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WWE Tough Enough Cast Indy Wrestling Videos

The Tough Enough 2011 cast is down to sixThanks to the research of a good friend and You Tube, I have compiled a collection of matches and promos featuring the WWE 2011 Tough Enough cast wrestling on the independents prior to entering Stone Cold’s ring. Just how far have some of these kids come? Watch these 24 videos and judge for yourself.

The difference between the 2011 WWE Tough Enough and past seasons is the amount of pro wrestling experience that the fourteen cast members prior to entering the contest. Most of the kids have experience inside of the ring, yet other than Matt Cappiccioni, most fans have never seen them in action. That changes today.

[adinserter block=”2″]So check out the collection of videos featuring Tough Enough 2011 contestants; Ivelisse Velez, Eric Watts, Ryan Howe, A.J. Kirsch, Christina Crawford, Matt Cappiccioni, Luke Robinson and Martin Casaus from their independent pro wrestling days prior to Tough Enough. There are plenty of other videos out there on You Tube if you want to do some research.

It is interesting when you watch these videos and keep in mind at some of the other well known independent pro wrestlers who were turned down for the show. Former Ring of Honor champion Austin Airies, well respected women’s pro wrestler Mercedes Martinez, and PWG and So Cal wrestling veteran Joey Ryan were all turned down in favor of these contestants.

As for the videos. I think Ivelisse Velez (as Juliet the Huntress) really had and still does have a lot of potential to do big things in the WWE. She has charisma and looks real solid in some of these matches. Unfortunately the injury bug bit her at the wrong time and she was sent home simply because she was physically unable to perform. Those are the breaks, although by watching these matches it would appear that the WWE will bring her in at some point with a developmental deal.

[adinserter block=”1″]Luke Robinson can cut a pretty decent promo. The quality of his videos aren’t all the best so it is hard to really get a feel for him overall although he looks decent. I think that Austin and the Tough Enough coaches made the right decision on Eric Watts. He is certainly a big kid but he looks real sloppy and slow in some the matches featuring the big man. A.J. Kirsch really blew me away because he showed more personality in his promo I found on You Tube than he has all season on the show.

Martin looks awesome and after watching some of these videos it really is not hard to believe that he is the current front runner in the competition and my pick to win Tough Enough. It also doesn’t hurt that he comes from that southern style which helped him develop a lot of the intangibles that the coaches are looking for.

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Thanks to Josh Howard for the tip!

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