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WWE Survivor Series 1999 Recap: A Minnesota Review

Sunday, November 14th, 1999 – Joe Louis Arena – Detroit, Michigan – The thirteenth annual World Wrestling Federation Survivor Series pay-per-view was sponsored by Rent-A-Center and Rent-A-Center is responsible, even in name alone, on producing one of my favorite Survivor Series! Why? Big Show single handed eliminates the Big Bossman’s Survivor Series team, Kurt Angle debuts on this show, Chris Jericho and Chyna grapple for the coveted Intercontinental Championship, and the Big Show would fill in for the injured Stone Cold Steve Austin and win the WWF World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H and the Rock in the main event.

Besides all of that, this is one of the last Survivor Series pay-per-views that are dominated by the traditional Survivor Series matches. The concept of the event was four-man (or five-man) teams squaring off with one another, trying to eliminate the opposing team before his/her team gets eliminated. The concept is great, the mix-and-match teams were awesome and we saw a lot of different pairings face off that we never gave a second thought on wanting to see (or even seeing, ever).

[adinserter block=”1″]My favorite year in World Wrestling Federation pay-per-views has to be 1999, followed closely by the following two years, because that time was when the WWF was dominating WCW in the ratings and the peak of popularity of professional wrestling in North America. Seeing Steve Austin, the Rock, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, and Chris Jericho all rise as mega-superstars always intrigues me. And seeing the rise of Kurt Angle from the end of 1999 and the whole year of 2000 still blows my mind. That’s why I am sitting down and reviewing the thirteenth edition of the Survivor Series event. Let’s get into the show!

The show opens with a video package, hyping up the main event World Wrestling Federation Championship match, champion Triple H and his challengers Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock. The Rock and Steve Austin can’t trust Vince McMahon, who has screwed both guys in recent past (and yes, Vine Mac is a babyface at this time) and is feuding with Triple H. The main event should be rather interesting.

After the video package, we are welcomed by a lot of pyro and cheering fans, which always is a good sign. Jim Ross and Jerry “the King” Lawler is our English announcers, and they are always a loved audio in my ears, they bring me back to my childhood.

The Godfather, D’Lo Brown, and the Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher) versus the Dudley Boys (D-Von and Bubba Ray) and the Acolytes (Bradshaw and Faarooq)

Our opening match is a classic Survivor Series elimination match and the fans, and the King, pop when Godfather’s theme starts after the pyro. With the interest of the fans and Lawler in the first guy on the pay-per-view, I’m looking forward for the whole show, once again!

When D’Lo came out, he came out in a red-version of the Godfather’s attire (who was wearing white on this night), and JR and Lawler both popped, saying Brown was in his pimp attire. The Godfather’s theme kept playing when the Headbangers came out, because they also came out in Godfather pimp attire, and Lawler enjoys seeing what they are wearing. Calm down King.

When the Dudley Boys came out, the fans disliked them, which is cool, since I feel like the Dudleys are better as bad guys. While on their way to the ring, Jim Ross surprised me and dropped the knowledge that came from Extreme Championship Wrestling.

I cannot remember the theme that the Acolytes theme that they came out to. With JR and Lawler, sounds like this was the transition of the Ministry days of the Acolytes and the bar-drinking and bar-room brawling days of the APA. What a sad transition for the APA but a good team for them to tag up with.

Bubba Ray and Mosh start off the match and one of the things that popped me was when the afro wig was pulled off of Mosh’s head. Those two started the match and the event with a good brawl.

When Thrasher and D-Von were tagged in, Lawler kept on talking about Thrasher’s wig and asked about the chin-strap on the wig. If I wrestled and wore a wig, I would wear a chin strap too, to keep it on.

Bradshaw eliminated Thrasher with the awesome Clothesline from Hell. I am saddened that the crowd didn’t give that finish any kind of reaction. Later in 2004, JBL would become my favorite wrestler and his clothesline would become one of my favorite finishers, ever.

Thrasher was eliminated after a blind tag, when Bubba tagged himself in from D-Von and nailed Thrasher with the world famous 3D. Yes, the crowd did pop for their finish, to me, that shows the 3D was over with the crowd and is always over with me.

