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Flashback: WWE Survivor Series 1994 Review

WWF Survivor Series 1994Wednesday, November 23rd, 1994 – Freeman Coliseum – San Antonio, Texas – Welcome to the eight annual WWE Survivor Series! This will be the last Survivor Series to be either on Thanksgiving night or Thanksgiving eve. I’m sad they moved it from Wednesday or Thursday night for this event tradition.

We are opened to seeing backstage discussions between the Survivor Series teams. I really enjoyed seeing these segments, to help introduce the teams we’ll be seeing do battle later.

Vince McMahon and Gorilla Monsoon are doing color commentating for this pay-per-view. I find this announce team to be very odd because both men are known for being the lead play-by-play men. Will see how these two men mesh together for this event. I’ll definitely will complain about it if I feel needed.

The Teamsters (WWF Tag Team Champions Diesel and Shawn Michaels, Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart, and Jim Neidhart) versus the Bad Guys (WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon, 1-2-3 Kid, British Bulldog, and the Headshrinkers)

I’ve mentioned it before but I always enjoyed the five-on-five elimination matches. I guess Razor Ramon took the Intercontinental Championship from Diesel at SummerSlam that year when Shawn Michaels nailed Diesel with the Sweet Chin Music. Poor Diesel. At least they’ve been building their break up pretty well

1-2-3 Kid and Jim Neidhart start the match and start the card with being the first two men to lock-up. A classic way to start off the pay-per-view with a lightning quick wrestler against a power-house superstar.

So far, the announce team of McMahon and Monsoon aren’t as bad as I expected them to be. It’s odd for me to hear the main play-by-play man from the 80’s take a back seat to McMahon. I guess when he’s the boss; he can make anyone do anything he wants them to do. Right Jim Ross?

Thinking of it, it’s nice to see Jeff Jarrett do the “Nature Boy” strut. McMahon and Monsoon mentioned during the match that Jarrett is putting out a CD (yes, in 1994) called “Ain’t I Great?” Monsoon had a great line and said that it’s on the NAA labels, meaning “Not Available Anywhere.” Good wit Monsoon, really great line.

Double J slapped on the abdominal stretch onto the Kid. Another move I wish would be used more often these days. Shawn Michaels helped Jarrett and pulled his arm to give him more leverage. The ref caught him but didn’t break the hold. Then Jarrett grabbed the ropes and the ref called him out on it and Kid hip-tossed him out of the ring.

[adinserter block=”2″]Diesel hit the Jacknife Powerbowb on Fatu, which was a pretty impressive sight, to give us the first elimination of the night. The Kid came in right away and got Jacknifed and eliminated right away. Diesel must be running on full steam this night. The other Headsrinker came in and got Jacknifed too and eliminated. Easily eliminated 60 percent of the opposing team. Great way to put over one-half of the World Tag Team Champions.

The Bulldog got eliminated, leaving Razor Ramon being the last man against the full five-man Teamsters. Wow, I’m very surprised that the heels are getting such good lead on the face team.

Ramon was gonna try to put Diesel in the Razor’s Edge and Diesel countered with a back-drop.

Big Daddy Cool hit the Jacknife on Ramon and Michaels finally came in for the first time for the match. Michaels asked Diesel to tie his arms behind his back for the Super Kick and Razor ducked and got Diesel got nailed with the kick. Diesel Hulked-Up and took out his team and chased HBK out of the ring and the whole team got counted out, eliminated the whole team, giving Razor the victory.

Sole Survivor: Razor Ramon

To be honest, I find this way a great way to make the break up between Diesel and Shawn Michaels to be huge but a cheap way to eliminate the whole team. By all rights the Teamsters should have won. But they were trying to tell a story and what a great story they were telling.

Todd Pettengill tried to interview Michaels and Michaels said that he made Diesel and he’s finished with him.

The Royal Family (Jerry Lawler, Cheesy, Sleazy, and Queasy) versus Clowns R’ Us (Doink, Dink, Wink, and Pink)

Lawler grabbed the mic and told them to respect loyalty and he better not hear a “Burger King” chant. I miss heel Lawler. When the clowns came out, all the mini-clowns had different color wigs on, which was very helpful to separate them. I’m not gonna try to memorize which mini-clown is which, so if I don’t list who got eliminated, I apologize, I didn’t hear the announcers call the name on who got eliminated. I’ll do that with the mini-Royal Family.

Doink and the King start out the match for this Survivor Series team.

