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Flashback: WWE Survivor Series 1992 Review

Survivor Series 92Wednesday, November 25th, 1992 – Richfield Coliseum – Richfield, Ohio – Welcome to the sixth annual WWE Survivor Series, produced by Vincent Kennedy McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation! Sadly enough, this Survivor Series started a tradition of getting away from the tradition Survivor Series elimination tag matches, which made this every pay-per-view famous! To top it off, we’re back to the home of the first Survivor Series, Richfield Coliseum at Richfield, Ohio!

We open the event with a Thanksgiving sermon by Reverend Slick. There was a lot of hand slapping on the podium, him telling us to walk in the light, and he told us that he’s walking in the light. He’s thankful to be able to spread good positive attitude across the country and he prayed that no one gets seriously injured at the card. I don’t know who’s harder to understand, Reverend Slick or the “Welcome everyone” voice of Mr. McMahon.

Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan are our color commentators for this year’s Survivor Series and go over the nights matches. The biggest one I’m looking forward to is the “Champion versus Champion” match when the WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels takes on the WWF Champion Bret “Hit Man” Hart for the WWF title.

High Energy versus the Headshrinkers

[adinserter block=”2″]The High Energy team of Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware came out to the theme song Owen would be known for coming out to in his singles run and the Headshrinkers don’t even get an entrance on the pay-per-view (the show opens with them already in the ring). Poor Headshrinkers, they booked you as jobbers for this year’s event.

Koko hit the sunset flip into a pin cover onto Fatu and didn’t hook the arms and got a two-count. Hennan mentioned that Koko wasn’t thinking to hook the arms. That made me laugh, partly because no matter what, we’re always thinking, partly because among the people that know me well know me for encouraging people to think things through before doing it. I must have been encouraged by “the Brain” to encourage others. Thanks Bobby.

Headshrinkers won by the off-the-top splash. Good because I hate their theme song, yet very good openings match.

Winners: the Headshrinkers

Sean Mooney is backstage with our favorite ex-convict, Nailz. Mooney warns us before welcoming Nailz, he tells us that this up-coming match will be scary in respect to whoever captures the nightstick; he’s able to do whatever he wants to his opponent. Nailz tells us that Bossman doesn’t have six other co-workers to help him out and cannot handcuff him to a metal pole to beat him. Then he tells the Bossman that he’ll break his legs and stuff the nightstick down his throat.

Then we go to “Mean” Gene Okerlund with the Big Bossman and the Bossman tells us that we all know that Nailz actually did the crime, even though he claims differently. During this promo, Nailz makes his way down to the ring. Poor Nailz didn’t get a theme song. While writing that, Bossman told us that he’ll make sure Nailz will serve hard times. Bossman didn’t let his theme song play, he quickly ran (for him) to the ring to make Nailz pay for his crime.

Nightstick on a Pole match: Nailz versus the Big Bossman

When Bossman was running down to the ring, Nailz started to climb up to get the nightstick. He didn’t get it, which I’m not sure if it would have been legal because the match didn’t officially start.

Heenan and McMahon tell us that this match is no holds barred, no disqualification match. My thoughts are: why not let your opponent get the nightstick, hit a low blow, grab it from the mat, and use it on him? It only makes sense, right?

Bossman’s the one who captured the nightstick and hit him in the face a couple of times. Nailz got a jab into Bossman and dropped the stick and got nailed in the face right back. In turn, Bossman was able to hit a couple jabs to the chest, shove him into the ropes and slap on the Bossman slam and got the pinfall victory.

Winner: Big Bossman

“Mean” Gene is backstage with Ric Flair and Razor Ramon and mentions that less than two weeks before, Macho Man Randy Savage pulled the rug out from under them and selected Mr. Perfect to be his tag partner because something happened to the Ultimate Warrior. At that time, Mr. Perfect was with Heenan and managing Ric Flair and Heenan and Flair were upset because of that. Ric Flair said that Perfect was walking his shadow because he allowed it. Perfect was crazy to walk away from the lifestyle of the Nature Boy. Razor Ramon said that no one’s perfect and the one who is the real macho one in the WWF is him, not Randy Savage.