Bradshaw disqualified himself when he laid out D-Lo and his own partner Bubba with a steel chair. Planting seeds of the bar-room brawlers, great bookings WWE!

D-Von and Faarooq got themselves counted-out when they brawled to the back, not letting one another cover the knocked-out D’Lo Brown, which caused Bubba Ray as the sole survivor on his team. I hope Bubba stutters his way to victory.

D’Lo Brown and the Godfather become the sole survivors when Brown connects his frog splash on Bubba Ray Dudley. Sorry Bubba, good try there buddy.

Winners: D’Lo Brown and the Godfather

Rating: * ¾* – A definitely a good opener and a great match to get the crowd excited for the rest of the card. I enjoyed the booking of it, planting the seeds of the Acolytes turning to faces, and D’Lo becoming a pimp, like the Godfather.

We are welcomed to a video package of Kurt Angle, the 1996 Gold Medalist. Kurt talked about all the things he accomplished in his amateur days and why he believes why he would be a great professional wrestler. I am excited to see his first WWF match.

Shawn Stasiak versus Kurt Angle

Shawn Stasiak’s dad is Stan Stasiak, who was the WWWF Champion and had the finisher the Heart Punch. Great way on putting over Shawn, after the poor gimmick of Meat. Anyways, let’s talk about Kurt Angle now. I am tired of discussing Stasiak. WWE put him over better than me.

Jim Ross put over Angle’s attire, being red, white, and blue. When Angle came out, no reaction! What? Come on fans, within a few weeks, you guys would love to hate Kurt!

The announcers stopped talking, in my eyes, to acknowledge the fans chant of “boring.” Fans, you suck, because you will appreciate Angle here within a few months and all these years later. Shortly after the “boring” chant, the fans decided to chant “Let’s Go Red Wings!”

After that, Lawler put over Angle, saying that Kurt isn’t used to the “Sports Entertainment” style of wrestling and is used to the amateur style of wrestling. Thank you Jerry for defending Kurt Angle for the fans at home, telling us why Angle’s wrestling the way his is and why the fans in the arena isn’t on the band wagon of our Olympic Hero.

Kurt rolled out of the ring to grab a mic and told the fans not to boo an Olympic Gold Medalist and they should respect him. Great way to start building the heat on him, showing us that he’s one hell of a grappler and telling the fans they should respect him. Lawler tells us that the fans in the Joe Louis Arena are a bunch of dummies because they aren’t respecting Angle and cheering him.

The finish came when Angle hit the Angle Slam on Stasiak, after Shawn misses the top cross body. The fans started to boo him and JR and the King mentioned that, with Lawler getting after the fans for booing Angle.

Winner: Kurt Angle and the USA Olympic team

Rating: ** – A lot better match than I remembered. Stasiak mat wrestled with Angle was pretty good and helped put Angle over in the end. The fans chanting “boring,” Angle grabbing a mic and scolding them made me appreciate Angle even more around this time, and Lawler putting him over made this match better than expected.

We see a video package from Sunday Night Heat, where Triple H called Steve Austin and the Rock out to the ring and DX came out to try to ambush the champs two challengers and that didn’t work. Come on Triple H, you’re the Game! You better go back and perfect your game because in 1999, your game sucks!

Val Venis, Mark Henry, Gangrel, and Steve Blackman versus the British Bulldog [WWF European Champion] and the Mean Street Posse (Rodney, Pete Gas, and Joey Abs)

What an odd teaming with both teams in this match and JR and Lawler discuss that, at least did during the entrances between Venis, Henry, Gangrel, and Blackman. I agree with Ross on those four men have nothing in common…which makes me appreciate matches like this! These guys have nothing in common have to team up to face their opponents! I never thought I would see these guys match up against one another, that’s why I love the traditional Survivor Series matches.

The European Champion and the former porn star started out the match and Jim Ross mentioned the 1997 Survivor Series, how the Survivor Series may be a touchy subject for the Bulldog, because his brother-in-law Bret Hart got “screwed out of the WWF title, in the eyes of some,” said Ross. Another surprise in my eyes, I can’t believe Vince let his announcers mention ECW and Bret Hart in the first 40 minutes of the show!

