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Flashback: WWE Survivor Series 1991

Survivor Series 1991November 27th, 1991 – Joe Louis Arena – Detroit, Michigan – We celebrate the fifth year of the WWF Survivor Series, brought to us by Vincent Kennedy McMahon and his World Wrestling Federation.

There are 17,500 in attendance for the “Gravest Challenge” Survivor Series, where we see a lot of first at Survivor Series. We see Hulk Hogan defending his World Wrestling Federation Championship against a new-comer who debuted at last year’s Survivor Series the Undertaker. We also see a National Wrestling Alliance mega-star Ric Flair make his WWF pay-per-view debut this very night.

Gorilla Monsoon opened the show. They mention what happen from this past weekend on WWF Superstars on what happened to the Macho Man Randy Savage. The famous (or infamous) King Cobra snake biting incident happened. The snake went into business for itself and gnawed on the Macho’s arm. Roberts was shaking the snake but in real life was trying to get the snake off of Macho. Savage’s forearm was busted wide open. Kids were crying in the crowd and we got shots of such. Great way to get this angle over and get Savage out of retirement.

President Jack Tuney came on screen and took responsibility for what happened. Jake Roberts said that the snake was de-vemonized. Reptiles are barred from ringside. Savages retirement has been lifted. Those two will face each other at their next PPV, This Tuesday In Texas.

Monsoon and Bobby Heenen welcome us back and explains the storyline that we just seen.

Ric Flair, “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, the Mountie, and the Warlord versus “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Virgil, and the British Bulldog

Bobby said that everyone should be standing when Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect come out for their ring entrance. Monsoon also said that Jack Tuney has blocked out the NWA/WCW World Heavyweight title because it isn’t WWF property. Yep, Flair’s wearing “it” under his robe. We can easy see that it’s the WWF World Tag Team titles. At least they tried, right?

Bret Hart is the WWF Intercontinental Champion at this time. Good for him. He=’s also wearing a lot of pink for this pay-per-view.

“Hot Rod” Roddy Piper was huge back then. I miss guys like DiBiase Sr, Flair, Hart, and Piper, guys who can actually work.

Piper and DiBiase start the match out. Blue tights versus black tights. I’ll be giving highlights of the match (and others to come), to make it easier to watch and what I find worthy of note.

Piper kissed Sherri. Good for him, not so much for her.

You know, matches like this should be Bret Hart’s specialty. At this time he ended his tag team run and started his singles run, but still, he’s a tag team expert. That might “explain” why his team has been doing a lot of quick tags on DiBiase and keeping him in the babyface corner.

Everyone popped when both Flair and Piper got in the ring with each other. They both were in a feud at the time of this Survivor Series. When Flair came in months before this match, he started to go after wrestlers who seem like “blue class” superstars. Flair always played the “rich man” wrestler, so it worked.

First elimination saw Flair pinning the Bulldog and Piper ran in to try to not let the heels get much of a footing over them. Flair had the chance to get him to their corner and tag out. Smart man Flair is.

After a few tags, Flair and Piper are back in the ring together and Flair had Piper in the figure four leg lock. It makes me sad that this didn’t lead to an elimination. Flair’s known for winning matches with his figure four leg lock, why shouldn’t it lead to eliminating someone?

[adinserter block=”2″]The Warlord was eliminated when Piper pinned him. It was a clusterfart what happened, all men ran in and the ref was distracted when Bret Hart hit a axe handle off the top rope and Piper covered the Warlord. Plus, what is a Warlord? Someone who loves to be in war? Someone who always dominates when in war?

I notice a fan sitting across from the hard camera side who is decked out in a Hulk Hogan entrance attire. That means we’ll be reminded of the Hulkster all night.

Mayham broke loose when the ref couldn’t get order when all six men were battling in the ring. The ref rang the bell and disqualified everyone but Ric Flair, making him the winner and sole survivor.

Sole Survivor: Ric Flair

We are sent to “Mean” Gene Okerland, where he was on the high-rise interview spot by the fans and he brought out the “Macho Man” Randy Savage to talk about being reinstated and able to wrestle once again (he retired at WrestleMania VII when he lost a retirement match against the Ultimate Warrior). “Mean” Gene put over the snake going into business for itself and it bit into Savage’s arm.

Savage claimed he couldn’t hear and see yet saw and hear Miss Elisabeth crying and that hurt him more than the snake biting him.

Miss Elisabeth came out after Gene asked Randy how she was doing with the snake biting. I miss awesome mamangers like her. She was overjoyed that Randy was reinstated to in-ring action.

I find it sad that the WWE is using this PPV to put over another PPV less than a week later. It doesn’t make sense.

Col. Mustafa, the Berzerker, Hercules, and Skinner versus Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Dugggan, Texas Tornado, and “El Matador” Tito Santana

For this match, all the heels came out together but the faces got their own single entrances. This is unfair! We need the heels for the faces to get cheered!