“The Model” Rick Martel versus Tatanka

I feel bad for Martel because he was already in the ring during the promo (at least his theme was playing, so I’m assuming his theme maybe played during the interview.

I guess up to this point, Tatanka was undefeated. I remember that the WWF was trying to put him over and having him be undefeated for over a year. An unsuccessful Bill Goldberg. I guess Eric Bischoff took his notes on this one.

I guess Sgt. Slaughter is a nemesis of one of these men. McMahon mentioned it. They didn’t say who he’s fighting against but Heenan put him down, so I’m assuming he was feuding with Martel around this time too. I think those two men would put on an interest and good match if given enough time.

The Evil Doink came out and got some camera time during the match. He made a balloon animal. A great way to kill the match and take the fans away from the match.

Martel wore Tatanka down with a front face lock and Hennan was putting that hold over, saying it was a great way to take your opponent down and ware him out.

Tatanka won when he hit is Samoan drop on Martel.

Winner: Tatanka

Sean Mooney was backstage with Randy Savage and Mr. Perfect. Perfect said that it’s a fact that he wasn’t walking in Flair’s shadow, which Flair wanted to be just like Mr. Perfect. Perfect said he can defeat either man easily. Savage said that he knows most about survivor, which fits perfectly at the Survivor Series. Savage said he doesn’t like Perfect and doesn’t trust him but he needed the perfect tag team partner and who else is better than Mr. Perfect?

Ric Flair and Razor Ramon versus Randy Savage and Mr. Perfect

Bobby Heenan was excited beyond belief when Flair and Ramon came out to the ring. What do you expect when Heenan was backing both men at that time?

It strikes me as odd that Ramon and Flair were good enough to come out together yet Savage and Perfect couldn’t.

Heenan was gold when Perfect came out, saying that he’s a jerk for back-stabbing Flair and himself. Bobby was yelling, to help put over his point that Perfect is a “poor excuse of a human being.” Heenan wanted Razor to cut him up and Flair break his legs with the Figure Four Leg Lock. McMahon told him to settle down. Yes please, Bobby, I don’t want to hear you scream for the whole match. You’re awesome and such, but please calm down.

Razor Ramon and Mr. Perfect start out the match and Heenan tells us that Perfect has a huge ego, which is why he wants to start the match out. They go toe-to-toe; Ramon wins with the strength and power and Perfect wins with the speed and technical skill.

The match goes back and forth on it being fast paced and slow, which I find to be perfect, being able to toy with the fans and let the crowd get into the match easier. Able to get them excited a little, kill it, build it up more, kill it, and keep repeated until the finish.

When Savage was in the half crab from Ramon, Perfect started to walk out on the Macho Man. He stopped half way, looked back, gave it some thought on if he should continue to walk out or go back and kept his word. Like a normal Minnesotan, he turned back around and kept his word to the Macho one.

Savage and Flair are beat and both Perfect and Ramon were oozing with energy to get tagged in. Perfect got the upper hand on Ramon and took him to school and gave him a “perfect” beating. The highlight had to be giving both Ramon and Flair a “perfect” knee lift.

On the outside of the ring and behind the ref’s back, Flair nailed Savage with the steel chair and knocked him out. McMahon was livid about it and Heenan was happy about it. With this, Perfect accidentally nailed the ref out cold. Perfect countered the Razor’s Edge and hit the Perfect Plex and hooked the leg for several seconds before the new ref came in. Flair came in and broke the count. Flair would be hit with the Perfect Plex and the original ref tried to count the pin but Razor broke the count.

Because of this, the refs threw the match out and gave the faces the match for a disqualification.

