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WWE TLC 2013 Is Perfectly Set Up For the Return of Paul Heyman

The WWE has nine days to get this right. Five matches already planned and more to come, TLC and the year’s last pay-per-view event seems to be lacking in its ability to leave us hanging on until the new year and more of the Authority angle and few other surprises.

While the Randy Orton/John Cena unification match is a must see for the simple fact we could witness a John Cena heel turn and the ultimate reversal of fortune for Randy Orton, the lineup so far leaves me and probably the rest of the WWE Universe a little empty inside.

The 3-on-1 matches with Daniel Bryan and the Wyatts and CM Punk and The Shield offer us little in the way of true

entertainment if these types of beat downs go according to plan.

There needs to be more excitement, energy and new hope. All three haven’t begun to scratch the surface, which makes me think once again, we will plunk down $49.99 to witness mediocrity in a wrestling ring.

I am not trying to be harsh, I am just dealing with the reality of the event. The WWE has some many angles it could take right now, build on them and thrive – but the short sightedness of the company makes me wonder if the WWE will ever get back to the Vince McMahon-style of sports entertainment. Probably not. Where oh where has the Attitude Era gone?

If you think about this, while matches like Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz could continue to be a thrilling feud, leading to a Kingston heel turn and The Rhodes will face The Real Americans or some other team for the World Tag Titles, and Damien Sandow will get his huge push by beating Big E Langston, there is nothing exciting about this event. The perfect solution to all of this is none other than Paul Heyman.

When the feud between Heyman and CM Punk ended, a major hole was left in the packaging of Raw and SmackDown. Just the “threat” of Heyman making an appearance on either show was enough to entice wrestling fans. The WWE is hopefully planning the next move Heyman will make in the WWE, which I hope means he is the “devil” Bray Wyatt has been talking about. The “devil” is as sinister as ever and if he is now the driving force behind The Wyatt Family and possibly The Shield, would we consider another Dangerous Alliance in the works?

I thought that was the case when Heyman at one point had Brock Lesnar, Curtis Axel and Ryback all in his stable (actually I consider Lesnar a myth since we have not seen him on camera in many moons). Six wrestlers in one stable and the only other stable consists of the Real Americans and Zeb Colter. Looks like the WWE needs more managers and stables to level the playing field.

Heyman’s reemergence in the WWE would mean many things to the WWE and the fans and the company. He is money, he is entertainment and most of all, he is the best showman the company has regardless of the fact he is not a serious in-ring performer. What the WWE has done to Daniel Bryan’s character and to CM Punk in knocking them down a few rungs on the company ladder only makes me think this is a real possibility.

But we won’t know until the actual event.

The WWE is putting a lot of faith in its dwindling fan base to think it can sell a pay-per-view like it is right now. And with less than two weeks to get it right, I too am losing faith in that notion.

Heyman is the only one who can salvage this already struggling event.

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