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WWE Survivor Series is Setting Up To Be a Real Dud of a PPV

Considering all the major changes that have taken place in the last few weeks concerning the WWE Title and John Cena’s new ruin as the World Champion, should we buy into the idea that Survivor Series is going to be a pay-per-view event worth purchasing?

The changes in title holders, the new drama that exists now with Big Show, Triple H and Randy Orton, the possible change in titles involving the Rhodes Brothers and the Real Americans – it all sounds good when it is discussed amongst JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. In reality, there are some serious missteps in the program that leave me to believe that this will be another flop of a show – where patrons will want their $49.99 back. I don’t find it to be as bad as Battleground, but as a major production of the WWE and one of the major pay-per-views heading into the New Year, it needs to deliver.

Let’s assume Randy Orton wins, which helps to stoke the fire of the new feud with Big Show. John Cena will not drop the World Title to Alberto Del Rio because turning a title over from Cena after a one-month run would be detrimental to Cena’s “heroic” comeback. You figure The Real Americans could take the titles from Cody and Goldust, but the brother tandem is the best thing going in the WWE right now.

And let’s not forget that there will be a tag team match with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk and the Wyatt Family, possibly involving Kofi Kingston as well.

All of this is nice and well and good, but we know all too well how awfully predetermined this is. And we do not know what role Kane (if he is still named Kane) will play in this entire Authority program.

If I sound mad, I am to some extreme. This is the same rhetoric we continually get show after show. The talent is still not being cultivated properly. And wrestlers like Dean Ambrose, R-Truth, Curtis Axel and Dolph Ziggler are twisting in the wind.
Now that I have gotten that off my chest, here are some other thoughts on the business.

Where is the division in the WWE?

The one thing I can say about the WWE in the past and WCW for that matter is that the pecking order was defined. Everyone knew their roles. While John Cena has made the World Title “THE” belt in the WWE, where are the contenders going to come from? Damien Sandow is so over now as the lead heel of the program. His stock doubled in two weeks. He should get a full-time program with Cena on Survivor Series is over.

A pay-per-view match at TLC with Sandow taking the title is a possibility, but I think the WWE wants a title around Cena’s waist as the year comes to an end.

I would love to see Sandow, Antonio Cesaro and Dean Ambrose come out of this year as the three up-and-comers who will not only put heat on Cena, but serve notice to the WWE there is a new crop of heels who can be just as good as their predecessors.

Haven’t we seen this before?

Now that Kane has become the “muscle” of the “Authority” and Tamina has become the bodyguard and partner of AJ Lee, haven’t we seen these roles filled before? Has Kane become the new Rick Rude figure with D-X and has Tamina become Chyna when it comes to protecting the Diva’s champion? I like the concepts and the way the WWE is playing this out, but do not expect the two characters to replace the old ones. That would be too much to ask.

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