Pete Gas was the first one to be eliminated, when Steve Blackman beat him up and pinned him. Both the fans and I weren’t too interested on the elimination, and I’m sorry I wasn’t too interested on it. I should be since I’m reviewing it, huh?

Rodney got eliminated by an awesome Impaler DDT by Gangrel. Ross and Lawler put it over, as well did the replay screen that we saw. I always enjoyed seeing guys use the DDT as their finisher, and after seeing Gangrel use his version of it, I miss the Impaler DDT.

Joey Abs got put over by JR, saying he’s the first guy to wear a green sweater vest at the Survivor Series, and with that, Joey Abs got squashed because Mark Henry didn’t let him get any offense, or defense in for that matter, and eliminated him with a Big Splash. Wow! I’m surprised the sweater vest didn’t squeeze out any greet matter from Abs.

Gangrel was arguing with the ref when the Bulldog ran over and superplexed Gangrel and eliminated him right away. At least the Bulldog’s team eliminated at least one person from the opposing team. Go Bulldog!

The ref distracted Blackman when they argued with each other, giving the Bulldog the advantage and letting the Bulldog hit the Fisherman’s Suplex for the elimination. Bulldog, by himself, eliminated half of his opposing team. A decent way on putting over your WWF European Champion.

The Bulldog got eliminated when Mark Henry hit him with the Big Splash and Val Venis nailed his Money Shot and covered him for the final elimination.

Winners: Val Venis and Mark Henry

Rating: ½* – The fans and I didn’t care for the match and the most interesting thing for me was the banter back-and-forth between Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Maybe, just maybe, the only thing interesting in the match was their arguing.

Michael Cole is backstage and walked in on the women’s locker room. The women flirt with Michael Cole and I’m sure that’s the most interaction that Cole got in his whole WWF career. Go Michael Cole, you lucky gun!

One-Fall, Sudden Death match: Mae Young, the Fabulous Moolah, Tori, and Debra versus Ivory [WWF Women’s Champion], Luna, Jacqueline, and Terri Runnels

Ross and Lawler joke around about Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah’s age, saying that Young is the King’s Queen and Lawler should date Moolah. Come on Lawler, you should of date them when you had the chance! When Tori and Debra came out, the fans and Lawler got excited, more so for Debra, because of her puppies! I miss the non-PG Jerry “the King” Lawler.

When Terri Runnels’ theme song hit, just like Debra’s, the fans popped for her, since Terri and Debra both are beautiful young ladies!

Both Lawler and Ross made a lot of old jokes, which made me lose interest in the match. To my surprise (because the match was less than two minutes long), Moolah got the victory on Ivory.

Winners: the Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Tori, and Debra

Rating: ¼* – the announcers told us that this match won’t be a Survivor Series classic, and it wasn’t. The only reason why this match got a 1/4th star is because Terri got her shirt ripped off and the match was short.

We were sent backstage right away with Lilian Garcia and X-Pac. Lilian asked X-Pac if he’s concerned with Kane, his opponent, later on in the night. X-Pac said that he has nothing to prove against Kane, saying that he carried Kane in their tag team, and showed that he was better than Kane then.

X-Pac versus Kane

An interesting match, to say the less. Both guys were tag team partners and now enemies because one turned on the other. I did enjoy their tag team when they teamed up, and am saddened that their teaming didn’t last longer. I enjoy a big man and a small man team.

The match started when X-Pac jumped Kane from behind when Kane set off his pyro from the corners of the ring. The jumping didn’t have any effect because Kane wasn’t knocked off of his feet.

The first, maybe sixty-to-ninety seconds of the match the fans were into the match because it was quick paced because both guys didn’t let one another catch their breath. After that, the fans lost interest in the match. After the low-point, the fans started to get into the match right before X-Pac was about to hit the Bronco Buster. The Road Dogg came out and pulled Kane off of X-Pac, not letting him score the victory.

Right before X-Pac was gonna get Tombstone Piledriven, Triple H ran out with the WWF title and nailed Kane in the face for the disqualification. Road Dogg and Triple H set Kane up for the Bronco Buster and Tori (Kane’s storyline girlfriend) ran down and put her hand on X-Pac’s shoulder and he nailed her with a spinning kick and the three members of D-Generation X booked it, because Kane jumped up and chased them down.