Winners: Mr. Perfect and Randy Savage

Flair hit the Figure Four on Perfect when Razor brought the chair in. Savage took out Razor and Perfect grabbed the chair and hit Flair, to let go of the Figure Four. The faces cleared the ring and Howard Finkel announced the decision and the crowd went wild. My thoughts are: if this match was as huge was they built it up to be, why end it in a disqualification?

“Mean” Gene is backstage with Flair and Ramon and Flair was his normal self and was yelling because they lost. Flair said that Perfect stuck his nose where it didn’t belong. Razor said he was double crossed once before and said if we could find that guy who double crossed him, ask him what happened, if we can find him. Flair yelled again, telling them to pay the price of what they did to them.

Yokozuna versus Virgil

One of the greatest agile big men in the world of professional wrestling has to be the WWE Hall of Famer Yokozuna. I’m sad that that man is no longer with us but has to be one of the best wrestlers during this time in the WWF.

McMahon tells us that Yokozuna hasn’t been tested yet in the World Wrestling Federation up to this point and will be in his match against Virgil. I’m sure not, Vince. Nothing against Virgil but in two pay-per-views, that man will become the winner of the Royal Rumble and defeated Bret Hart for the World Wrestling Federation Championship.

With a couple of leg drops, the fans felt the pain for Virgil when Yoko nailed him. Even McMahon and Heenan were putting over the massive leg drops that were dropped by Yokozuna.

Yoko nailed Virgil with the Banzai Drop.

Winner: Yokozuna

Sean Mooney’s backstage with Savage and Perfect, giving them congrats for their win against Flair and Ramon. Perfect questioned on why Flair and Ramon are upset. Perfect gave them a turkey each, telling them not to be mad for their loss. Savage told Perfect that he was the best and their team is perfect.

The Beverly Brothers and Money Inc. (WWF Tag Team Champions) versus the Natural Disasters and the Nasty Boys

Is it sad that each time I hear the Million Dollar Man’s theme song, I always think it’s my phone going off? I had his theme song as a ringtone on my phone for my co-workers and supervisors when I worked for Coca-Cola. I find it funny when the first few beats, I think it’s my phone going off.

The coolest mullets in professional wrestling have to belong to the Nasty Boys. The Nasty Boys are just plain nasty.

One sad thing is this was the only vintage Survivor Series elimination match on the card. I’m happy to get at least one on this card. I guess in the last few years we fans can’t complain if we get a couple Survivor Series elimination matches because this year’s card we got one.

It’s weird to see the Million Dollar Man in white tights over black tights. I feel like it’s a nice change to see him in something other than his black tights, I feel like his matches stand out when wrestlers change up their wrestling attire like that.

The Beverly Brothers got eliminated when Earthquake nailed Beau Beverly with the Earthquake Splash. Sorry Money Inc. Without explanation that this Survivor Series match is competed in the tag team Survivor Series rules. Bad job WWF on explaining that this year.

Typhoon and the Natural Disasters were eliminated after a trip up and IRS and Money Inc were eliminated after a quick run in and a school boy.

Sole Survivors: the Nasty Boys

We see Tatanka, Perfect, and Savage are seen talking on the hotline.

We see a video package seeing the Undertaker making Kamala’s coffin for their coffin match. Paul’s voice is ridiculous and Taker said that Kamala won’t survive the Survivor Series.

The Coffin Match: Kamala versus the Undertaker

The fans were excited to see the Dead Man and his manager! Oh yes!

Kamala was “deathly” scared of the coffin. What good way to help put over the Undertaker and “his match.” I guess if someone told me that they’re gonna beat me up and put me in a coffin and I wake up in it, I’ll be scared when I wake up.

The Undertaker hit old school on Kamala and I find it sad that they didn’t have a name for that move for years! For years and it was one of his signature moves?!?

The end of the match saw the Undertaker nailing Kamala with the urn and pinned him. After that, he rolled him over and right into the coffin. To finish the match, the Undertaker had to hammer in some nails to pick up the victory. I’m happy this is one of the few coffin matches like that because that’s a cheesy thirty seconds of television seeing the Undertaker hammer the nails. Luckily he didn’t miss and hit his fingers.