A funny sight was Lawler’s team mates ran over him when Doink held him down. I guess it’s nice to have a comedy match every once in a while at Survivor Series.

A personal observation: at the first match, there were empty seats on the side that’s opposing the camera and by this match; most of them are filled up. I guess they missed the memo to be on time at a WWF event.

This Survivor Series match is extremely different from the last, but like mentioned, it’s nice to have a comedy Survivor Series match thrown into the mix.

The little clowns were chasing the little Kings around the apron the ring. When this was happening, Lawler eliminated Doink.

One of Lawler’s men defeated one of the mini-clowns. How sad!

A second of Lawler’s men defeated another one of the mini-clowns. It’s almost over for the clowns.

After a distraction from Lawler, the first team so far this event that was able be undefeated, Lawler’s team won!

Sole Survivors: The Royal Family

Todd Pettengill interviews Bull Nakano , the new WWF Women’s Champ, who won the title the Saturday before this event, in her own country. Good for Bull Nakano for winning a United States Women’s title.

Submission match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship: Bret “the Hitman” Hart (WWF Champ) versus Bob Backlund

Owen Hart is in the corner for Mr. Bob Backlund and the British Bulldog is in the corner for Bret Hart. A personal note: Mr. Backlund is from Princeton, Minnesota, which is about a 45 minute drive from me where I write this piece. Yeah for Minnesotans and yeah for St. Cloud, Minnesota!

One thing I am bothered at is there’s no explanation for title defenses like what happened here. Granted Monsoon did say that for the first time in history the WWF title is being defending a submission match but I got no explanation on why Bret Hart is defending the title against his opponent who didn’t hold the title in 11 years before this event. I’m happy now there are video packages to explain the story,

I’m really impressed that this match has been a technical match-up. Even back then matches like this were rare, which is nice to see.

McMahon mentions that Backlund is 45 years old. I wonder why McMahon was on a kick on how old Backlund was. I think McMahon would have been around the same age as Backlund in 94. Heck, listening to a podcast reviewing the Royal Rumble 1992, sounded like the announcers were big on Backlund’s age then too and Flair was a year older than Backlund.

Bret Hart put on a figure four leg lock and the crowd went wild! The announcers’ were putting over the submission move. I’m happy Bret was putting over the figure four. The gimmick of the match was the guys in the corner for their guy had towels to throw in when their guy can’t go on anymore. Owen was unwilling to throw in the towel for Backlund.

Talking about moves that I miss, Bret Hart bit the piledriver onto Bob Backlund. I wish superstars these days knew how to protect each other for moves like the piledriver could still be used today. I think the piledriver could be used as a great finisher move.

Owen Hart had the British Bulldog chase him around the ring and into the ring and the ref caught the Bulldog and that gave Owen a chance to hit Bret with a bulldog when he had Backlund in the Sharpshooter. Bulldog hit is head into the steel steps, which “knocked” him out and that gave Backlund the opportunity to slap on the Crossface Chickenwing.

Seemed like after Backlund had the Chickenwing on Bret for a few minutes, Owen started to change his facial expression, seeing his brother in pain. Owen tried to encourage his brother to get up and get out of the Chickenwing. Bret was able to get back to his feet but Backlund brought him back down to the mat with the body scissors. Owen went to his parents saying that he didn’t mean for this to happen and didn’t want to see Bret in any more pain and asked them to do something. Why couldn’t Owen throw in Backlund’s towel to end the match? Good question.

Owen got on his knees begging his parents to do something at the five minute mark of Bret being in the Chickenwing. Come on Hart parents! I’m dying out of boredom. Owen got his parents up and they grabbed Bret’s towel. Stu grabbed it and wouldn’t throw it in. Helen started to cry some too. Bret wouldn’t quit. I bet Backlund and Bret got bored having the hold on too. Helen did a quick grab and threw the towel in and Owen ran off, out-smarting his parents.

Winner and new World Wrestling Federation Champion: Bob Backlund

Don’t worry Stu and Helen, Bob Backlund wouldn’t hold the title for more than few days. For his first title defense, he’ll lose it to Diesel in eight seconds in a non-television event. I’m happy that Backlund was able to wear the Wing Eagle version of the WWE Championship.

Todd Pettengill is backstage with Owen Hart, saying that the match was a set-up. Owen laughs and said it was a set-up and his parents fell for it. Owens that Bret is a cheater, a loser, and is underneath Owen. Owen says that he’ll be the World Tag Team Champ, Intercontinental Champ, and the WWF World Heavyweight Champ. Take out the last title and put in a future title, than Owen Hart would be dead right with this interview.

