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WWE Tough Enough is Tough to Watch

Coming off of the best season in Tough Enough history, I was ecstatic when the WWE announced the return of Tough Enough. Little did I know that the only things not returning were everything I liked about the previous season.

[adinserter block=”1″]After three weeks of forcing myself to sit through this show, I am taking a page out of Arnold Skaaland’s book and throwing in the towel. The show is being called reality TV yet there is nothing real about the show in relation to professional wrestling. It’s predictable, dull, and lacks any of the great character depth that rebounded the show in the previous season.

It was clear from the preview that this show had nothing to do with finding the next big WWE star, a big difference from last season. Last season’s show was filled predominately with independent and developmental pro wrestlers. There are only two independent wrestlers this season, lost in a sea of MMA fighters, former college athletes, and fitness models. Anyone who believes that a new star is coming out of this show is fooling themselves.

The casting is some of the worst in Tough Enough history. Quite frankly I can’t remember who is who and for the few names I do remember, I couldn’t tell you anything about their backgrounds. In previous seasons the cast had more personality, more distinctive characteristics, and more complexity. This season while aesthetically improved, have been unable to stand out sans a goofy alligator wrestler that is probably the only cast member with any chance of making it out of the show to a WWE ring.

The meat of the show is unwatchable. These “competitions” would be great if the idea of the program was to crown the next American Ninja. Yet at a time when the WWE is celebrating Dusty Rhodes, they are trying to convince me that the next big pro wrestling star is going to come out of a boot camp competition. The reason I enjoyed the last season of Tough Enough so much is that the majority of the drills and competitions were all related to pro wrestling. What a novel concept? Without any kind of character depth, I have no interest in watching a bunch of jocks and fitness models run stadium stairs.

[adinserter block=”2″]With all due respect to the trainers and judges, they are all putting me to sleep. It may be unfair to compare Chris Jericho to Stone Cold Steve Austin but that’s what happens when you follow the greatest host in Tough Enough history. Austin was nothing short of awesome and the sole reason on some weeks I’d tune into the show. But it wasn’t just Austin. Bill DeMott and Trish also brought more character to the show as trainers and judges. Daniel Bryan is not fit for a role which requires the judge to cut promos on the competitors. Hulk Hogan is smart enough to see that nobody from this show is going anywhere and it shows every time he opens his mouth. Paige is a nice girl but she looks uncomfortable at times. Again, I don’t think these are the right people for these spots and it’s just not working.

This isn’t just my opinion. The ratings indicate that most viewers feel this way. The ratings have been dramatically decreasing by the week and with good reason. Fans want the Tough Enough show they got last season, not this watered down vehicle for reality television. Until this show reboots, I am out!

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