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WWE Survivor Series 2015: Does Vince McMahon Know What He is Doing?

No one wants to see a superstar in this business get hurt – especially when they are on a run like the one Seth Rollins was on prior to destroying his knee in Dublin, Ireland. The reality is, however, wrestlers get hurt and time marches on. Other wrestlers are asked to step up, booking matches changes and fans are pacified with new ideas and story lines.

[adinserter block=”1″]Or so that is how it is supposed to go. The reality is wrestling, like its performers and fans is somewhat nomadic and does not like to deviate from the script – the one its creative team writes over and over again hoping for the best outcome.

There has to be a positive outcome from Rollins going down, ending a run since April of the hardest working performer in the business. With no real winner in this situation, other than maybe Roman Reigns, who stands to win the WWE World Title at Survivor Series, the only solution with the situation is for WWE to take a good look at itself and the product in the mirror.

I assure you, the wicked image that looks back at the McMahon’s won’t be pretty. It might even be downright scary.

The best thing for the company to do is continue with its current storyline, the 16-man tournament to crown a new WWE World Champion and see Roman Reigns become the new version of Superman. The only question will be who wins the other side of the bracket, and will a Reigns-Dean Ambrose match at Survivor Series end in a clean finish or will the Lunatic Fringe turn heel on his friend?

The other alternative is for Kevin Owens to reach the final and, as the Intercontinental Champion, get the title shot he deserves by virtue of reaching the final and the title he owns.

Call it an opinion or call it the right thing to do, but WWE must decide if either one of these superstars are a true threat to the inevitable.

I say, “Yes,” but no one in Stamford is listening to the guy in Florida preaching about fairness. This is professional wrestling, after all.

If there was ever a reason to get excited about WWE this year, the time is now. A story that has been written about a wrestler being defeated over and over again who is about to reach his destiny will have a final chapter. There is no deviation from the program in this novel, just a different opponent. The fans will get behind a Reigns/Ambrose finale if the ending causes enough uproar to leave us salivating in Atlanta.

Hopefully, Vince McMahon is writing this ending, not one of his minions.

The world is a better place when McMahon is pushing the buttons. WWE is more chaotic and more entertaining. Reigns is as stoic a soon-to-be champion as you will see – but maybe that is the new norm in this company. A face champion with a menacing look and bloodline of company gold. He is a perfect storm of sorts to the wildness of Ambrose, the over-the-top marketing of John Cena and the snake-in-the-grass smarminess of Rollins. And he is soon to be your WWE World Champion.

[adinserter block=”2″]I like the concept of the title tournament, I just wish I did not already know the outcome. Oh, that part of professional wrestling hasn’t changed either. Like it or not, there was going to be a change in Atlanta anyway. The way it happens now is the difference, not the outcome. We all will help usher in a new era – the one Vince McMahon wants. Just like Hulk Hogan and John Cena before him, Reigns is the handpicked man, the one who is supposed to forge a new and exciting WWE.

Let’s hope the outcome at Survivor Series makes us believe we are being led to the promised land, not a slaughterhouse of failure with this angle.

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