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WWE To Lift Chris Benoit Ban On New Network

In a move that is sure to spark conversation, the WWE are lifting the “Benoit Ban.” All mentions and matches of Benoit have been removed from WWE programming for almost seven years. That ban is officially over.

[adinserter block=”1″] broke news in recent days that the WWE will not be editing Benoit out of programming on the upcoming WWE Network. Instead of sifting through every second of video to remove Benoit’s matches or mentions, the WWE will take a different approach. Benoit’s material will be shown but with a disclaimer before the match or mention.

This is a big step for the WWE who have gone to great lengths to remove any association with Benoit since gruesome details of his crimes were confirmed in 2007. For almost seven years it has been impossible to see Benoit or even hear his name mentioned on their DVDs, television, live events, or Classics on Demand. While you can certainly find his matches on YouTube or in the cheap DVD bin, the WWE wanted to do everything they could to erase him from your memory.

The timing of this is incredibly ironic for me. I was just jotting down some ideas the other day for future blogs and one was about the Benoit ban. I started working on a blog which took the position that it was indeed time to lift the ban. It has been long enough and while nobody wants to see Benoit promoted, it isn’t fair to penalize his opponents who have had their great matches buried and locked up in a vault. It looks like we both feel the same way.

The Benoit issue is incredibly polarizing. Does it appear that the WWE are supporting a murderer by profiting off of his matches? Who is receiving the royalties earned by airing the matches? These are fair questions to ask yet at the end of the day I think a rational person would see that enough time has passed and it is acceptable to air Benoit’s bouts.

The company is almost better just airing the matches without even a disclaimer. Adding the disclaimer or banning him entirely almost keeps his name alive more due to controversy. The added attention is probably something that nobody wants. However if a disclaimer is the compromise I don’t see a big issue with that.

Naturally the talk will immediately shift from the ban to Benoit in the Hall of Fame. It is an incredibly hard argument to make. His body of work as a professional wrestler may be the best body of work of any wrestler in our lifetime which includes Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. Yet at the end of the day I don’t think there is any way that the WWE could honor him, even if it is strictly for his work. I don’t see anyone running out to honor O.J. Simpson and he was found not guilty!

[adinserter block=”2″]At the end of the day we all have the choice not to watch Benoit’s matches if we are offended. It is okay and it is your choice. Benoit isn’t around anymore to care one way or the other. The guys hurt the most are the opponents who had their best work erased and buried. To them I congratulate them as they did nothing wrong to burden the ban and now get to share their shining moments for all of their friends, fans, and family to witness.

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  1. I am still a big fan of Chris Benoite with his in ring work and would enjoy watching him as his character only on wwe. But I do not agree with his final days of his life with his choices he made. So I hope they will allow me to watch his amazing matches. Like Eddie Guerrero he was one of the best entertainers of his time.

  2. It is a step in the right direction. Benoit was not just a no name jobber they can phase out with nobody noticing or caring. He was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time with all the top accolades and it's hard to go through the history without having to mention him. Eventually it would have to stop at some point and hopefully, this is a new direction WWE is going. They're not "promoting" him by showing history that he was a part of. If they put him in the Hall of Fame or air Benoit specials, then that's something to talk about.

    As you mentioned, it's not just he's being "erased" but many of his opponents will be robbed off many glory moments, most notably Randy Orton becoming the youngest World Champion or Kurt Angle being one half of the first WWE Tag Team Champions just to name a few. And that is just not fair to them. There's also matches that he's merely at ringside for that will have to be ignored just because of his presence like the wonderful ladder match between Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam in 2002 or Shelton Benjamin vs Triple H from 2004. Plus it's not worth the effort of going through every piece of footage in WWE from 2000-2007 just to catch every piece of footage and mentions for his name and remove them. Way too much of a time waster and it's best to leave them in. People who don't want to watch him can just ignore him because nobody's forcing them. So at the end of the day, there's nothing to complain about.

    Personally, I'm extremely delighted about this because I consider Benoit the greatest in-ring worker of all time and he has so many classic matches that will be nice to witness again in good quality as opposed to the poor quality you can find most of the non-DVD matches in on youtube or elsewhere.


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