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WWE Tough Enough 2011 Stars To Wrestle On Indy Show

luke robinson tough enoughNot very often do you get an anticipated showdown between two young up-and-comers in the world of professional wrestling at the independent level.

This Saturday, arguably the two favorites and strongest competitors on WWE Tough Enough last season will square off at UCW Zero’s Tenth Anniversary Show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

[adinserter block=”2″]This is the build-up between the show’s runner-up, Luke Robinson, and the man who many picked as the favorite to win before his injury forced him to leave, Martin Casaus.

I applaud UCW Zero for having the heads-up to beat WWE to the punch by developing this storyline at the independent level. It’s not very often at the indy level that you have the opportunity to bring in mainstream-level talent younger than 50-60 years of age.

Fans have been wondering and even clamoring for fresh talent to be added to the WWE roster and pushed as legitimate stars on the main-event level.

Although neither Robinson or Casaus are on the WWE roster, they are still in the minds and hearts of WWE fans. There have been reports of signs popping up at WWE live events with Martin Casaus’ name on it.

Remember the heat that Robinson drew at the live RAW where he was turned down in favor of Andy Leavine?

Robinson is a natural heel in every aspect you could imagine.

Not only does he have the good looks, the athleticism and the personal contacts within the business, he reminds you of those qualifications. He is a great storyteller in his promos with a combination of personal insults and self-promotion while exuding great confidence in his ability.

He may have the look of Randy Orton, but his promo skills and ring presence remind me of the late, great Rick Rude.

Casaus is your old-school, classic baby face—a role that has been lost in today’s world of professional wrestling.

He has overcome a serious injury to continue his path towards realizing his dream of competing in the WWE and becoming a champion.

Unlike today’s faces in the PG Era, Casaus doesn’t use social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook as a crutch for his character development, nor does he use immature grade-school humor or insults as John Cena does.

Casaus uses the core values of hard work, determination, morals, values and passion as his drive to current and future success.

Only six days before their much anticipated match, I invited both Casaus and Robinson to be guests on my weekly radio show, The Full Nelson.

Casaus called in first and joined us and, as a good babyface should, he was appreciative of the opportunity and was very cooperative in answering our questions regarding his recovery from injury, his training, and his feelings towards Robinson.

Robinson, on the other hand, did the heelish thing by calling in late and interrupting Casaus while he was talking to us. What ensued was over 30 minutes of the two competitors cutting promos on each other that started with respect and ended with things getting personal.

To end the interview, we asked that both men compete in a WrestleMania trivia challenge with the winner getting the last word. Martin answered his first question correctly, while Luke was frustrated because he didn’t know the answer to his question and proceeded to insult us and hang up the phone.

[adinserter block=”1″]That is how you build a storyline folks—keep it simple, stupid.

Let’s hope WWE gets smart and adds these two future stars to the roster sooner than later.

Roberto Padilla is host of “The Full Nelson Radio Show” Mile High Sports Radio 1510 AM/93.7 FM Denver; Sundays 2-4 PM ET, Internet Sports Station; Wednesdays 9-11 PM ET, Twitter: Roberto Padilla @HeelTruth

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