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Flashback: WWE Survivor Series 2000 Review

Survivor Series 2000Sunday, November 19th, 2000 – Ice Palace – Tampa, Florida – The year before, Survivor Series 1999, WWF’s biggest star was taken out by a runaway car. The main event was scheduled to be a triple threat WWF Championship match where Triple H defended the WWF title against the Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, but in the parking lot Steve Austin was hit by a car, taking him out for almost a year. It came to be that Triple H “hired” Rikishi to take out Steve Austin with that runaway car. This year’s Survivor Series, a full year later, Austin get’s his retribution on Triple H.

The pay-per-view opens up with a video package, Triple H telling us that we’re all puppets and we believe lies. We see what Triple H allows us to see (a philosopher’s perspective, Triple H tried to put over that he’s the “Evil Genius.” That’d be a great nickname for him). Tonight, it’s “game over” for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Jim Ross and Jerry “the King” Lawler welcome us to Tampa and our announcers for the evening! This is also the 14th Survivor Series!

Six-Person Inter-gender Tag Team Match: T&A and Trish Stratus versus Steve Blackman (WWF Hardcore Champion), and Crash & Molly Holly

When T&A came out, Jim Ross tells us that the last six Survivor Series we crowned a new WWF Champion. JR brought up 1997 and the Montreal Screw Job and Jerry Lawler said he’s tired of hearing of “Vince Screwed Bret” and it was “Bret who screwed Bret.” I love these history lessons!

Blackman and Prince Albert start out the match and JR explains that T&A and the APA have been feuding and T&A took out the APA and made their office theirs.

Later in the match, Test gave an impressive big boot to Crash, which included a big “oooo” from the fans. I even cringed while watching this match on VHS.

Trish hit Molly with the early versions of the Stratusfaction and Molly kicked out, which got the King upset. Molly got to the top rope and hit the sunset flip onto Trish and got the three count! A decent opener for a Survivor Series.

Winners: The Hollys and Blackman

[adinserter block=”2″]Edge, Christian, and Kurt Angle are backstage and E&C told Kurt they can’t help him in his match against the Undertaker. Angle said that’s fine, he wanted to come back and ask them if after they both win their matches, if all wanted to go out for a non-alcoholic drink. E&C were down with that.

D’Lo Brown, Headbanger Mosh, and Tiger Ali Singh weren’t able to get into the arena. A heel trio with JR’s explanation. I guess Mr. McMahon didn’t want to pay them, right?

Survivor Series Elimination Match: K-Kwik, the Road Dogg, Chyna, and “the One” Billy Gunn versus the Radicalz (Eddie Guerrero [WWF Intercontinental Champion], Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, and Dean Malenko [WWF Light Heavyweight Champion]).

When R-Truth and Jesse James came out, they did a duet rap, which was pretty decent. The back-beat was different from what I remember and what was recorded for K-Kwik’s theme song, which came out later on the WWF Music, Volume 5 CD. Also, this is K-Kwik’s WWF pay-per-view debut. Good for you R-Truth! I wonder if we’ll spot Little Jimmy sometime tonight.

JR and the King were putting over saying that Benoit could win the WWF title anytime he had the chance to challenge the WWF Champion and Saturn could win the European title at any time. I wonder why McMahon never let these men be his version of the Four Horsemen from the 80s in the Crocket Promotions. He could of went somewhere with the Radicalz.

We saw the first elimination when Eddie nailed Chyna with the Intercontinental Championship and Saturn rolled her over and eliminated her with a pinfall. Poor Chyna, maybe you’ll be successful somewhere somehow with another pay-per-view concept.

Our second elimination saw Eddie being eliminated with the “One and Only” by Billy Gunn. The “One and Only” was like a sleeper hold drop. Nothing to special, due to the little crowd reaction of this night.

The third elimination was very impressive; Benoit nailed the German suplex with a bridge, scoring the three-count on R-Truth. I guess his PPV debut was quicker than a hick-up. Sorry K-Kwik, one day you’ll face the WWE Champion on a B-level PPV.