Winner: Kane

Rating: ½* – Wasn’t much of a match, maybe five minutes long. Would have been better if the guys didn’t lose the fans and my interest mid-way through the match. I enjoyed the finish and enjoyed the brawl after the bell. Good way on continuing the storyline between Kane and X-Pac.

We went backstage with Michael Cole and the Rock. Cole asked the Rock about Vince McMahon being the special guest ref and before the Rock had a chance to answer; Triple H came up and punched the Rock. A bunch of referee’s and officials had to separate the two. Jerry Lawler believes the WWF Champion is trying to get inside the head of his two challengers.

Prince Albert, Mideon, Viscera, and the Big Boss Man [WWF Hardcore Champion] versus the Big Show

This unusual Survivor Series elimination match, the heel team only has to score one fall to win the match, and the babyface team has no team mates to help him against his opponents. The WWF Officials gave him three partners, against his choice, and on Sunday Night Heat, the Big Show beat up his partners because he wanted to go out on his own.

The reason why the Big Show didn’t choose any partners because he was feuding with the Bossman, because the Big Show’s dad died (storyline wise, I assume. At least they made it into a believable storyline) and the Bossman ruined the funeral of the Big Show’s dad.

The Big Show took no time on kicking everyone’s back side on his opponents team, running into the ring and chokeslamming Albert, Mideon, and Viscera and pinning them right away. Definitely an awesome sight seeing the Big Show bodyslamming and chokeslamming Big Vis. The Bossman teased running in and facing the Big Show, than decided to talk off and got himself counted-out.

Winner: the Big Show and the fans

Rating: ** – This match was what it ought to be, the Big Show demolishing the Bossman’s three partners in less than a minute with a chokeslam a partner, eliminating them, and having the Bossman taunting the Big Show and getting himself counted out. With what’s to come later in the night, I feel a great showing of the Big Show.

Kevin Kelly is backstage with Steve Austin and before Kelly was able to finish his question, Triple H attacked Austin and Austin started to chase Triple H backstage. Road Dogg and X-Pac were seen running around too. Next thing we see is Austin yelling for Triple H and a car’s headlights were pointing at Austin, and started to move towards Stone Cold, and yes, we saw a hit-and-run on pay-per-view. The original buyers paid to see Stone Cold get hit by a car.

Vince McMahon and Jim Ross hurried up and ran out to check on Stone Cold. Shane, Stephanie, and Test all came out and gave Stone Cold encouragement, making sure he would be okay. Vince yelled at the security, asking him if he knew who was driving the car. I would be pissed if that happened to one of my main eventers. Triple H came over and Vince started to yell at him, calling him a “son of a *****,” and no, not a five star rating.

I remember hearing a listener ask on the Wrestling Observer podcast within the last month or so ask about this storyline about Stone Cold Steve Austin (at least I believe it was on their podcast, it could also have been on Stone Cold’s podcast. Anyways), the WWE knew that Stone Cold had to get surgery on his neck way before the pay-per-view, yet still advertised for the show, to bait people in on ordering the show to see Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle in the main event. To write him off television for the time being, for him to get surgery, they came up with this storyline. I would have been pissed off if I paid my hard-earning money back in 1999 for this show if they did this exact storyline on me if I knew Stone Cold was injured before the show and they still advertised him anyway.

After loading Steve Austin in the ambulance, we go back to Jerry Lawler inside the arena, and he explained what happened and tells us at home that Vince McMahon requested his car for his can accompany Stone Cold at the hospital.

WWF Intercontinental Championship match: Chris Jericho versus Chyna [WWF Intercontinental Champion] (with Miss Kitty)

After the countdown and the pyro, the fans popped for Chris Jericho. I did too! I remember reading in Jericho’s second book that during his feud with Chyna, the fans turned him babyface and turned her heel, since they were getting tired of Chyna and her act. I don’t blame the fans. I loved it back in 1999 seeing Chyna as the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, but it would be hard to believe seeing a woman holding a man’s championship.

The match started out as a brawl, with both competitors hating one another. When Chyna and Miss Kitty entered the ring, Jericho shoved Miss Kitty to the mat, and that caused both Chyna and Y2J to brawl outside. Chyna used the steps to jump at her challenger, and Y2J nailed her and used a cord outside the ring to choke her.

