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WWE TLC 2013 Hangover, The Daniel Bryan Dilemma & Other Wrestling Thoughts

I am not sure what to make of last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw. For a company that wants to rid itself of this year and concentrate on the future, there are still some missing pieces to this oddly shaped puzzle in order for there to be clarity.

[adinserter block=”1″]The one thing the WWE should work hard at doing in the coming year, is not to play all of its cards at once. The idea of suspense is what drives us to watch three shows a week and spend money on cable buys and merchandise.

While the company sees a great opportunity with Randy Orton as its lead heel (which really is best for business), the idea of a John Cena/Daniel Bryan battle to be the lead face of the WWE could lead to a three-way dance for the WWE World Title at the Royal Rumble. Could this lead to an eventual feud between Cena and Bryan? I sure hope so.

While there is an appeal to a Cena/Orton battle – two wrestlers who are amongst the greatest of all time – Bryan is the one wrestler that fans scream for in cult-like fashion week after week. A small stature, a great technician and a goat beard are simple characteristics that make Bryan must-see television.

Once again, it was Bryan who took Orton to the limit in another entertaining match. I am not sure I have seen a bad match between these two since the summer when they began their heated rivalry. Bryan always delivers, but when he is in the ring with the current champion, he brings Orton’s ability to another level. At times, like Cena, Orton looks robotic and stiff. Every wrestler who gets in the ring with Bryan gets their game raised by a notch or two.

Too many tag team matches

It looks like the loss of one world title may have a consequence. The use of tag teams, handicap matches and six-man matches will become more and more visible. Personally, I am not a fan. While tag teams are great right now in the WWE, the six-man matches to accommodate The Shield and The Wyatts, they get boring and old in a hurry. Also, tag team matches amongst the Divas do nothing to help their issues. I still think eliminating the division altogether is the best move for the company. C’mon, Triple H, just do it!


If the WWE is going to legitimize the break up of The Shield, then decide quickly who will jump into a major feud with a company superstar sooner rather than later. Both Ambrose and Punk need a push of sorts. Ambrose may need it more since there has been no real challenger for the United States Title. Could Punk win the belt and help re-establish how great the mid card can really be? Ambrose is such a great star in waiting – all he needs is a serious title contender and a dance that makes both Ambrose and possibly Punk a program we all want to see.

What to do with Vince

[adinserter block=”2″]Vince McMahon was part of the TLC pay-per-view on Sunday night. I thought it would be a sign that the Chairman of the WWE would be a major part of Raw. We got nothing. In order to really push an idea such as The Authority, you really need “The Authority” on camera preaching its good for professional wrestling. The only problem, as this company has had of late, is it does not know when to keep veterans like HBK and Triple H on camera and when to bring back Vince McMahon or Paul Heyman to help with its ratings.

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