Saturn did a belly to belly suplex with a bridge to eliminate Road Dogg. The Radicalz are getting over suplex pin attempt with bridges. Something that smart fans would love if this match would happen nowadays. Is that why I’m enjoying this match a lot?

Dean Malenko got eliminated by Billy Gunn with a Fame Asser. Sorry Malenko for the loss, at least you don’t have to go far to go home. Don’t worry, next PPV, you’ll get over huge, I promise.

The last elimination saw Saturn pin Billy Gunn when Benoit held his feet down. Yeah to putting over the new Radicalz!

Winners: Perry Saturn and Chris Benoit

Lillian Garcia caught the Rock and the Rock blew her off, sorry Lillian. I guess the Rock had some movies on his mind. Then we see Michael Cole with Chris Jericho and Y2J said that he requested his match with Kane because Jericho has something to prove and there’s a monster inside of him that will be unleashed on Kane.

Chris Jericho versus Kane

When the countdown began, Jim Ross said that “Chris Jericho has more guts than brains.” I surely hope so because he wouldn’t be able to hold his food long enough to put on a wrestling match. Thank you Jim Ross for telling us this obvious fact.

One cool move was seeing Jericho drop kick the steps, which drop kicked Kane, on the outside of the ring, while Kane was laying down hurt on the mats outside. JR mentioned that Jericho should be careful because that could lead to a disqualification.

The King said that as a kid he loved playing with Mr. Potato Head, disfiguring his face. In real life, Kane loves to do that to other human beings and wanted to do that to Chris Jericho at the Survivor Series 2000.

Another awesome spot was Kane was mid-air going to hit the top rope clothesline and Jericho connected with a standing dropkick to the stomach of the Big Red Machine. That gave Jericho an opening to do a number to Kane, including a missile dropkick from the top rope.

Jericho even turned Kane over in the Walls of Jericho and the announcers questioned if Kane has a heart to feel the pain of the Walls. How does having a heart connect with feeling pain, especially being locked into a Boston Crab? Anyway, Kane was able to crawl over to the ropes for a break.

The Lionsault was hit and was noticed that Kane moved over to be hit. Bad job Jericho for not placing Kane where needed to connect. That botch gave Kane an opportunity to kick out of the Lionsault, connect with a chokeslam, and score the victory.

Winner: Kane

Terri walked into her group, the Radicalz, locker room, saying that Triple H will meet up with them. Benoit started to laugh creepishly. I am awkwarded out because of what came of Chris Benoit years later.

WWF European Championship match: William Regal (European Champion) versus Hardcore Holly

I guess this was a late added match, where Holly and Regal had a spat on WWF Sunday Night Heat. I guess the creative team needed an additional match to make time.

Hardcore Holly came back from an injury, which he suffered from WWF Champion Kurt Angle. I wonder why Holly and Angle aren’t having a match, even on Smackdown? If they did, I wish that would have been announced when JR mentioned that Angle’s the one who put him out of action.

The end of the match saw Hardcore Holly getting himself disqualified. Holly grabbed the European title and nailed Regal in front of the ref. It was explained because Regal was trying to reinjure the arm why Holly snapped. Thanks for the explanation Jim Ross!

Winner: William Regal, still European Champ

Trish walked in on Kurt Angle’s locker room. Trish offered her services to Kurt and didn’t get Trish’s advancement onto him. Then we see the Rock walking backstage, walking to the gorilla position, for his match, next!

Rikishi versus the Rock

This match was built around Rikishi accusing the Rock of calling him to take out Steve Austin at last year’s Survivor Series. Later it came out that it was actually Triple H who called Rikishi, in which getting into the Rock’s head, causing him to lose the WWF Championship to Kurt Angle about a month prior to the Survivor Series 2000.