After they both got back into the ring, the fans were vocal on chanting “Jericho!,” proving more on Jericho’s point in his second book, that the fans were tired of Chyna as the WWF Intercontinental Champion.

To my surprise with what happened to Stone Cold before this match, the fans are really into the match, popping for all the big spots in the match and letting the world know that they want Chris Jericho to become the Intercontinental Champion.

Back outside again, Jericho was dominating the match and threw Chyna onto JR and the King, and Ross chewed out Y2J for that, saying that he needs to get the champion back into the ring if he wants to win the title. In my opinion, I feel like the match needed all these smoke-and-mirrors to make this match better than it could be.

One beautiful move that Jericho pulled out was a standing vertical suplex on Chyna. When Jericho posed and put one foot on the champion for a pin attempt, the fans popped for it.

After closelining Chyna over the top rope and onto the floor, Jericho came out and kissed Miss Kitty. She didn’t appreciate it and jumped on Y2J’s back for a distraction, and that worked. Chyna came around and nailed a spear onto Jericho and the fans booed her spear. I giggled at the booing.

They went back in the ring and the challenger hit a powerbomb and the fans cheered Y2J for the possible winning of the mid-card belt, and no, the champ wouldn’t stay down! After the kick-out, both Chyna and Jericho battled back-and-forth and the fans got into it.

Chyna hit a DDT and got a two-count and when the challenger kicked out, the fans were more than happy to see their hero still in the game.

The ref got pushed down and Jericho, playing the heel, grabbed the Intercontinental title and smashed Chyna’s face with it, making sure she remembers what it looks like, and she kicked out!

A few moments later with some moves involved, Chyna hit her finisher, the Pedigree, onto Jericho and Y2J kicked out, with the amazement of JR, the King, and the crowd. Jericho was able to get Chyna into the Walls of Jericho and Miss Kitty tried to encourage Chyna to get to the ropes. She did and the fans pooped on her getting to the ropes and Jim Ross mentioned that on the booth.

With Miss Kitty’s distraction, Chyna hit a low blow on the top rope and a super Pedigree and retained her title after a three count!

Winner: Chyna, retaining her Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship

Rating: *** 1/4* – The crowd definitely made this match better than what it could have been. If the fans were fully behind Chyna, I don’t think this match would have gotten three and a fourth stars. With the fans mainly behind Y2J, behind all the high spots, and all the brawling outside the ring, I feel like this match, so far, has to be the match of the night. I can see how Jericho was under his transitional stage from a heel to a babyface in this match, and how he mentioned in his book, I can see how the fans were getting tired of seeing Chyna grappling against other men and beating them too. A great match and a must-see match, for sure.

We go backstage right away with Stephanie, Test, Shane, and the Stooges, and D-Generation X came in, asking for Vince. Shane got into Triple H’s face and said they had nothing to do with it. Triple H asked if it will be a singles match or still be a triple threat, Shane said he’ll figure something out and kept on yelling at him to leave the office.

The Hollys (Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly) and Too Cool (Grand Master Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty) versus the Hardy Boys (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy) and Edge and Christian

Two of my favorite teams together, tagging up against the Hollys and Too Cool. Those two teams helped made the WWF tag division great in the late-90s and early 2000s. It’s sad that Edge and Jeff Hardy were the only ones out of their respected teams to become main eventers about five years after this pay-per-view.

A beautiful spot was when Grand Master Sexay hit a rolling powerbomb to the outside onto Matt Hardy. Made the fans in the arena pop, and made me pop too watching the show on the WWE Network. After that, of course, there was the typical tag team spot where members of each Survivor Series teams jumped out over the top rope on everyone else outside of the ring.

The first elimination came after a cluster of crap inside the ring, when Hardcore Holly hit the school boy pin on Edge and eliminated him. Less than twenty seconds later, Scotty 2 Hotty jumped off the top rope and hit a DDT onto Matt Hardy and covered him for the pin. So, Jeff Hardy and Christian are the only two members left of the babyface team, after two quick eliminations.

