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WWE Teases Undertaker vs. John Cena for WrestleMania 33

Vince McMahon generally gets what he wants and a WrestleMania Dream Match has landed on his wish list. A new video posted online from the WWE is starting to set the stage for Vince’s new obsession, The Undertaker vs. John Cena at WrestleMania.

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The Undertaker vs. John Cena at WrestleMania has turned into something of an obsession for Vince McMahon. While there were several card changes to WrestleMania 32 in the months leading up to the event, the Cena vs. Undertaker match falling through was rumored to have crushed the CEO. Thus, bringing the idea to life looks like it has become a new project.

It’s ironic because Undertaker and Cena had different paths booked for them when the original plans for WrestleMania were laid out. Cena was set to go with Roman Reigns in the presumable main-event while Undertaker was booked to wrestle Brock Lesnar. Plans eventually changed and they were matched up until Cena got hurt and was pulled from the event.

Shortly after word leaked that the “Legends” match between Cena and Undertaker was booked, Cena hit the disabled list. Cena was pulled from WrestleMania after tearing his labrum. On a side note, it is interesting to ponder what the WWE would look like today had Cena not gotten hurt. There wouldn’t have been a Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker match, Shane probably wouldn’t be back, and thus this “New Era” would not be upon us.

The WWE posted a video recently entitled “6 moments we want to see at WrestleMania 33”. The highlight of the video is the Undertaker vs. John Cena match. These things don’t happen by accident. I’m not going to say it came down from the boss, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone was trying to get on Vince’s good side.

It’s not like the WWE to push matches they don’t plan on delivering. Look no further than several months back at the Stone Cold Podcast with Paul Heyman. Austin and Heyman teased a WrestleMania 32 Texas Death Match between Austin and Brock Lesnar. Vince was reportedly furious at the two for teasing a match that wasn’t going to happen and reportedly tore into Austin and Heyman following the broadcast.

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To add more drama to the story, there are recent “reports” that the Undertaker told the WWE that WrestleMania 32 was his last match. I put the reports in quotation marks because I haven’t seen an actual source that takes credit for the conversation. However, it is a story and whether this is Vince’s way to put a little pressure on the dead man or not remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, at this point in time there is probably no bigger “dream match” the company could book in-house than Cena vs. Undertaker. Unfortunately the death of the streak cripples the potential this match could have had. Regardless it will be big and if Vince pulls it off, it wouldn’t shock me to see an angle to start to brew right around SummerSlam.

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