The Rock pulled an Ultimate Warrior and sprinted to the ring to get the match started right away. To my surprise, the Rock Samoan dropped Rikishi. Simply wow. The Rock went outside to grab a chair to use on Rikishi and ref Tim White grabbed it, which was enough of a distraction for Rikishi to hit the super kick onto the Rock and gain an advantage.

The crowd was in this match more than any of the other matches on the card, so great placement of this match. Rikishi was over at this time and I’m happy to see and remember that the WWF creative writers were trying to put Rikishi over as a new main eventer. The Rock was a great choice to team up with Rikishi to get great matches out of him.

There was a ref bump and Rikiski pulled out a sledgehammer out from under the ring. Jim Ross got upset because of the possible use of the hammer and the crowd popped for pulling the hammer out. Right before Rikishi was able to hit the Rock with it, Rock nailed him with a right hand, a few punches later; Rock hit the Rock Bottom on the big man. Tim White crawled back in to count only a two-count.

Rikishi controlled the match to the finish where we saw a spinebuster from the Rock and a People’s Elbow, which was enough to put away Rikishi!

Winner: The Rock

To be honest, this has to be Rikishi’s greatest match he ever had. I don’t know who else can carry him like the Rock did and match him look like a solid main eventer. I know I don’t usually rate the matches when I review cards but this match has to be **** out of five. After the match beat down of Rikishi nailing the Rock with a super kick and hitting the Banzai Drop four times made Rikishi to be a hot heel. Rikishi also took out several referees, which he’ll be fined because of that.

We see Steve Austin finally make his arrival at the event. 90 minutes into the card? Really? Triple H and the Radicalz are backstage laughing when Austin came. Commissioner Mick Foley came and said that the match with Austin (to Triple H) is no disqualification and the Radicalz aren’t allowed to be ringside for the match.

Women’s Championship match: Ivory (Women’s Champion) versus Chyna

Jerry Lawler mentioned that Ivory hates that Lita wears her pants low to show off her thong. If Ivory disliked it so much, why not run for office to get it passed it into law for no one can show off their underwear? I agree with Ivory of that, but I’m not as extreme as the Right to Censor (which is a good thing because the RTC was a comic relief group that Vince McMahon wanted).

Lita got opened up by a right hand the hard way. It looked pretty bad seeing the left side of Lita’s face busted wide open.

Steven Richards pulled Ivory out of the way when Lita was about to nail her with the moonsault. Ivory nailed Lita with the belt when she hit the moonsault when Richards distracted the ref, which gave her the pinfall victory.

Winner: Ivory, still Women’s Champ

The Coach is outside the Rock’s locker room and he couldn’t get a report on how the Rock’s doing yet he said that the Rock’s coughing up a lot of blood. We see Kane walking backstage and Jericho attacked him from behind with a trash can lid and grabbed anything not tied down to take Kane out. A bunch of referees came to pull them apart. An awesome way to build up Chris Jericho as a fighter.

WWF Championship match: Kurt Angle (WWF Champion) versus The Undertaker

In eleven months, Kurt Angle won the European and Intercontinental Championships and the King of the Ring 2000 tournament within six or so months. A few months later, Kurt Angle won the WWF Championship from the Rock at No Mercy. Undertaker defeated Benoit, Jericho, and Kane in a four-way match for the number one contenders match and said that he’ll make Angle his *itch.

Michael Cole is backstage with the Undertaker, saying that a decade before the Dead Man debuted. The Undertaker said that there’s been a decade of destruction and tonight will continue the destruction.

One thing that I loved about the Biker-Taker was he came out to rock and roll hits! For the longest time he came out to Kid Rock’s “American Bad@**,” which help put over the Biker gimmick for the Dead Man. I find it sad that when WWE put out anthology sets of Undertaker matches of this time, they edit it out to generic music, which pisses me off. Why not edit in the “You’re Gonna Pay” theme that he used right before bringing the Dead Man gimmick back?

Also, the Undertaker has a snake skin print jeans for the match. Odd to see the Undertaker in that kind of print jeans but fitting for his ten-year anniversary of debuting in the WWF.

