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WWE TLC 2015: General Thoughts on the Aftermath

At least half of the prophecy proved to be true last night at WWE TLC 2015. Dean Ambrose beat Kevin Owens to capture the Intercontinental Title in what was one of the better matches of the night. Hopefully, the company has thought ahead to make sure this feud does not end with the close of the 2015 wrestling year.

This is a feud that should just be starting and should get plenty of play over the next six weeks leading up to the Royal Rumble.

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All too often, programs like these, where the wrestlers are hotter than a summer’s day in Arizona, end abruptly, letting fans down, losing momentum and continuing to prove that poor planning and bad script writing win out when giving an opportunity to show everyone there is still some magic left in that hat Vince McMahon used to create some of the best story lines in wrestling history.

It may be old and worn and dingy, but it could still muster a quality feud or two, if given the chance.

An Ambrose-Owens feud can do that, possibly surpassing a potential main event program with Sheamus and John Cena or Brock Lesnar or even Triple H and Roman Reigns.

Both wrestlers are the best WWE has to offer at this time. And a series of three between these two is just what fans need to become interested again in a watered down version of what this outfit used to be.


The education of Charlotte is almost complete. The neophyte and daughter of the great Ric Flair has learned how to be the “Dirtiest Woman in the Game” very well. Some who watched the TLC match between her and Paige could not help but think of Flair’s past matches with knee drops to the head, working one part of the body to wear his opponent down, the trickery outside the ring, as if JJ Dillon was at ringside and of course, the distraction of the referee to make sure the current Diva’s Champion walked out of the pay-per-view with a win.

Paige is the perfect opponent for the completion of the cycle. Charlotte is a bonafide heel and the best athlete in the division today. How far this program will go before Charlotte takes on Becky Lynch for the title and Paige becomes a fan favorite again is anyone’ guess, but I’m thinking it happens pretty soon.


For everything we anticipated with WWE TLC, the program itself exceeded expectations. There were some solid matches throughout the night, which started with Lynch and Banks in the kickoff match (which was added by interference from Team BAD) to the Triple Threat Tag Team Match (which was insane) to the Intercontinental Title match mentioned before.

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The ending of the Roman Reigns-Sheamus title match capped off a rather boring match. Jack Swagger proved to be a better opponent for Alberto Del Rio than I thought he would be and the Tables Match between the Wyatts and Team ECW was a dud in my opinion.

How do you have hardcore veterans job for the Wyatts in what amounted to a squash match?

What will WWE do to move forward and create new storylines based on what we just saw? The Reigns “explosion” proved to be missing piece to getting the former WWE World Champion over with the fans. We finally saw the beast Reigns should have been had he won the Royal Rumble in 2014. There are six weeks to determine Reigns’ fate and how WWE will take momentum from last night and make him a huge star or another failure. But the post-match confrontation with Triple H got over with the fans. That, my friends, is the momentum the company needed to start working toward WrestleMania in April.



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