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Flashback: WWE Survivor Series 1989 Review

WWF Survivor Series1989Opening with the World Wrestling Federation Superstars telling us what they’re thankful for. Obviously they’re in character, and it’s something I miss, Survivor Series being on either Thanksgiving Eve or on Thanksgiving Day itself. Also Vinnie Mac is running down the matches-a walk down memory lane.

Gorilla open us up with Jesse “the Pilgrim” Ventura. We get corrected by Ventura that he is Jesse “the Body” Ventura. I miss having a heel color guy at the announcer’s booth.

The Enforcers versus the Dream Team

It’s the Enforcers versus the Dream Team for the first match. The Enforcers come out first, then the Dream Team. With this, I miss having most of the PPV, if not the whole thing, as 5-on-5, or this PPV, 4-on-4, Elimination Tag Team Matches

Tito and the Honky Tonk Man start the match out. Jimmy Hart is on his megaphone, what a third man on the booth for the match. Dusty gets huge pops from the crowd-his yellow polka dots and all. I’m happy there isn’t any wrestlers that has tights like Brutus “the Barber”-wait, there is (Zack Ryder).

It seems that the crowd back in 1989 was hotter than a crowd in 2010. Also there were clear babyfaces and clear heels.

Dusty even hit “the Model” with a dropkick.

It came down to the Boss Man against the Rooster, Dusty, and the Barber, and the Rooster gets pinned after the Sidewalk Slam. Dusty hit the running high cross and pinned the Boss Man and won for his team, being Sole Survivors for their team. Dusty is barely bleeding and Gorilla said he was “busted wide open.” Really?

Sole Survivors: Rhodes and the Barber

The Kings Court versus the 4 x 4’s

Pomp and Circumstance plays and massive boos, and the King’s Court comes out for the Macho King Randy Savage, and they faced the 4 x 4’s. Jimmy Hart is out for the King’s Court, it’s great that Jimmy is out for this match as well. The 4 x 4’s didn’t come out to a theme song. I’m happy that guys have theme songs nowadays, because that would of bothered me back then when guys came out without theme songs.

Hercules got eliminated by Earthquake doing his finisher, running the ropes and sitting on him. That would be a bad way to spend a Thanksgiving night. Later in the match, Hacksaw defeated the Hammer by a 3-Point Stance. Finishers in the late ‘80’s were awesomely simply. I miss those days. Jimmy Garvin showed us his Garvin stomp. I wonder where Randy Orton got his “stomp” from. Makes me wonder.

“The Macho King” was a mighty heel back in November 1989. With being a former Intercontinental and WWF Champion, I’m surprised he’s in the second match of the card, but I think it brings credibility to the third annual Survivor Series. Shoulder Breaker by Bravo and a Flying Elbow Drop from the Macho King to “the Hitman,” Duggan is along against Earthquake, Bravo, and Savage. Duggan got counted out.

Sole Survivors: Bravo, Earthquake, and Savage


Million Dollar Team versus the Hulkamanics

The Million Dollar Team didn’t get an entrance! What a rip-off! The World Wrestling Federation Champion and the WWF Tag Team Champions are on the same team? The WWF Champion being the third match on the card? The crowd goes wild for the Hulkster! With all these years that Roberts carried the snake, I’m surprised the snake never tried to squeeze someone and try to eat them for supper.

Hogan and Zeus start the match. The shoving match and the crowd chant “Hogan!” Both men tease starting the match and the crowd eats it up. I love it! Zeus gets disqualified!

Demolition and Hogan triple team the Million Dollar Man. Ventura goes off about the ref letting it happen over Zeus getting disqualified and putting his hands on the ref.

Another shoulder breaker by the Barbarian to Axe! I’m surprised to see two shoulder breakers by the third match on the card.

Roberts and Hogan against the Powers of Pain and the Million Dollar Man. I’m really enjoying these Survivor Series matches. The Million Dollar Man gives us the Million Dollar Piledriver on Jake Roberts! Another move I miss seeing! The Powers of Pain gives Hogan a Spike Piledriver and the Powers of Pain got double disqualified. Poor DiBiase, being outnumbered.

The Million Dollar Dream on the WWF Champion! Roberts breaks up the sleeper because Hogan’s arm went down for the second drop. Virgil gets DDT’ed and the Million Dollar Man nailed Roberts in the face and eliminated him. It’s down to Hogan and DiBiase at the end.

Double clothesline by both men and the ref counts them out. After a couple of minutes, Hogan hits DiBiase with the Big Boot and the Leg Drop and get’s the three count.

