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WWE: The Club Needs a Mouth Piece

In a sport where everything repeats itself, “The Club” is no different. WWE’s highly touted free agents from NJPW are finally becoming what we all thought they should be from the beginning. WWE must be aware of why it was so successful in Japan, but find a way to give it some credibility to those who aren’t familiar with the faction. There is one solution that will help WWE do just that…. a mouthpiece.

Many of the more successful factions have had a mouthpiece. The NWO, 4 Horsemen, Dangerous Alliance and the Heenan Family all were led by a confident mouthpiece who had an extraordinary talent of talking, and stirring the pot, while the wrestlers in the faction could always back it up. In this case, with The Club, you can’t just put anyone in there. This isn’t a job for Zeb Coulter, there is only one man who can take this faction to the next level, and that man is Paul Heyman.

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Paul Heyman knows a thing or two about leading a faction. The Dangerous Alliance in WCW was fantastic. The wrestlers could back up anything Paul E would spout out of his mouth, and when that didn’t work, he would just hit them in the head with a giant cell phone. But we are in 2016, it’s not the early 90’s and this is WCW. Heyman has had some success leading superstars in his current run with the company. Brock Lesnar is the biggest attraction, and might be the only “must see” superstar on the roster. He was in CM Punks corner for the longest WWE Champion reign in modern era. When Paul gets on the microphone, EVERYONE LISTENS.

So why put Paul Heyman with an already established faction? Well, if you are reading this, you are most likely familiar with The Bullet Club. But that’s a minority of the fans. Granted we are a loud, passionate, annoying group, we are still the minority. The CLUB as they call it in the WWE needs someone to introduce the faction to the world. They need someone to come out every Monday and Tuesday and let the world know why WWE should be afraid, or why the fans should respect the faction. AJ, Doc and Karl are great wrestlers, but none of the three are exactly The Rock on the microphone. Injecting Paul Heyman into the group would give it new life and will distinguish itself from previous mentioned “Bullet Club”, but will still be recognizable to us “smart” fans.

They have tried putting Heyman with other superstars in the past, hoping it would ignite the same passion that has worked for so many years, but it never quite panned out the way anyone would have liked it to. The Club is different. WWE has tried to put midcard talent with Heyman to elevate them, to take them to the next level. This isn’t needed in this case. The Club is an already established entity, they are instantly Main Event level talent. Heyman won’t be there to elevate the group, he will be there to add some depth. Think Eric Bischoff with the NWO. If he as the cocky, defiant mouthpiece was not there, we would have to listen to Hulk go on and on about how he created modern wrestling, and we would have had to listen to Nash and Hall slur threw terrible promos.

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In wrestling a faction comes along every so often that takes over the industry. The Bullet Club made Indy Wrestling cool again. The NWO turned 90’s wrestling from Clowns and Wizards to DX and Texas Rattlesnakes. WWE can’t afford to screw this up, they have invested a lot of money into these characters, they have caught the attention of fans outside of the “WWE Universe”. Now it’s time to grow. Adding Paul Heyman to this group will turn them into WWE’s version of the original NWO (i do not count WWE’s early 2000 version), and that is most certainly best for business. Just don’t let Vince be involved too much.

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