Scotty 2 Hotty hit the worm onto Jeff Hardy and the fans didn’t care at all. Only did they know that move, the worm, would become one of their favorite moves within the next few months! Only if they knew it then!

After another cluster of crap, Jeff Hardy hit the 450 splash onto Scotty 2 Hotty and eliminated him, bringing the heels down to three members. An awesome spot, I have to say the less.

Jeff Hardy got eliminated by Grand Master Sexay with the Tennessee Jam and in about ten seconds later, Christian hit the reverse DDT and eliminated Grand Master, making it Christian versus the Holly cousins.

Christian put up a great fight when it was a handicap match for a few minutes and hit his Impaler finisher onto Crash and eliminated him. About thirty seconds later, Christian tried to roll up Hardcore Holly with the victory roll but Hardcore countered it and scored the victory.

Winner: Hardcore Holly

Rating: 3/4* – Was fast paced and pretty good at the start of the match, but once the first few eliminations came, the fans didn’t care much about the match, and neither did I. All eight men worked hard for their paycheck, but this match didn’t do anything for me. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler bantered back-and-forth, as usual, and had to be the main constant in the match.

Shane and Stephanie McMahon, with Test, and Shane tells us that Stone Cold Is unable to make it back for the match because of all the injuries, Steve Austin wouldn’t be able to compete in the triple threat match for the WWE title in the main event. Shane McMahon didn’t say who would take his spot though. That’s one big hole to fill with Stone Cold out.

WWF Tag Team Championship: the New Age Outlaws [WWF Tag Team Champions] (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg) versus Al Snow and Mankind

I saw a sign in the crowd that made me laugh that involves this match, I saw someone holding a sign that read “Head ‘n’ Sock Connection,” playing off the Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection. That made me laugh to myself and put a smile on my face.

Mankind and Billy Gunn start out the match. Before the match started, Mankind grabbed the microphone and said that Stone Cold was one tough son-of-a-dude and Al Snow and he have the New Age Outlaw’s backsides on their minds.

Mankind’s book, Have a Nice Day, was getting put over as #2 on the New York Times best sellers list and Jim Ross mentioned that he’s sure the book will move up the list to #1 in about a week. I’m unsure of how soon Mick Foley’s book became #1, but the book did hit the top of the best sellers list.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler also mentions that Al Snow’s action figure got pulled from Wal-Mart shelves that week and that made it into the news and got into the newspapers. If I remember correctly, someone or some group made it a big deal about the toy Head, thinking that it represented Al Snow as a murder, and of course, they didn’t watch the product and didn’t give a rats backside about it.

I wasn’t into the match, but the ending saw Mankind being nailed with the Spike Piledriver.

Winners: The New Age Outlaws, still the WWF Tag Team Champions.

Rating: * – Neither the fans or I were into the match. It wasn’t none of the four guys’ fault, just put in the buffer spot before the main event and everybody wondering who would fill in for Steve Austin in the title match.

Jim Ross tells us the Mr. McMahon is at the hospital with Steve Austin and Jerry Lawler and JR tells us, because of that, Vince can’t be the special guest referee and they don’t know who could be the mystery person filling in for Stone Cold in the main event for the WWF Champion. The King said that it was a blonde person driving the car.

World Wrestling Federation Championship Triple Threat match: the Rock versus Triple H [WWF Champion] versus the Big Show

Jim Ross says that the Rock is the People’s Champion and could he walk out, like he did at Survivor Series last year, as WWF Champion, once again. I wouldn’t mind seeing that then, and I wouldn’t mind seeing that now.

Jerry Lawler complains when Triple H came out to the ring, saying that it took Triple H many of years with hard work to become the WWF Champion and because Steve Austin got ran over, this new person didn’t have to work as hard to get a chance to win the title.

When the Big Show’s theme song hit, the Rock and Triple H’s face put over the Big Show as a legit threat. Triple H almost freaked out and the Rock seemed to poop his tights.

Once the Big Show entered the ring, the Rock and Triple H tried to team up to take on the Big Show, and to their unsuccess, the Big Show had the upper hand when it was just one-on-one with one of his opponents.

One thing I appreciated about the WWF Championship matches back during this time was, no matter if it’s a one-on-one match, or anything else, it’s always a no-disqualification match. I say that because all three men battled outside for a few minutes and weren’t counted out, giving them more room to work around the ring.

