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WWE: The Birth of the Bray Wyatt Movement

Fans need to rally. It’s who we are. We choose a guy, a girl, or a tag team, and we throw our support behind them in a big bad way. It’s no joke, either; ask Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and even Zack Ryder how rabid WWE’s consumer base can be when a guy is deemed deserving yet he’s he being overlooked by the company.

Don’t look now but it’s happening again. Bray Wyatt is on the verge of getting a major rally. It may not be of Yes Movement proportions but the fact is it’s likely going to gain steam and gain it fast. Who knows, it may even eclipse that of Bryan’s, if you can believe that.

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Wyatt’s not an underdog of course; he physically looks as though he can do some damage in the ring and he has a bankable character. He’s actually built to be in that role and it’s not a stretch to imagine him as WWE world heavyweight champion one day.

He doesn’t look like the typical WWE Superstar, which is a good thing. He also doesn’t sound like the typical WWE Superstar, which is even better. He has the ability to captivate a crowd with one chilling promo after another and of all the characters in the locker room; he’s the one that truly seems like a real person.

Just as Brock Lesnar very organically inhabits his role, so too does Bray. When fans look at him, they don’t see the performer Windham Rotunda, they see The Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt and that is a testament to just how good he is at what he does.

In other words, he already has everything he needs to succeed. There’s not really any sort of understood bias against him because of his size and he’s certainly not battling a perceived lack of charisma which is keeping him off TV. Bray really doesn’t need much to get where he could be, other than direction.

But that single fact, that one glaringly obvious misstep on the company’s part, is quickly becoming the catalyst that will trigger a chain reaction among the WWE faithful and it’s starting right now. Fans need a cause and Bray Wyatt is it.

He may have what he needs but WWE is showing zero commitment to him. The aura that he creates with his promos and the ominous tones with which his family carries out its attacks eventually become nothing more than meaningless storyline points.

He can’t win a feud, his followers get bested at every turn and any threat he poses is quickly dismissed as soon as he becomes dangerous enough to carry it out. At one time, fans marveled at his words and the promise he showed as WWE’s next great character babyface but now they’re getting frustrated.

They’re frustrated because week after week, nothing is happening for him. The Wyatt Family’s loss to Ryback, Big Show, and Kane at Fastlane seemed unnecessary and when that three count happened, the rallying cry began. Frustration is turning to anger and more importantly, it’s turning to determination.

Fans are sick of this because they respect this guy. They see a talent that created a character, fleshed it out, and made people believe. They look at Bray and they see someone that should be rewarded for that, someone that is so close to superstardom, but it’s being kept out of his reach.

Fans see someone they want to succeed. This is not the same has having a general admiration for the workers on the roster, and hoping they’re being given a fair shake by WWE Creative. This is becoming more and more personal as the days go on.

Bray Wyatt is now at the William Regal level; fans see what he can do and they see he’s the best at doing it. They want to know why he’s not higher on the card. This same mantra has been repeated about Regal for years and even though he’s not in the ring anymore, he will likely always carry that with him.

He may not agree with the sentiment and Bray himself may not either but that does not stop it from being poured out. People know two things about WWE; they know a guy is supposed to work hard to connect and when he does, he should be given a shot. Bray Wyatt has done the former like no one else but the latter is just not happening.

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He’s had glimpses of glory along the way. Working John Cena and The Undertaker in back-to-back WrestleManias is no small thing and while this should have propelled him to the stratosphere, he went right back to business as usual after each feud ended.

He’s proven he can handle the pressure, he’s proven he can handle the spotlight, and he maintains character on social media, which most guys refuse to do. He is the heir apparent to Taker and Mankind but nothing is happening for him. It’s gone from being a concern to being a travesty and now fans have had enough.

Once they begin to rally, the cause will take on a life of its own. He’s not a sentimental figure yet but if he reaches the Daniel Bryan level, then he will be. If that happens, then the gloves will come off. It’s quiet right now but it will get louder and as it does, more voices will join the chorus.

Fans have his world in their hands and they will fight until it becomes a better place for him. It’s only a matter of time.

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