Tito Santana and Skinner start the match. It’s hard to look at the television screen with Tito’s tights being bright green and his boots being bright pink.

I find this match hard to get into. It might be due to the wrestlers involved (guys who I’m not too interested in) or it might be the announcers talking about the WWF Title match that’s on this card. I wish Monsoon and Hennen would stay talking the current match.

Mustafa was the first person eliminated by Slaughter. So Mustafa was slaughtered by Sgt. Slaughter.

Hercules was eliminated by Tito, giving the faces a four-on-two advantage. Yup, it’s hard for me to pay attention to this match.

I missed another eliminated, but Duggan won for his team when he pinned the Berzerker.

Sole Survivors: Sgt. Slaughter, Duggan, Texas Tornado, and Santana.

“Mean” Gene is in his vintage spot and calls out Jake “the Snake” Roberts for an interview and Roberts is in a awesome sweater. Just how Jake was answering the first few questions, Jake Roberts was great as a heel. I’d prefer him as a heel and I wish the WWE would of given this man a chance as a top heel with the WWF title. If not, gave him a main event match against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania for the WWF Championship.

I guess Roberts says that the snake was a toy to amuse himself with the past six years in the WWF. At This Tuesday in Texas, he’ll finish off Randy Savage what his snake didn’t do. He ended the interview with saying it’d be the end of the beginning for Savage. What does this mean? Check out the PPV here (

We get a video package building up how the Undertaker is challenging Hulk Hogan for the World Wrestling Federation Championship. We see Flair on the Taker/Bearer talk segment challenging Hogan with the WCW World Title. That title was great. I’m happy the WWE is using it as the World Heavyweight title but in turn, I’m sad that the two World titles don’t mean anything anymore. That’s a rant for another blog.

World Wrestling Federation Championship match: the Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) versus Hulk Hogan (WWF Champion)

The wide neck tie! The wide neck tie is on the Dead Man! The grey gloves! The black hat and the black trench coat! The red beard! The big gold urn! What a character! To top it off, the expressionless face must have been hard to always keep on, especially for this match. I wonder if the Undertaker was excited to face the Hulkster for his 2nd WWE Survivor Series and his 1st WWF title match. Oh, the Undertaker was undefeated while walking into this match.

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Fans are excited when the opening beats of “Real American” hits at the Joe Louis Arena. Then again, who wasn’t in love with Hulkamania around this time period? It was the Hulkster who got me hooked and helped me fall in love with this business.

To be honest, this has to be one of my favorite matches, ever. I remember renting this pay-per-view on VHS back in the day in the mid-90’s, just for this match. I know this match has been on many DVDs because this match put the Undertaker over and help put him on the map. This is proof that Hogan was willing to lose for people and help put people over.

The Undertaker had a claw on Hogan’s face and a couple of shots it looks like Hogan’s face were turning purple. Great camera work. The Undertaker even rolled his eyes to the back of his head and we got another camera shot of that.

“Looks like this man isn’t sweating,” Monsoon said.

“This man is too cold to sweat,” Hennen replied.

The Undertaker hit the Tombstone Piledriver onto Hogan and Hogan popped up. Great way to kill a man’s finish Hulkster. Hogan got up and started to do what he does to knock Taker onto a knee. Hogan bodyslams Undertaker. Bearer distracts the ref and Hogan and Hogan saw that Flair made his way to the ring and pushes him over. Hogan went back in and hit the Big Boot to Taker and Taker “Takered” up and Tombstoned Hogan onto a chair that Flair put in the ring and we got a new World Wrestling Federation Champion.

Winner and new World Wrestling Federation Champion: The Undertaker

We have a couple of shots of fans crying because Hogan lost the WWF title to Undertaker. Don’t worry Hulkster brother, you’ll win the title back in a few short nights at WWF This Tuesday in Texas! You’ll always get the strap back, dude!

“Mean” Gene interviews Piper backstage. Piper said that it’s a bad day in the WWF because the Undertaker won the title. “He has hair on his teeth.” Piper is golden! Piper claims that Taker has hair on his teeth! Also, Piper, please take a breath!

Sean Mooney was meeting up with Flair and Mr. Perfect in their locker room. Perfect said that Hulkamania is finally dead. Flair said that this was gonna happen, Hogan was gonna lose the WWF title and he proclaimed it since day one. Flair said that Hulkamania is over. There’s also one World’s Heavyweight Champion and it’s him! Flair said that the WWF Championship is now out of Hogan’s hands and went wild! Woo!

Gene Okerlund interviewed the Natural Disasters and IRS backstage, with Jimmy Hart. Earthquake yelled saying that IRS will take out the Big Bossman and the Disasters will eliminate the Road Warriors. IRS will audit Jack Tunney in a calm voice. Typhoon talked in a angry tone. Great interview segment.