Winner: The Undertaker

Sean Mooney is backstage with the WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels. Mooney mentions that people believe that Michaels pulled his manager Sherri in the way from an attack from Marty Jannetty and how he won the IC title from the Bulldog a few weeks before this Survivor Series. Michaels then says that he defeated Bret Hart and the British Bulldog within the past few months, meaning that he did it once, he’ll do it again. Michaels said that he’ll be the next person to walk out with the Intercontinental and WWF Championship belts.

WWF Championship: Shawn Michaels (WWF Intercontinental Champ) versus Bret Hart (WWF Champ)

This match is one match that I always love to go back and relive. Granted both men aren’t at the peak of their careers but it’s always great to see these two climbing up in their careers. When Shawn Michaels was on his way to the ring, we go backstage with “Mean” Gene interviewing Bret Hart. Hart won the title from Ric Flair in a house show and I guess within a two and a half week span he defeated at least five guys in defending the WWF title. A lot of jobbers in that line-up. Hart said that surviving isn’t based on one night and being lucky, its being successful for years and making success out of it. Hart said that it took him eight and a half years to be in the spot where he’s at. Hart also put over Michaels as a great wrestler – why can’t superstars do that these days?

McMahon and Heenan put over both superstars in the match when Hart first came out of the gorilla position, saying that both men are in great condition and the match should be a decent match because of it. Michael Cole, are you taking note?

The match opens up with a collar-and-elbow-tie-up and Hart pushes Michaels into a corner and Hebner had to get in the middle of the two to break up the tie-up. Right after the ref broke it up, Heenan called Hart out for taking it to the Heartbreak Kid, saying that he doesn’t need to out-wrestle him, which he needs to out-smart Michaels. Smart thinking Heenan, that’s why we call you “the Brain.”

For the first few minutes, both men counter each other with moves and do a lot of rest holds. I agree with the start of the match, starting slow for the fans to help build them up for the finish of the match. It’s silly for them to go fast pace right out of the box and then slow down, that’s an easy way to burn the fans out of the match, especially in the main event spot on a pay-per-view.

McMahon asked Heenan who’ll win the match. Heenan’s response made me laugh and I wanted to share his comment: Whoever wants it more. That’s a given, right? Just the way Heenan says his responses makes simple things like that gold.

Bret was able to get out of Michaels front-face-lock and ran to the ropes and came back to nail HBK but Michaels executed a perfect drop kick. Absolutely beautiful.

Michaels whipped Hart into a corner and tried to run at him, Bret kicked his feet up and HBK ran into his feet, which lead to a vintage bulldog spot from Hart. So far in this match, Hart is making Michaels look like a great contender for the WWF Championship. Matches like this will elevate Michaels into the main event picture and will cement Hart in the main event picture.

[adinserter block=”1″]To my surprise, even though I knew this before, Michaels hit the Sweet Chin Music before it was his finish and the announcers were going crazy, saying that one more move, the Tear-Drop Back Suplex, we’ll crown a new WWF Champion. Michaels was able to hit it yet Hart kicked out. What way to kill a man’s finish on his way up to the top.

The finish saw Hart catching Michaels in the sharpshooter and Michaels had to submit to lose the match.

Winner: Bret Hart, still Champ.

This Survivor Series was okay, in my eyes, it was built for only two matches, the Razor/Flair versus Savage/Perfect and the WWF title match. Other than that, this match is passable. If you guys don’t want to see those two matches, this pay-per-view is surely miscible. Not the great Survivor Series — definitely placed in my bottom half of Survivor Series.

Eric Darsie is known as a ‘common-man’ among his peers, at least he thinks so. He works hard with his hands in the heart of Minnesota and on his free time, he thugs and a bugs with his family and friends. Whenever he doesn’t do that, he’s found to be writing. Now more of a rare thing, he’s gems could be found here. If you would like to see more of Eric’s work outside of the professional world, check him out at,, and on Twitter @IAmDarsie.

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