The awesome thing is the crowd is completely dead because of what happened and the announcers are pissed off at Owen Hart. Great way to put over a new heel.

Million Dollar Team (Tatanka, Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy, and the Heavenly Bodies) versus Pride and Glory (Lex Luger, Adam Bomb, Mabel, and the Smoking Gunns)

I love the Million Dollar Man’s theme song. I had it on my phone for a while and had my coworkers ringtone to be just that, for I know what they want when they call me.

Looking at the face team, I don’t miss Adam Bomb. I was super excited whenever I rented WrestleMania X on VHS and when he faced Earthquake, he always lost within a quick few minutes. Thank you Earthquake, showing that Mother Nature always defeats man-made bombs.

Luger and Tatanka start out the match. Not trying to be a jerk with this statement but isn’t it weird to have a “Made in the USA” character and a Native American wrestlers start out this match? Talking about the sterotypes being played back then. Thank you McMahon for shying away from characters like this nowadays.

A sad note, at the first Survivor Series, Bigelow and Bundy were in the main event Survivor Series match on opposing teams and this year they are on the same team in the semi-main-event spot. Granted this match is the last Survivor Series match too for this year but it isn’t the main event. I’m proud that almost a decade later those two men are in a high ranked match on this card.

Mabel was on the second rope and did a cross body splash on one of the Heavenly Bodies and got the victory for the first elimination for this match. Very impressive for that big man. I never expected something like that out of Mabel.

Talking about big men, I miss wrestlers like Mabel, Bigelow, and Bundy. I miss big men as wrestlers. I’m a bigger guy myself and it’s easier for me to relate to guys like them compared to guys like John Cena.

Another impressive move I saw was Bigelow did a sunset flip from the top rope over Mabel to try to pin him and Mabel sat on him. Great big man move for Mabel!

Those two men did a Cactus Jack double clothesline and Mabel got counted out from it. Still another cool spot. Luckily for Biglelow he didn’t get counted out.

The coolest elimination for me so far this night was seeing Bam Bam Bigelow eliminate Adam Bomb with a moonsault. I wish I was as agile like Bigelow; that man had the coolest moonsault next to Big Van Vader. Big men like them shouldn’t do high risk moves like that.

Poor other member of the Heavenly Bodies, getting eliminated by Luger’s WWF finisher, the running forearm. Oh the good ole days with the simplest finishers. I love it!

Not to diverge from the match but I wanna put over the Million Dollar Man’s tux on this night. I bet he spared no expense for that tux. I wonder how much he spent on it. Maybe a million dollars?

Bart Gunn was eliminated by Tatanka’s finish, the fallaway slam. Like said, simple finishers are awesome! I miss the days when stories were told in the ring, unlike more “modern” wrestling. I guess it’s just my preference and this era of the business is what caught my eye and made me fall in love with the industry.

I don’t mean this in a homosexual way but there were a few close-ups on King Kong Bundy and he didn’t shave his legs for the 1994 Survivor Series. I find this to be extremely creepy. I wish the camera men didn’t do a close-up because that isn’t an image I want to see on my television screen. Talking about Bundy, he eliminated Billy Gunn, leaving Luger alone with Tatanka, Bigelow, and Bundy. What a mountain to climb for the former WCW Champion.

Luger’s putting up a good fight against three big men. What a strong showing from the “Man Made in the USA.”

A quick small package to eliminate Tatanka and a quick splash onto Luger and Bundy and Bigelow win for the Million Dollar Team.

Sole Survivors: Bam Bam Bigelow and King Kong Bundy

I’m very excited that the heel team got over in this match. One of my favorite managers has to be the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. I wish he would have gotten the WWF title at WrestleMania IV. The Savage/Hogan feud did bring in a lot of money and fans into the business though, so smart move going to Savage with the championship.

Backstage Todd Pettengill has the new WWF Champion, Bob Backlund. He claims that he never lost the title and has been champion since 1972; he just regained the title on this night. He also said Bret Hart represents the culture and he defeated the culture. He yells saying he’ll take on anyone, then whispers. I didn’t catch what he was saying because I didn’t want to turn up my television volume. I’m happy I didn’t because he yelled at the end, and then walked off.