The fans are into the match. The Rock threw the champion out of the ring and got the Big Show on the mat and on his back, so the Rock hit the People’s Elbow, and if it wasn’t for Triple H, the Rock would have won the WWF title. Because of the interruption, all three took turns on beating one another.

After throwing Triple H outside the ring, the Big Show followed him to the stage and brawled with him up next to the fans. The Rock followed and took out the Big Show, giving him the opportunity to beat on the WWF champ. Rocky punched the champ and he took a fall through a table, next to the stage. Made me smile seeing the cups and such fall all over Triple H.

The three competitors brought it back to by the announce teams and along with what I said about the no disqualification rule, the Rock hit the Big Show in the head with the ring bell! The Rock and Triple H double-suplex the Big Show through the Spanish Announcer’s table! The crowd, along with Ross and Lawler, popped for that spot! With his Survivor Series match earlier in the night and in the main event, the Big Show looked awesome during Survivor Series 1999!

After driving the Big Show through the Spanish Announcer’s table, the Rock and Triple H exchanged punches throughout the fans and after a minute or so of doing that, the Rock brought Triple H back into the ring and had the upper hand.

When the Rock was gonna send Triple H across the ring, the champ countered and the Rock laid out the referee. Moments later, the Rock hit the Rock Bottom and had no referee to count, so Shane McMahon ran out and counted the two count. The Rock argued with Shane about it and hit another Rock Bottom but the Big Show pulled Shane out of the ring.

The Rock followed Shane outside the ring and the Big Show took advantage of his fellow challenger and laid the smackdown on the Rock. After that, the Show went back into the ring and laid more of a beating onto Triple H.

Both the Rock and the Big Show were battling outside when Triple H grabbed the WWF belt and Shane tried to stop him, then Triple H hit him with the Pedigree. Both Rock and the Show rolled back into the ring and the Big Show had the upper hand and laid both of his opponents out. When the Big Show was hitting the big leg drop onto the champion, D-Generation X ran out to interfere.

Billy Gunn attacked the Big Show and X-Pac and the Road Dogg went after the Rock. Vince McMahon came out with his walk and grabbed the belt and laid Triple H with the belt. The Big Show picked up the champion and chokeslammed him into the mat, covered him, and Mr. McMahon counted the pin, and the Big Show became the WWF Champion! Long live the Giant!

Winner: the Big Show, the new WWF Champion!

[adinserter block=”2″]Rating: *** ¼*- Due to Shane McMahon running out as the referee when the original referee got knocked out, with D-Generation X interference, and Vince McMahon coming back and screwing Triple H out of the WWF Championship, this match had to get bumped up to three and a fourth stars. Wasn’t the most technical of a match, but was a brawl for almost twenty minutes. The Rock and Triple H helped put the Big Show over from when his theme song hit to when he became the champ with the chokeslam, I have to say this was one of the Big Show’s better matches. With the squash match against the Big Bossman’s team earlier in the night, Survivor Series 1999 had to be the night of the Giant!

Overall, I have to give this show a ** and ¾* rating. The Intercontinental Championship match and the WWF Championship matches are worth seeking out. Both matches are good-to-great in their own ways, and the rest of the card is passable, at best. But if you want to see how Stone Cold Steve Austin got written out of WWF television for almost a year and see how they tied that into the whole pay-per-view, this show is defiantly worthwhile seeking out.

I feel like the WWF Creative team defiantly put the Big Show over during the pay-per-view event. I’m unsure if the Big Show or the Creative team knew that he would replace Steve Austin in the main event before his Survivor Series match, but man, he looked red hot during the whole show. If I could add a sub-title for the show, it’d be WWF Survivor Series 1999: the Night of the Giant!

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Eric Darsie
Eric Darsie is known as a ‘common-man’ among his peers, at least he thinks so. He works hard with his hands in the heart of Minnesota and on his free time, he thugs and a bugs with his family and friends. Whenever he doesn’t do that, he’s found to be writing. Now more of a rare thing, he’s gems could be found here. If you would like to see more of Eric’s work outside of the professional world, check him out at,


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