The Undertaker brought in a chair before the match started and Angle hid behind the ref. When the Undertaker threw the chair to Kurt and turned around to take his jacket off, Angle nailed the Dead Man with it, trying to get an upper hand on him. Lucky for Kurt, the match didn’t officially start when he used the chair. Then again, it would have been better for him, getting the disqualification and not having to go through with the match.

This match came to my surprise and it being very slow with very little crowd reaction. I remember watching this Survivor Series years ago but it’s been several years since I last watched to this viewing and reviewing. It’s awesome to see the Undertaker countering Angle and put him in the reverse arm bar.

Edge and Christian distracted the ref when Angle tapped out, so by all rights the Undertaker should of won within eight or so minutes into the match. But then again, after the distraction, we got a crowd chant of “Angle Sucks!” that saved the match for me.

It’s also a nice chance to see the Undertaker brawling at the beginning of the match and by the middle of the match, hold his own in a hold-for-hold match with Kurt Angle. I’m sad that the crowd wasn’t that into the match, but following the Rock and Rikishi, I fully understand.

The referee threw out Edge and Christian out of the match. When the ref had his hands full with them, Undertaker hit the chokeslam onto Angle and covered him and only got a two because the ref was half way to the back when he realized that Taker was covering the champion with a pinfall.

After a figure four leg lock on the Undertaker, the crowd started to get more into the match. A great sign of wrestlers for both Kurt Angle and the Undertaker.

When the Dead Man got out of the figure four leg lock, Jim Ross mentioned that the Undertaker was the WWF Champion three times in the last decade. The Dead Man’s one guy I’m surprised that didn’t have more World title runs or even longer runs than what he had.

One move that I love was used: Kurt Angle slapped on the figure four onto the Undertaker around the turnbuckle post. The crowd started to chant more “Angle Sucks.” If Angle sucks, why would he be walking in as the WWF Champion?

A cool finish came when Kurt crawled under the ring and Taker grabbed him and threw him in the ring. Undertaker signaled for the Last Ride and hit and got the two and Earl Hebner stopped, pointing at Angle, saying that it isn’t Kurt. Kurt ran in and school-boyed the Undertaker and picked up the victory.

Winner: Kurt Angle, still WWF Champion

The guy who looks like Kurt yet isn’t Kurt is his brother, Eric Angle. What a great swerve! I’m surprised Vince Russo was working for the competition at this time.

Kurt Angle ran out without his bag or belt and ran to his car (with keys already in and unlocked) and drove off, gaining space and distance between him and the Undertaker.

With this, we get a XFL commercial with the cheerleaders, capturing my attention away from my review. Darn you Vince McMahon and your XFL cheerleaders!

Survivor Series Elimination match: Edge & Christian and the Goodfather & Bull Buchanan (WWF Tag Team Champions) versus the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz

I am sad that this match wasn’t contested in this tag team rules, meaning if the Goodfather would get eliminated, Bull would be gone too. I love these set of rules, making the match go by even faster than a Survivor Series match would become since its birth.

Buchanan and Bubba Ray start out the match and right away the crowd starts to chant for tables. Oh fans of the attitude era, why do you always want wood?

Matt Hardy was the first eliminatition from the match when he was eliminated by Edge with an Edge-o-matic. When writing this, D-Von was eliminated with an Impaler by Christian. Poor faces, you’re on a losing streak.

Bull was eliminated when Edge speared him on accident. Good job Edge for screwing one up for your team. Edge was eliminated when Christian accidently splashed Edge. Good job Christian for screwing up for your team.

Bubba was eliminated by the Goodfather with a Death Valle Driver. Would Jeff be able to stay above the influence to win the match?

Christian was eliminated with a Swanton bomb and a crowd pop. The Goodfather ran in and attacked Jeff yet he was able to move. Jeff Hardy was able to trip up the Goodfather to roll him up for the match.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Val Venis and Steven Richards were put through a couple of tables by the Hardy and Dudley Boyz, giving the fans what they want. I’m happy that the WWE gave them what they want after giving them their screw finish from the match before.

