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WWE: The Saga of Sister Abigail

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The Wyatt family is one of the most intriguing gimmicks that WWE has. Their motives are always unknown going into feuds. They appear at a moment’s notice to shake things up. And when they appear, a sea a “fireflies” light up the arena, guiding “The Eater of Worlds” to his place of consuming. And their charismatic leader rarely ever has a misstep when delivering his promos.

Along the way, we’ve been given Wyatt’s brothers Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. And we’ve been given the black sheep of the family Braun Strowman. We’ve even been given extended family members in the form of Daniel Bryan and currently Randy Orton. But there’s one family member that The Wyatt Family has yet to introduce. The one character that contextually gave life to the Wyatt family.

Sister Abigail.

The namesake of his finishing move and what is essentially the backbone to the Wyatt family gimmick, Sister Abigail is the one piece that WWE has yet to present. It’s unknown whether they are saving her arrival for a truly special moment, they plan to never introduce her, or if they are still searching for the right person to play that role.

The backstory of Sister Abigail is open to much speculation. What we do know is that Sister Abigail raised Bray Wyatt and taught him his way of life. She had also sent Braun Strowman to him to help nurture and mold him into the monster he is now. That’s really about it. There is speculation that she is dead since he mentioned that as she took her last breath she claimed that he was the chosen one. But there could also be a chance that she still lives as it is unlikely that she would have sent Braun Strowman to him after before her death.

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The biggest question is this: Will we ever see Sister Abigail in person? As a questionable enigmatic figure, it’s a complete toss-up if WWE will ever decide to go forward with Sister Abigail debuting. They would not only have to be careful with how they debut her, but would also have to be careful with how they book her going forward. They need to keep her as kayfabe as possible. She should not be mingling with the other women. She shouldn’t be getting photoshoots that the other superstars get. They would also need to fully commit to Bray Wyatt’s push if they debut her. Sister Abigail needs to be the game changer that keeps Wyatt strong and his momentum increasing. Otherwise she will be just another member of a floundering stable.

If WWE can make this decision, the next question: When will Sister Abigail debut? Her debut matters as it can be seen as a throwaway or something really special. For instance, having Demon Finn Balor debut the RAW before he was to fight for the Universal Title was a throwaway. WWE could have hinted at his transformation when confronting Seth Rollins. Obviously, the next step would have been to debut his demon look at Summerslam.

For someone that is the kayfabe creator of Bray Wyatt, her debut not only needs to be a big deal, but it needs to a special moment; a moment that changes the game. The trick here may be to do it on a weekly episode as opposed to a PPV. PPV’s are where we expect the most shenanigans to happen. Doing this three weeks before a PPV sounds oddly specific, but having someone debut the episode after a PPV is also expected. Debuting her on a random episode could be risky as this in turn could seem like a throwaway, but doing this allows enough time to give a basis to her motives and establish her presence.

If WWE is still on board after those two questions, the next thing they need to figure out is pretty much the most important part at this point: Who is Sister Abigail? Because of her vague and mysterious backstory, we’re not sure if she’s an older figure or not, if she’s still alive or not, or if she’ll be reincarnated or not. With these sub-questions, WWE clearly has their wide pick of wrestlers who can conceivably become Sister Abigail.

As a personal choice, I would love to see Roxxi Laveaux come out of her retirement to become Sister Abigail. Having already portrayed a southern voodoo queen during her time in TNA, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch for her to revive her voodoo queen gimmick to fit in with the Wyatt family. If push comes to shove, she can also mix it up in the ring as well if the Wyatt’s were to feud with a female wrestler as well.

Leva Bates, aka “Blue Pants could also be a contender to be matriarch of the Wyatt family. Having already performed for the NXT brand, she is already known to the WWE audiences and would garner some significant heat from the crowd when they realize it’s her. She also has a background in acting and could believably join the Wyatt family. However, the relationship with WWE is strained due to some backstage heat over her attitude might hinder this pick.

Another contender could go to Daffney, who at this point would be the perfect managerial role for the Wyatt family. Daffney’s in-ring work is severely impacted due to some questionable occurrences, so if she were to be brought in, she would most likely be taking more of a valet role, though it shouldn’t be surprising if she were to continue mixing it up in the ring. Though Daffney is known for her in-ring work instead of her mic skills, there’s still a good chance that she can be a convincing Sister Abigail with just her presence and look alone.

Another popular contender that could have already been chosen is Bray Wyatt’s real-life sister, Mika Rotunda. There have been reports that she reported to Florida for a try-out, but nothing specific has been said of this. Having Bray’s real-life sister could be an intriguing option should she appear as there would be clear chemistry between her and Bray. But of the choices presented, she would also be the riskiest as she is someone that would be essentially starting from scratch.

With all of these choices, there is one choice that should not be explored. And that is Stephanie McMahon. Her being the figure behind Sister Abigail would not only ruin the enigmatic aura behind the Wyatt family and would make them puppets of The Authority as opposed to a standalone faction, but would also not make sense as Wyatt is on Smackdown and Stephanie is on RAW. If the Wyatt’s were to be connected to The Authority, this would simply solidify their standing as expendable henchman; as the guys that are fed to the stars.

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