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WWE Tough Enough 2011 Winner Suspended For Wellness Policy Violation

Andy Leavine was crowned the 2011 WWE Tough Enough winneTalk about not getting off on the right foot with your new employer. 2011 WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine has reportedly been suspended by his new employer for violating the WWE Wellness Policy. In other words, the kid got popped for a positive test.

[adinserter block=”2″]Mike Johnson over at PWInsider. com broke the news earlier today. Leavine won the Tough Enough competition back in April which earned him a WWE contract. Since winning the competition, Leavine has been training and wrestling in the WWE’s developmental territory FCW. During his time in FCW, Leavine has been featured on RAW, giving fans updates on his progress and giving fans a deeper look at Leavine’s story.

Ironically one of the vignettes about Leavine focused on him growing up in a neighborhood with drug dealers. Leavine has been portrayed as a family man, hard worker, natural athlete, and someone t hat overcame the odds to achieve his dreams. Needless to say, being popped for a positive steroid test kind of tarnishes that image.

I have no idea what the terms were of Leavine’s WWE contract but I would imagine that the WWE would have an out in this kind of situation. Sin Cara was recently popped for a positive test and the company deliberated for weeks about whether to fire him outright or give him a second chance. I would not be shocked to see Leavine cut if he was struggling in FCW giving the company buyer’s remorse.

[adinserter block=”1″]-This will certainly not make his backstage experiences any more pleasant as a young, green wrestler, who will already have his heat due to his easy entry into the WWE. It should also be pointed out that Leavine spent time in the Miami Dolphins training camp last season as well as playing stand out football at Florida International. Is this Leavine’s first experience with these kinds or drugs or is this something that followed him from his football career? I think that is a legitimate question to ask.

Leavine will have a very rough road ahead of him. He always had a tough road ahead of him, with huge expectations, maybe more than he deserved with such little pro wrestling experience. Now he will have to earn back the company’s trust. That could be harder than any kind of head lock or flying body press he’ll learn down in Florida.

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  1. I hope that he gets his problem fixed as I'd still like to see him given a chance before he's fired outright. He has the potential to be a pretty solid wrestler and superstar, but needs to get everything in check and watch what he's doing. He needs to at least do more than the last TE winner, who was Daniel Puder. Puder competed in the Royal Rumble that year, was tossed out in less than a minute, and then fired before his contract was even up (never wrestling a single match outside of the RR for WWE TV in the process).

  2. My god that's hilarious. I hated him on the show…hated that he won…hated that I'd have to watch him wrestle and be emo. I hope they just fire his ass outright.


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