Steve Austin is locked in a mind set and Triple H told the Radicalz that they’re plan is in effect.

No disqualification match: Triple H versus “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

When Triple H came out, Jim Ross said that this match isn’t for the weak of heart and what I remember of this match, I agree with JR. I’m sure you know what happened at the end of the match, but if you don’t remember, read my review of this match and you’ll find out why this match lived up to those very words…”this mach isn’t for the weak of heart.”

Steve Austin walked to the ring when his theme hit. Now, would someone who almost got paralyzed by a guy’s master plan would walk to where he’ll be able to fight with the guy who tried to kill him? Is that realistic?

The match started out with traditional wrestling moves. A face plant to the knee, Lou Thesz Press, punches, kicks, etc. After a few minutes, they finally went outside and took their brawl to the ramp way. The highlight for me was when those two men started to brawl with one another because with the history building up to the match, it makes sense brawling outside of the ring.

When both Austin and Triple H went behind the curtain, Jim Ross said that Austin and Triple H don’t belong back there because the Radicalz are back there and they can be there, not in the arena. Also that’s where Stone Cold got nailed with the car; it’d make sense staying away from the back stage area.

After coming back to by the stage, Triple H hit Austin with a suplex and both men put over the pain of doing that move on concrete. That’s one of many moves that turned me away from training as a teenager to get in shape to try to become a professional wrestler.

Austin busted Triple H wide open with a shot from the English announce table’s monitor. When Triple H started to bleed, Austin got thirsty, so he grabbed a beer and drank a can and used that on Triple H’s head.

A simple turn to Triple H’s control was when Austin was gonna hit the Stone Cold Stunner and Triple H countered it with a neckbreaker, a beautiful one may I add. Triple H took Austin outside the ring and inside and took shots to the head, wearing Austin down.

Triple H was calling for a Pedigree on the steel steps but Austin countered and back dropped him through the English Announcers’ Table. At least the Spanish Table is still intact, for now! With the table breaking, the crowd jumped to their feet and cheered to see their favorite villain get what was his.

When both men went back to the ring, Austin hit the Stone Cold Stunner but didn’t go for a cover, he went for a steel chair and put it on Triple H’s ankle, calling for snapping it like he did to Brian Pillman. Hebner talked him out of it but put it around Triple H’s neck, but before he had the chance to jump off the second rope, Triple H rolled out of the ring, saving his neck.

[adinserter block=”1″]After which, both men took it outside and Triple H ran into a pop machine and took it out. The Radicalz showed up and attacked Austin, which gave Triple H a chance to gain distance from Austin and started to yell at him to follow.

Triple H got into his car and leave before Austin had the chance to get away from the Radicalz and chase him. When Austin got out there, Triple H is coughing up blood, not giving him the chance to drive off yet.

Austin outsmarted Triple H and grabbed a fork lift and grabbed Triple H’s car and picked it off the car. Austin drove it a few hundred yards and smack talked Triple H, calling him some names while lifting the car up in the air, and then dropping it, and Triple H inside, fifty feet in air, to the pavement down. So we ended the pay-per-view with a no-contest and a possible murder. I wonder what ever happened to Triple H….

A good pay-per-view, I was entertained the whole event. I suggest watching the Austin/Triple H match. Definitely up there in the top half of the Survivor Series of all that WWE has put out, even though they were far away from the traditional concept by 2000. Go out and see this event, it’s defiantly worth going out to find it to watch!

Eric Darsie is known as a ‘common-man’ among his peers, at least he thinks so. He works hard with his hands in the heart of Minnesota and on his free time, he thugs and a bugs with his family and friends. Whenever he doesn’t do that, he’s found to be writing. Now more of a rare thing, he’s gems could be found here. If you would like to see more of Eric’s work outside of the professional world, check him out at,, and on Twitter @IAmDarsie.

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