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WWE: The Buzzkill That Is Alberto Del Rio

There are things we look forward to in life like wanting to see your favorite artist in concert or a show that you’re religiously following. It’s things like that that make you come back and want more. On the other end of the Spectrum, when I was watching the November 2nd Raw, there was a WWE Superstar that put a halt to the show. That wrestler is Alberto Del Rio and the backstage segment involving Del Rio, his new manager Uncle Zeb, and Jack Swagger. Swagger wondered what in the world Zeb’s doing hanging with Del Rio, Del Rio’s response was to the effect of “Don’t worry.” Honestly, I didn’t remember the exact words because I zoned out during that segment.

[adinserter block=”1″]Mexamerica or something like that that Zeb was going to call the new country may have some juice in the upcoming months but the reason that this angle matters is that Del Rio is holding a title. I did like the element of surprise when Del Rio accepted John Cena’s United State Title challenge. It was a good match and that’s because Del Rio is a talented wrestler. You have to agree with me on that. But the fact that he won the title on the night of his return to the WWE meant that he had to recognized and relevant immediately rather than building him up. I’ll try to keep my focus on his direction this time around. It might be entertaining but simultaneously do I care about Alberto Del Rio?

I’m not personally attacking Del Rio but people reading this article will agree with me that he’s a mid-level heel that’s been locked in top-level hell status. They tried Del Rio as a Face and that didn’t work. What worked the last time in the WWE was his assistant Rico Rodriguez. I loved that Del Rio had his personal ring announcer. I had no idea what Rodriguez was saying in Spanish but it didn’t matter because it always ended stretching out Alberto Del Rio’s name for at least fifteen to twenty seconds. Ricardo Rodriguez basically was the likeable and tolerable aspect of Del Rio’s character.

In his defense, I give Del Rio tons of credit for punching former WWE Social Media team member and racist Cody Barbierri, assuming that’s what actually based on what I read in the past. If that is the case then good for Del Rio for standing up to Barbierri taking a stand for himself and his fellow Mexican wrestlers.

[adinserter block=”2″]Maybe I’m wrong about this guy. He’s only been in the WWE for a few weeks now so I’m curious to see if something will build up with Jack Swagger and how is Uncle Zeb going to be involved with Del Rio. I’ve been a fan of Uncle Zeb all the way back in the NWA days with the Kansas Jayhawks. He could fill the void where Ricardo Rodriguez stood.

My guess is with the help of Uncle Zeb maybe things will be looking for Alberto Del Rio going into 2016. He’s been a former WWE Title holder and the WWE brass like him or else they would not have considered bringing him back after the incident that caused him to leave the WWE.

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