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WWE – The Sky is the Limit for Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is taking the WWE Universe by storm. In a division that has been dominated by Charlotte for some time now, seeing Sasha Banks come back to the ring on the June 20th edition of RAW was certainly a breathe of fresh air. Although it looked like Paige had secured the win in her bout against Charlotte, Dana Brooke interfered by attempting to put the leg of Charlotte up on the top rope.

When the referee stopped the count, Charlotte quickly finished the match with one of her signature moves. That’s when Sasha Banks decided to make her entrance, which got one of the loudest pops of the night. Sasha Banks is quickly rising to the top in the WWE. If the fans reaction to “The Boss” is any indication of their love and respect, it’s easy to say that Sasha Banks could possibly be one of the top women in all of sports entertainment.

Sasha Banks is Popular Outside of the Ring

Did you know that Sasha Banks will be featured on the cover of the June/July edition of Muscle & Fitness magazine? WWE recently released a short clip of Sasha on the set, which was posted directly onto the WWE’s YouTube Channel.

Sasha Banks was also featured on the Q&A panel of the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia in early June 2016. When Sasha went into details about herself and her personal life, she received a resounding applause from the room full of attendees.

Perhaps one of the things that people admire about Sasha Banks is her genuine personality. The Sasha Banks you see in the ring is a mirror image of her personal self, which is a rare find in the wrestling business today. O yea, shes the cousin of legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, how random, but cool is that .

When Sasha took Charlotte’s WWE Women’s Championship and hoisted it into the air on the RAW after Money in the Bank, Charlotte’s new compadre Dana Brooke hit “The Boss” in the back of the head. Look forward to a possible match between Sasha Banks and Dana Brooke leading up to WWE Battleground PPV.

Could Dana Brooke Allow Sasha Banks to Capitalize on Charlotte?

With Charlotte verbally berating her Hall of Fame father Ric Flair, Charlotte needed to find a new running buddy. Enter Dana Brooke; Charlotte’s biggest fan may just be Dana Brooke. In fact, when Charlotte instructed Dana Brooke to go after Sasha, Brooke received a punch in the jaw that left her motionless on the entrance ramp.

While Dana Brooke is a respected Women’s competitor, Brooke is no Ric Flair. Perhaps Charlotte’s biggest asset throughout her Women’s title run has been her Hall of Fame father. After all, they don’t call Ric Flair the “Dirtiest Player in the Game” for nothing.

In terms of giving Charlotte an edge in her matches, most would agree that having Ric Flair in your corner is more likely to provide an edge than having Dana Brooke at ringside.

Sasha Banks is poised to capitalize on this weakness, as Dana Brooke has already made several foolish decisions while being ringside for Charlotte. The Boss is smart enough to let Dana Brooke make her own mistakes ringside so that Banks can potentially find an opening to hit the Bank Statement against Charlotte.

A matchup between Charlotte and Sasha Banks at WWE Battleground doesn’t seem too farfetched, but might be a little early. One thing is sure, the stage is definitely setting up for the potential showdown between the two most popular Women’s division competitors.

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