Sean Mooney is in the locker room (looks like the same locker room Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect was in) with the WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Warriors (or should I say the Legion of Doom) and the Big Boss Man. Animal has a full beard and is talking like vintage LOD fashion, all loud and crazy. Boss Man yells too and calls his opponents trash and said that his opponents will serve hard times. Hauk’s face looks purple. He talked nonsense.

“Mean” Gene interviews President Jack Tunney and Tunney said that the ref’s decision stands in the WWF title match and orders a rematch for the WWF title. The Undertaker has to defend his WWF title against Hulk Hogan at WWF This Tuesday in Texas and Tunney will be at ringside to make sure another “screw job” doesn’t happen again. How many times are they gonna plug their next PPV?

The Beverly Brothers (with the Genius) and the Nasty Boys (with Jimmy Hart) versus the Rockerss and the Bushwakers

I wonder if the Bushwakers were around today, if they’ll still be licking heads of the fans in the crowd. I’m sure someone would try to sue them for licking their child, girlfriend, wife, or mother.

A young Shawn Michaels! I surely hope we’ll get many more Survivor Series moments and memories out of that young professional wrestler.

The girls screamed when the Rockers took off their shirts. A young Hardy Boys? Maybe that’s how they got their inspiration to take off their shirts? I gave this too much thought. Yuck.

The Nastys and the Beverlies went to the outside to try to plan out how to take on their opponents. Good thinking gentlemen.

One of the Bushwakers got eliminated by one of the Nasty Boys. Good. The main event came and gone. Let’s get to the three-on-three Survivor Series match!

I often find myself wondering where the tag team division fell off to the waste side to Vince McMahon. In one of the first Survivor Series, there was a five-team versus five-team Survivor Series match. This team was two-team versus two-team match. Everyone has been on the same side of the fence that McMahon should rebuild this division. I honestly don’t think it would until Triple H finally takes over the company. I’ll end this short tag team rant here and get back to the match!

A spike facebuster given from the Beverly Brothers to the other Bushwaker. I’m surprised at how awesome this spot was! If you haven’t seen the Beverly Brothers do this spot before, YouTube it!

Shawn Michaels hit one of the Nasty’s with the Sweet Chin Music outside of the ring before it became his finisher. It’s always weird to see him hit that move before it was his finish.

Holy fart, the announcers are keep on plugging the This Tuesday in Texas pay-per-view a few days away! I checked Amazon and as of writing this review, you can only watch this show on YouTube. At least it’s free, but what a pay-per-view if it never was released on VHS (or unable to buy it 20 years later).

Shawn Michaels was eliminated and Michaels was pissed and was arguing with Jannetty. Is this a tease of a break-up?

Sole Survivors: One of the Nastys and the Beverly Brothers.

Another plus for This Tuesday in Texas.

The Natural Disasters (with Jimmy Hart) and IRS versus the Legion of Doom (WWF Tag Team Champions) and the Big Boss Man

Boss Man and IRS start the match. A police officer and a tax man start out the main event. What a better way to start up the last match?

Earthquake and Animal got in the ring together and what stronger two opponents can you get? I know I surely wouldn’t want to make these two men made if I ever come across them (I know Earthquake isn’t with us anymore but still).

This match is better than what I expected it to be. Granted this match isn’t a technical classic but for six big men who love to brawl, this is a great Survivor Series match.

Boss Man got eliminated by IRS. I believe by a briefcase shot but I missed it by checking my phone to see a new notification I have up on Facebook. I love the Big Boss Man’s theme song.

Hauk eliminated Typhoon. I missed this eliminated too by checking my notification on Facebook. I guess I need to stay off of Facebook if I want a legit breakdown.

[adinserter block=”1″]Earthquake walks out and got himself counted out. Great way to get yourself eliminated and poor IRS.

IRS tried to get himself counted out too but the Big Boss Man came back and chased him back to the ring. Hauk hit a flying clothesline from the top rope and LOD win.

Sole Survivors: Legion of Doom

We went backstage to Sean Mooney and he said Hogan won’t go on screen but said that he’ll do his talking on Tuesday when he faces the Undertaker for the title.

Then we went to “Mean” Gene and he interviews the Undertaker, the new World Wrestling Federation Champion. Paul Bearer said that they won’t hold a funeral for Hulkamania because they’re gonna destroy Hulkamania once again at This Tuesday in Texas. We see a casket. I guess the casket is for Hulk Hogan and for Hulkamania.

Eric Darsie is known as a ‘common-man’ among his peers, at least he thinks so. He works hard with his hands in the heart of Minnesota and on his free time, he thugs and a bugs with his family and friends. Whenever he doesn’t do that, he’s found to be writing. Now more of a rare thing, he’s gems could be found here. If you would like to see more of Eric’s work outside of the professional world, check him out at,, and on Twitter @IAmDarsie.

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