WWE Survivor Series 2009 Review


John Cena vs. Triple HLast night marked the 23rd World Wrestling Entertainment Survivor Survivor Series, and was main evented by the two World Championship Triple Threat matches. For me, I feel like those two matches were the biggest matches on the card, not to try to take away from the other four matches. I will admit, for the most part, this pay-per-view was better than expected. It may have been having six or so other friends over last night to watch Survivor Series and we had a little challenge going on to see that can do best on making predictions for the event, and I came out last, to everyone’s surprise. But let me talk about the two World title main events; the WWE Championship Triple Threat and the World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat..

[adinserter block=”1″]World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat: the Big Show taps to Hell’s Gate!

A match that I expected to be horrible, just because of the limited move set of the Big Show and of the Undertaker. But I feel like this match turned out better than expected, and I would say this match was better than the World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat match at WrestleMania 25 with John Cena, Edge, and the Big Show.

But at first, the Unified Tag Team Champions were working together at the start of the match. And as been teased the past several weeks on television, the Big Show and Chris Jericho finally did wrestle each other a couple of times. Even though they really didn’t totally go against each other, but when it seemed like they were teasing the finish, they would break it up and go against one another for a little while.

And right at the end, the Big Show hit Jericho with the “Turkey Punch (the Knock Out Punch),” he was going to Chokeslam the Undertaker, and the Dead Man pulled the Big Show in for Hell’s Gate and go the tap out. That made me sad. Made me sad because I wanted to see Chris Jericho win the World Heavyweight Championship last night, but Jericho wasn’t in the decision of the match, so could we see a Jericho/Undertaker feud for the World Heavyweight Title?

WWE Championship Triple Threat: Sweet Chin Music equals the first move of the match, to HHH!

A match that didn’t live up to the hype of what was being built up. Everyone I talked to, as well as me, thought this match was going to turn out as a joke, and it wasn’t. I was totally in love with this match. Michaels and Triple H came out together then Cena came out. And the first move of the match, a Sweet Chin Music to Triple H, out of the blue!

But after the first move, Cena was surprised and Michaels and Cena stood around for about a minute, selling what the Heartbreak Kid just did. But this match turned out to a lot of one-on-one encounters with the guys taking turns. And another spot that we saw of this match that surprised me was Triple H spinbustering Michaels through the announcer table.

[adinserter block=”2″]But this match saw a lot of false finishes, like Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Musicing Cena, and then Triple H and Triple H fell on top of Cena, and got a two count. But at the end, to everyone’s surprise (not really), Cena pinned Triple H. That was a shock to me, and then Triple H took the fall for Triple H. But a great match that I thought was going to suck.


But to conclude, I would suggest everyone to go out and buy this pay-per-view on DVD when it comes out on DVD here in a month or so. This was a better pay-per-view than expected. But this is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, tired from last night’s Survivor Series, goodbye!

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