Sole Survivor: WWF Champion Hulk Hogan

Macho King and Zeus interview to promote the No Holds Barred Tag Team Steel Cage match with Savage and Zeus against Hogan and the Barber. Hogan and Beefcake also did an interview to hype out their match as well. Sheri threw salt in their eyes and Zeus and Savage attacked them.

Interview with the Rude Brood and Roddy’s Rowdies. Nice build up for their match, which is next.

The Rude Brood versus Roddy’s Rowdies

Rougeau Brothers-Snunka-Bushwhackers

Jimmy Hart’s back for his third match with the Rougeau Brothers! The Genius comes out with Mr. Perfect! Bobby “the Brain” didn’t come out with “the Ravishing” Rick Rude. Rude has awesome tights, and awesome mustache. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka comes out for the next team. The Bushwhackers comes out next with their whackerish walk. “The Hot Rod” Roddy Piper comes out with the bag pipes being played in the arena.

Quick tags with the Bushwhakers, Piper, and Snuka, and they all are biting Perfect. That isn’t perfect, it’s quiet rude. Wait a second, wasn’t one of the Rougeau brothers the Mountie in a couple of years? Another thing, half of the Rude Brood was from Minnesota, and sadly enough, aren’t with us anymore.

Both Rougeau bothers got eliminated right away, first the Mountie, then the other brother. At least the two guys from Minnesota are left on the Rude Brood, right? The Rude Awakening and Luke is eliminated and it’s down to Rude and Perfect against Snuka and Piper!

Piper and Rude got a double count-out. What bums. After numerous near falls, Mr. Perfect wins with the Perfect Plex! I couldn’t be happier!

Sole Survivor: Mr. Perfect!

The Rude Brood was interviewed, and then the Ultimate Warriors were interviewed for the main event match for this Survivor Series. I have no clue what the Ultimate Warrior just said in his part of the interview.

The Heenan Family versus the Utlimate Warriors

Another team that doesn’t get an introduction, and that’s the Heenan Family. That bothers me.

Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart and the Rockers already start the match before the WWF Intercontinental Champion came out, and the Warrior finally came out and started the match, running out Mountain Dew, because he sprinted down to the ring with the IC Belt on.

Andre the Giant got counted out because the Warrior clotheslined him out of the ring and wasn’t able to get up and into the ring before the ref counted to ten. How sad. It’s nice to see Arn Anderson in a main event spot on a WWE pay-per-view.

Bobby Heenen get’s a “Weasel” chant, and Haku eliminated Neidhart. Bobby gets tagged in when Marty was hurt and then tagged right out again. Bobby even pinned Marty after the damage was done.

It came down to the Warrior against Anderson and Heenen. Warrior pinned Anderson, and Heenen got beaten by the Warrior. Heenen got running shoulder hit and splashed and was defeated.

Sole Survivor: The Ultimate Warrior.

Philosopher’s Perspective:

First and second match, it came down to one-on-three. I find it odd that the endings were similar. Even though the babyfaces won the first one and the heels won the second match, I still find it odd that they looked at similar endings.

I find it weird that the WWF Champion was put in the middle of the card when the Intercontinental Champion was put in the main event slot. I’m assuming that this is happening because they wanted the WWF Champ to have more time than any other match, which makes sense. But the WWF Champion was Hulk Hogan; we all know he normally doesn’t have matches longer than 15 minutes.

I’m not a fan of the end of the pay-per-view we saw the Intercontinental Champion face a manager for a couple of minutes. How fair is that? I agree with Jesse Ventura at the announcer’s table and that shouldn’t have happened.

Besides those notes, I enjoyed the the ’89 Survivor Series. I enjoyed hearing Gorilla and Ventura at the announcer’s table and enjoyed the wrestlers that got me into watching the WWF around this period. Finishers were simpler and fans bought everything that was done inside the ring. That’s something that I don’t feel like happens anymore. Also, at least the announcers build-up and tear down the guys that they’re suppose to, unlike Michael Cole these days. At least in two Survivor Series time, the beginning of the end of Hulkamania starts. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, until next time; do what you do, and stay classy.

Eric Darsie is known as a ‘common-man’ among his peers, at least he thinks so. He works hard with his hands in the heart of Minnesota and on his free time, he thugs and a bugs with his family and friends. Whenever he doesn’t do that, he’s found to be writing. Now more of a rare thing, he’s gems could be found here. If you would like to see more of Eric’s work outside of the professional world, check him out at http://vintagedarsie.wordpress.com/, http://www.writerscafe.org/Darsie/writing/, and on Twitter @IAmDarsie.

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