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WWE Survivor Series, Bobby Roode and Other Thoughts

The WWE did exactly what it needed to do last week on Monday Night Raw – it stood up and delivered three hours of solid programming. Maybe this is becoming a trend – like wrestling programs are supposed to do that on a weekly basis.

[adinserter block=”1″]What I most enjoyed about it was the progression we all felt as the night wore on, as a prelude to Survivor Series. While The Authority and Team Cena formed its teams fairly quickly, the cliffhanger approach to the match between John Cena and Ryback was as predictable as possible, but still very much believable. The next week should be interesting as the “go home” Raw program should leave us in limbo as to who will be the fifth member of each team going into the main event. It would appear The Authority just got a shot in the arm by taking on Luke Harper, but Team Cena is left with a dilemma.

In true old school fashion (which is a work of Vince McMahon) we may have to wait until the Survivor Series match begins to see if Ryback is the fifth member of Cena’s brood or will it Randy Orton who comes out from behind the curtain and Gorilla position to save the day for the WWE, Team Cena and to exact retribution for himself.

This is a pay-per-view in St. Louis, remember, and having Orton save the day seems very logical, almost too simple, and very juicy.

If Orton becomes the fifth member, we then have to ask, “What Happens to Ryback?”

TNA Thoughts

While we are all jazzed at the potential of the Survivor Series show, and the work the WWE is doing to revive itself from cardiac arrest, TNA is doing a few things to boost ratings and fan enthusiasm.

The company has put the World Title strap on Bobby Roode. The move is better for business.

This is not Roode’s first rodeo as title holder. His first reign, at 256 days, holds the record for the longest reign. He also holds the record as one-half of the longest reigning TNA World Tag Team Champions with his former partner, James Storm.

He originally made his debut for TNA in 2004 as a member of Team Canada and went on to become a two-time NWA World Tag Team Champion with Eric Young. In 2008, Roode formed the tag team Beer Money, Inc. with James Storm and together the two of them went on to become four-time TNA World Tag Team Champions, while also holding the record for the longest reign as champions.

If TNA is going to move forward with Roode, Lashley, Austin Aries, Eric Young and the ever improving Kenny King, maybe WWE fans should take a peek at Spike Television on Wednesday nights.


The best thing the WWE did in the past week was put the United States Title on Rusev. It’s good to see the company backtracking to the old days where the best way to aggravate Americans in a wrestling arena is to put an “American” title around the waist of a Russian or ant-American supporter.

What the WWE plans to do with this is unknown, but I get the feeling at some point the WWE will ask John Cena to defend Old Glory in the same fashion Sting defended WCW.

[adinserter block=”2″]DIVAS

As I am watching the Divas become a three-female race in the WWE, are we finally going to get the Nikki Bella vs. AJ match we want and then hopefully a match with Bella vs. Bella for the title?

At some point, this all must come to a head. That is the only logical solution to a great angle that has gone bad.

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