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WWE Survivor Series 2016: Brock Lesnar Gets Squashed

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What else do you say when you have waited for eight weeks to see the most anticipate a match in WWE history since Sting made his appearance at WrestleMania? I’m not sure how WWE is going to deal with the fallout of the Goldberg–Brock Lesnar match, but what I do know is that the morning after hordes of wrestling fans are asking themselves what in the world did they just see?

The only thing that I can imagine happened when it comes to this match, is the WWE officials realized Goldberg, who has been away from the ring for the past 12 years, couldn’t carry his end of the deal in a match lasting longer than a few minutes. With news circulating about an injury that he sustained last week on Raw, was that the deciding factor in making such a highly anticipated confrontation a squash match? Furthermore, how does the company rebuild Lesnar as the biggest and baddest wrestler in all the land after making him look weak?

Even as I woke up the next morning I was still trying to process what I saw.

I wasn’t alone in thinking this was utter, well you know the words. So much had gone into eight weeks of preparation, and build and confrontation. The stage was set for redemption 12 years in the making, and what fans got was less than two minutes of domination by a man who by all accounts should have been taken to the woodshed and back.

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Maybe this was too much for Goldberg to handle. Maybe this was too much for WWE to take on.

If you thought for a minute the former WCW and WWE champion was going to walk out of Toronto with the victory, I would’ve bet the mortgage, my children’s college fund, and anything else that was viable. Now, we wait and see if WWE explains itself, and does not avoid the elephant in the room much like it has with Triple H and Seth Rollins.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Lesnar was told he was going to job for Mr. “Who’s Next?”. Furthermore, any build that was created by Paul Heyman meant nothing. Maybe that’s the shame of it all. A man who WWE needs because of his tantalizing promotional work and even better sales skills had some of his best work thrown out the window.

What does WWE do now? One theory, as explained by Bubba Ray Dudley, is the return match at WrestleMania 33. It makes plenty of sense, as confrontations like this don’t usually end after two matches.

Are you listening The Rock and John Cena?

What we did see was a man who came back to a company that he left on rather salty terms and stand in the middle of a ring with his son to the cheers of the fans in Toronto. While social media blew up like the Hindenburg, the best thing that happened is still happening today – everyone is talking about Survivor Series and professional wrestling. Mission accomplished for the McMahon family.

As we all know with soap operas, new details will emerge on the daily about exactly why this took place. Fans will still want answers and speculation will mount as to why this happened, and who will be next for the bald man with the gray goatee. Survivor Series was outstanding, with matches the told great stories. If it had ended with the traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series match with Bray Wyatt walking out with the victory for SmackDown Live, I could live with that. Hell, everyone could live with that.

But we can’t live with an ending like this and no explanation. Something tells me we will never really know why this happened in the first place.

For a pay-per-view event that I was so excited about, I’m really let down. As a fan, I thought this was going to be the event that brought the masses back to professional wrestling. All I can say is I’m still trying to figure out what I witnessed.

And I don’t know if it will ever sort itself out.

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