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WWE TLC 2015 Predictions and Analysis

The final WWE PPV swings by tonight as the TLC event takes place. WWE has limped towards its final PPV, capping off what has been a very slow last few months. As of writing, 7 matches have been confirmed for the event, with no match confirmed for the pre-show. I’m expecting a couple of matches to be added later or just appear on the night, but for now, here are my predictions for TLC 2015.

Ryback vs Rusev

[adinserter block=”1″]Oh. This is actually a feud? Why? Because Lana keeps preventing Ryback from beating Rusev? Maybe it should be Ryback vs Lana then. I’m not even sure why this match is taking place, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it ends up on the pre-show. Who is going to win? Well, given his backstage heat, it is difficult to say that Rusev will win any match clean these days, but it seems more than likely he will go over in this one, and he really should. As long as they don’t continue feuding beyond this point, all is well, and the fans will be the winners.

Prediction – Rusev wins

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger for the United States Championship in a Chairs Match

Del Rio. Let’s be honest. There is absolutely no chance Swagger is walking out of TLC with the title. The man who started his match against Stardust on Raw during a commercial break is in no position to be challenging a man like Del Rio. Sure, Del Rio has recently joined the League of Nations factor and WWE may want to push him within that instead of a singles run with a title, but he seems more dangerous as a champion and, as previously stated, he is facing Jack Swagger. Nope. No chance. Del Rio one hundred percent.

Prediction – Alberto Del Rio retains

Charlotte vs Paige for the Divas Championship

Firstly, why this match doesn’t have a stipulation of some sort is baffling and is an example of everything that is wrong with how the main roster have booked their female wrestlers. On a show that is titled by three weapons, in a year that has seen a “revolution” to push the women to the levels of the men, the only match containing female wrestlers on the card is a singles match with no stipulation. It is an awful move by WWE. For the match itself, I still believe it is too early for Charlotte to be dropping the title, especially now she is slowly showing some shady signals that point to her becoming a heel. It wouldn’t be logical for her to start making this transition only to drop the title straight away. It is time to see whether the next generation diva can follow in her father’s footsteps and become the newest “dirtiest player in the game.” I also expect some confrontation in the coming weeks, maybe even at TLC, between Becky Lynch and Charlotte that leads to a title match between the two at the Royal Rumble.

Prediction – Charlotte retains

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship

Not every match on the card should be a stipulation match, and it was the correct decision to make this match one of them. Sure, the added stipulations would add more to this bout, but this match is the one on the card that doesn’t need weapons of any sort to be fantastic. Owens and Ambrose are fantastic performers, and they are going to have a brilliant match for the Intercontinental Championship, a second year in the row the TLC event has had one of those (Ziggler vs Harper in a ladder match last year was also brilliant). It all seems a bit too abrupt for Owens to have his momentum stalled, so I can definitely see him walking away with his title intact. It wouldn’t surprise me if the finish is one that continues the feud, and I will go with Owens either getting himself disqualified or just walking out of his own match. Either way, Ambrose wins, but Owens retains, in a very good match.

Prediction – Dean Ambrose wins but Kevin Owens retains

The Wyatt Family vs The Dudleyz, Rhyno and Tommy Dreamer in a tag team tables elimination match

A match I am genuinely looking forward to. It won’t be an absolute classic, but it should be a fun match to get invested in with a lot of carnage. Given their disappointments, I can only see the Wyatt Family going over here, even if the ECW Originals have only realigned for this match. And this is how I see the eliminations going down. The first elimination will be Erick Rowan, who will go through a table courtesy of a Rhyno Gore. A powerbomb by Luke Harper will then eliminate Tommy Dreamer from the match, only for Harper himself to eat a 3D from the Dudleyz through a table and leave the match himself. From there, Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman steamroll through, eliminating Rhyno first before removing Devon Dudley. Bubba Ray gives a strong effort on his own, but eventually he is choked out by Strowman before Bray Wyatt puts him through a table to end the match. Strowman and Bray will no doubt be standing at the end to leave them looking the strongest members of the family.

Prediction – The Wyatt Family win, with Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman being the only two left standing

The New Day vs The Usos vs The Lucha Dragons in a triple threat ladder match for the Tag Team Championships

Another fun match should be in store with some of the more athletic tag teams competing in a three way ladder match for the titles. It will never challenge some of the all-time great tag team ladder matches but I’m still anticipating a thoroughly entertaining match. The Usos will probably put their bodies on the line, The New Day will be finding a whole collection of ways to be entertaining as well as putting on a great match, Kalisto will be showcasing more reasons why he truly could be a breakout singles star very soon, and Sin Cara will probably botch a jump off a ladder and end up DDT’ing Michael Cole through the announce table (anything is possible with him). In terms of the outcome, I can’t see the New Day dropping the titles just yet. The Usos haven’t done enough since returning to warrant a title run, and the Dragons aren’t there yet in terms of being the team to carry the tag division. The New Day are at the top of their game right now, being one of the most entertaining acts on the entire roster, and the company need to keep them in a good position going forward while they are this over with the crowds. A scenario where Big E is used by Kofi or Xavier to grab the titles as opposed to actually using a ladder would be comical, especially as they expressed a dislike to using ladders, but another successful defense in any way is what I am predicting here.

[adinserter block=”2″]Prediction – The New Day retain

Sheamus vs Roman Reigns in a TLC match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Roman Reigns will one day win the world title and carry the company whether the majority of the fans want that or not. Luckily for those who don’t, that time isn’t now. The TLC event isn’t big enough to start a Reigns title run. Reigns will only start his title run after a long climb back to the top. It would be a disastrous booking decision as well if the League of Nations was set up only for the leading champion to lose his title a couple of weeks later. There isn’t a chance that Sheamus will retain on his own though. The League of Nations will make an appearance and cost Roman the victory, even if it seems at one stage he will overcome the odds and reign supreme. I’m expecting Reigns to be on the cusp of victory only for the stable to emerge. After they beat him down, Reigns gets back up and fights them all off and gets close to the title again, only for the heels to finally ground him and secure the victory for Sheamus. It won’t be a satisfactory end to the event by any means but that isn’t a surprise anymore.

Prediction – Sheamus retains

What do you think will go down at TLC? I’ve gone for all the titles to be defended successfully but do you think there will be any title changes? Let me know by commenting below or on twitter @carlo_george where I will be live tweeting the entire TLC PPV as it happens!

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