE SummerSlam Angle Started?


The Internet and pro wrestling social media worlds are buzzing regarding a WWE backstage incident between Daniel Bryan and Triple H. The story fits into the narrative so well that I am starting to wonder whether the WWE are playing us all like pawns.

[adinserter block=”1″]If you don’t know the story here is the report in the latest issue of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer newsletter. Meltzer and others report that the finish of Bryan’s match vs. Randy Orton in which the match was stopped due to Bryan’s injury was legit and unplanned. Bryan reportedly suffered an injury on the missed tope spot. Bryan wanted to continue but the trainer stopped the match under WWE orders. The aftermath has turned into a whole other story in Bryan and Triple H had a shouting match backstage over the stoppage.

At that point, Bryan backstage went to HHH and there was a loud screaming match between the two of them that was not caught by cameras. I’ve read people say that the two guys were using what happened and working a storyline backstage. There’s enough to be suspicious of every aspect. But every person backstage we contacted believed it was real, and there are some very perceptive people who have seen their share of worked shoots and attempts to fool the boys with backstage angles. All said the entire story as was going around was a shoot, and that Bryan and HHH got into a loud argument that nearly came to blows, that nobody had ever seen Bryan act that way.

Things got really weird at this point. Several websites reported on the argument within 24 hours and WWE.com even ran with the story. It was a lead story on the website with “eyewitness accounts” and videos of both Bryan and Hunter explaining their sides of the story. It was at this point that I started to smell something brewing and the smell kept getting stronger…I smell an angle!

Take a step back a second and take a look at the story and the players. This whole idea of Hunter having the match stopped and Bryan getting upset fits into the entire narrative of the company’s top storyline right now between the McMahons and Triple H. They are all involved in an angle where Hunter was wrestling Curtis Axel, the match was stopped because Hunter was injured, Hunter wanted to wrestle again and almost came to blows because his family wouldn’t let him go. The entire scenario here between Bryan and Hunter is entirely way too coincidental if you really think about it.

Did Bryan get hurt in the match Monday? It sure looked like it but Bryan is good enough to pull that off. The finish really didn’t make a lot of sense given the reported plans of a Cena vs. Bryan WWE championship program. Once again, let’s take a step back a second. What if those WWE sources planted this whole idea of a Cena vs. Bryan match to further this particular angle? It just seems all too coincidental and works too well for it to be something unscripted. Since when would WWE.com go to the trouble of publishing a story of this magnitude on something that would normally be kept in-house?

Who is the most over guy in the company right now? Daniel Bryan hands down. Is it that unfathomable to think that Triple H would want to jump at the opportunity to work with Bryan right now? Of course it isn’t. Do you think Triple H would prefer to wrestle Curtis Axel or D.B. at SummerSlam? We all know the answer and quite frankly I’d be shocked if he didn’t pitch an angle with Bryan (or a writer pitched it knowing how well it’d be received by the office).

[adinserter block=”2″]Other reports have indicated that Curtis Axel and Triple H are going to go at SummerSlam. Let me ask you this. Is Hunter really going to challenge for the intercontinental title? Has Daniel Bryan booked at all to look like someone who will be challenging for the WWE championship this summer? I think what we are all witnessing is the beginning of an absolutely brilliant angle which culminates with a Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan match at SummerSlam.

And I have no problem with that!

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