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WWE 2010 Supplemental Draft Results and Analysis

Montel Vontavious PorterThe 2010 WWE Draft concluded on Tuesday with the WWE Supplemental Draft. The draft took place on Like the live WWE Draft on RAW, the Supplemental Draft provided no game changers, yet several WWE superstars have new homes beginning this week.

Looking at the list, there weren’t many surprises. The biggest name swapping WWE brands would be last year’s number one draft pick. Montel Vontavious Porter will be returning to SmackDown. MVP was drafted first overall in the 2009 WWE Draft. Other than a very short feud with Randy Orton, MVP never really took off as most had hoped. The last successful run MVP had was on SmackDown as United States champion. I wouldn’t be surprised to see MVP excel on the younger roster.

[adinserter block=”1″]My dark horse today is Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes was drafted to SmackDown. I really like the opportunities for Cody on SmackDown. I could never understand why he has taken a backseat to Ted DiBiase Jr. I think Cody has a ton of potential and is one of the more charismatic younger WWE superstars. I’d love to see him get a real opportunity here.

As expected, the Hart Dynasty including Natalya were officially drafted to WWE RAW. There were big expectations when these guys hit SmackDown. They were traded to SmackDown last summer. The group had mild success in a feud with Cryme Tyme. As unified tag team champions they will be bouncing around between both brands. I really like the long term potential on WWE RAW, especially with Bret Hart hanging around for the time being.

[adinserter block=”2″]SmackDown seemed to make out better in the Supplemental Draft than they did in the original draft. There weren’t too many notable additions to the WWE RAW roster. The Great Khali would probably be the biggest draftee sent to RAW (no pun intended). Goldust and Ezekiel Jackson were also drafted to RAW. None of these guys are expected to be big money players. If not for Dustin Rhodes’ forthcoming book, he would probably be in serious danger of being lost in the shuffle and eventually cut.

All in all this year’s draft was more about bolstering the star power of WWE RAW and creating a youth movement of sorts on SmackDown. On paper SmackDown looks to be the more intriguing brand with a wide open window of opportunity for the younger generation of WWE superstars. WWE RAW on the other hand will have the heavy hitters, yet lacks any real interesting scenarios in my opinion. That can’t be a good thing less than 24 hours after the WWE Draft.

WWE Supplement Draft Results…
Cody Rhodes to Smackdown
Chavo Guerrero to Smackdown
Great Khali & Ranjin Singh to Raw
Natalya to Raw
Chris Masters to Smackdown
Ezekiel Jackson to Raw
Goldust to Raw
Hornswoggle to Smackdown
Rosa Mendes to Smackdown
David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd to Raw
MVP to Smackdown

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  1. i cant believe that cody rhodes left raw for smckdown and first of all ezekiel jackson should leave wrestling casue hes not as good wrestler the only thing he does is beat people up to a pulp. The second thing is that the great khali and hes little sidekick should leave to go to nxt cause hes not a good wrestler since he decided to do is kiss people on live television. Thta is just nasty for my opinion. EWWWWWWWWWW i tell ya


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