Monsoon said that Backlund won the title for the second time the very fashion he lost the title in the first place, by the manager throwing in the towel. Thanks for the quick history lesson Monsoon, granted it’s a half hour after the match ended. It would have been nice to have this right before the match started, having this tid-bid of history, but better late than never.

Casket match: Undertaker versus Yokozuna [with special guest ‘trouble-shooting referee’ Chuck Norris]

Yes! I’m happy for Chuck Norris! A random fact: I share a birthday with Chuck Norris, according to Wikipedia. Thank you Wikipedia for telling me this fact.

The Undertaker vs. Yokozuna in a Casket Match

Norris is here to stand in the way of any competitors who try to interfere in this match (words of Mr. McMahon). Monsoon and McMahon say that it might be Yokozuna who might try with him (Norris) just because he was the first one to come out after Norris and is the heel for the match. Jerks.

There’s a fan in the crowd with an urn and has a make-up on to look like a very skinny Paul Bearer! I love it! I seen him a few times during the card but I’m happy that fan got some camera time when Yoko was coming out! Forever in the history of the Survivor Series memories! Yes!

Vince McMahon said when the Undertaker’s theme started was the only person who’ll feel at home would be the Undertaker. Thank you Vince for the obvious.

The screen that they had for the images for the matches parted was for the Undertaker. Even in 1994 he had awesome powers! That is a cool seen to see the screen part ways for the Undertaker to come out. Paul Bearer sneaks out in front of the Undertaker with the casket (the urn’s on top)! I was wondering where the casket was gonna come into play for this match.

Double deep, double wide, double thick casket was built for this match. I don’t know how I feel about that, was that an insult against Yokozuna and his weight?

Yokozuna was “afraid” of caskets. A great “fear” for a match. I believe Yokozuna helped made the Undertaker back in the mid-1990s and helped made the casket match.

Undertaker hit Yoko with Old School. I don’t remember that move having a name until the Undertaker came back as the Biker Taker.

Thinking of Yokozuna’s “fear” of caskets, how is he supposed to win if he “doesn’t” want to be by them? He rolled the Undertaker into the casket while I write this and he isn’t scared of it like he was at the start of the match. I find his “fear” to be utter crap!

We had a close-up of Chuck Norris. I’m happy he always had an awesome beard. If I had to pick a winner of the match this far, I’d choose Norris’ beard. No one can beat “him,” that includes the razor and shaving cream!

Talking about close-ups, we had a few close-ups of Paul Bearer holding up the urn when the Undertaker was in control and the view we had was the reflection of Bearer in the urn, screaming “Yes Undertaker! Yes!”

We had King Kong Bundy come out and Chuck Norris kicked one of his feet out to challenge him. Bam Bam Bigelow came out too and those two men stood back away from Norris, wanting none of him.

With the refs being distracted, along with Norris, IRS came in and attacked the Undertaker and slapped on the sleeper hold. The Undertaker “fell asleep” and fell into the casket. When Yoko got up, he tried to shut the door but the Dead Man woke back up again and grabbed Yoko’s throat.

While this happened, Jeff Jarrett came down and Norris hit him with the Sweet Chin Music!

Both men started to battle each other again. The several wrestlers who came out must have been an intermission for Taker and Yoko. Taker hit a big boot and got Yoko in the casket and shut the door. The Undertaker wins!

Winner of the Casket match: the Undertaker!

[adinserter block=”1″]To be honest, I think Chuck Norris is the real winner of the match, pulling out some awesome moves and his cowboy hat never falling off of his head.

All-in-all, this was a pretty decent Survivor Series. It sucks that Diesel and Shawn Michaels were stripped of their Tag Team titles because of their fall-out from this event. The only good thing that came out of that was Diesel winning the WWF title from Backlund from a house event right around a week after this Survivor Series. But the two singles matches on the card were good for what they were and the three Survivor Series elimination matches were good. Something I wish never faded out on this November tradition. Fun times had by me watching this event and reliving some memories of the superstars of WWF Survivor Series 1994! If were gonna go out and watch a classic Survivor Series, I highly suggest this one!

Eric Darsie is known as a ‘common-man’ among his peers, at least he thinks so. He works hard with his hands in the heart of Minnesota and on his free time, he thugs and a bugs with his family and friends. Whenever he doesn’t do that, he’s found to be writing. Now more of a rare thing, he’s gems could be found here. If you would like to see more of Eric’s work outside of the professional world, check him out at,, and on Twitter @IAmDarsie.

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