WWE Superstars: RAW Rankings September 28

roman reigns
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Welcome to this week’s Raw Ranking, looking at every superstar and diva’s performance from this week’s show and ranking them from worst to first.

Over the next few weeks, I will begin to tally the rankings and we will find out who the best performers over longer periods of time are. Without further ado, here are the rankings for this week’s Raw:

32: Mark Henry

Jobbed out, again, in a match that didn’t need to happen. Big Show has had Cesaro fed to him over the last few weeks and he had a promo with Heyman coming up anyway, why did we have to see this? NOBODY wanted to see this.

31: Natalya

It seemed so promising. The potential to create either a team out of Paige and Natalya or have them as rivals was genuinely intriguing. Instead, we get Natalya coming down to the ring, going up on the ring apron for no reason and getting laid out. Ok then.

30: Alicia Fox

Six man tags don’t really let stars stand out and Fox being the distant sixth wheel in this whole situation doesn’t help that. I’m not saying she deserves spotlight, because she doesn’t, but that’s why she’s at 30.

29: Brie Bella

As above.

[adinserter block=”1″]28: The Miz

Not sure what the point was of the segment even being on Miz TV was. It could have just been Becky and Charlotte in the ring cutting a promo. Did Miz actually do anything… other than get burnt outstandingly by Becky Lynch?

27: Bo Dallas

WWE creative clearly doesn’t Bolieve in the former NXT Champion.

26: Ryback

Much like a lot of the superstars tonight, he didn’t really have anything to do. He was just there, really.

25: Dean Ambrose

Just the one backstage segment for Ambrose tonight, it was still more interesting than a lot of other things that happened.

24: Rusev

Did anyone do anything on this Raw? It’s almost impossible to come up with summations. Aren’t heel vs heel match, two minute DQ matches great? Not giving much for the Bulgarian Brute to work with.

23: Kevin Owens

Some weeks it’s just not your week to stand out. Whether it’s time constraints of idiotic booking or both, this wasn’t Owens’ week.

22: Neville

Not really sure what happens now that Barrett is back, but it seems like Neville’s going to be moved aside for Barrett and Stardust to feud. The man that WWE creative forgot needs to be found ASAP.

21: Stardust

One day, WWE will realise how good Cody Rhodes really is. Today is not that day. Hopefully this stuff with Barrett is good. Also, is the Cosmic Wasteland thing done? Is that all it was? Yikes.

20: The Prime Time Players

Tag champs one month, getting smacked around by Luke Harper and New-Erick-Rowan the next month.

19: Becky Lynch

Had a few decent lines and is slowly getting more comfortable on the mic. Give her time. Paige didn’t become as good as she is overnight. When she debuted on the main roster, she was further back than Becky is now. Becky just needs an actual feud to get her teeth into.

18: Charlotte

Gets ahead of Becky just because she did a great job of channelling her legitimate passion for wanting women’s wrestling to succeed and not caring about who started what. More of that from now on, this whole Divas Revolution has barely moved since SummerSlam.

17: Dolph Ziggler

Bonus points for what looks like a really cool new t-shirt. I’m superficial, what do you expect?

16: Randy Orton

Decent backstage promo with Ambrose and Reigns, definitely like where this thing is seemingly going and by that I mean towards an Ambrose feud with Reigns. Came out and did his thing against Bo too. A good Live Event match, I guess.

15: Nikki Bella

Once again had nothing interesting to say on the microphone, but she did pick up the win, I guess. Sidenote: Where the hell is Sasha Banks?

14: Wade Bad News King Barrett

Well, he’s back! Was I supposed to be excited? I didn’t really get the sense that I’m supposed to be excited? Also, why did he attack Neville?

13: The Dudley Boyz

Lost clean to the New Day and will probably not leave MSG with the titles either. We all know a Tables Match is just around the corner.

12: Braun Strowman

If the tag team title feud wasn’t so interesting right now, I’d consider putting the titles on Strowman and Harper. It’s time the Wyatt’s brought some gold back to the swamp.

11: Luke Harper

Have Luke Harper accept a U.S Open Challenge and with help from Strowman and Bray, win the U.S title. That would be interesting.

10: Paige

Once again the clear stand out in the Divas segment. The only issue is that her teaming with Becky and Charlotte didn’t make any sense at all. Why would Becky and Charlotte want her on their team? Why would Paige give a crap about a six person tag match that means nothing when she’s clearly hunting the Divas Title? The Divas Revolution gets an F for logic.

9: Kane

I hate that almost everything I’ve written so far is negative. We’re into the top ten and I’m still rambling about what I didn’t like, but I just don’t like this Kane/Rollins feud. Forget this supernatural crap that we’ve not only seen a hundred times, but we’ve also seen that even with it, Kane doesn’t win! Look at every single Demon Kane feud in the last five years, he probably hasn’t won any of them! Seth needs a credible challenger who he can put on an awesome match with. Where’s that Swiss guy?

8: Big E

Hustle, loyalty and booty.

[adinserter block=”2″]7: Big Show

Already addressed the Henry match, but Show did a decent job in his promo with Heyman. Gave us a reason to want to tune in and sold himself as a legitimate threat to Lesnar. The only problem is… WE KNOW BIG SHOW DOESN’T STAND A CHANCE AGAINST BROCK AND THERE’S NO CHANCE BROCK WILL LOSE BEFORE A MAIN EVENT HELL IN A CELL MATCH WITH THE FREAKING UNDERTAKER SO THIS IS ALL A GIANT, HAHA GET IT, GIANT, WASTE OF TIME AND WHY ARE WE GETTING THIS MATCH IN 2015 ANYWAY. I’m sorry; I don’t know what came over me. Where’s that Swiss guy?

6: John Cena

Not sure if I’m glad that Cena didn’t buy into the New Day’s antics or not? Glad he’s keeping the U.S Open Challenge serious, but I think he could be hilarious going back and forth with them. Kayfabe wise, Xavier shouldn’t be standing much of a chance against Cena one on one so the match was booked logically in that sense. Logical booking, what a wonderful, albeit rare thing it is.

5: Seth Rollins

Seth’s reaction to Kane having this split personality is the only thing keeping this feud from falling apart. Love the way he just snapped in the end. Human Resources can do that to a man.

4: Xavier Woods

It seems like WWE have given Xavier the reigns to do whatever he likes and that is awesome because he might just be the best talker on the WWE roster. He’s also incredibly entertaining with everything he does. He should remix a WWE theme song on the trombone every week from now on.

3: Kofi Kingston

No big deal, just pinned D-Von Dudley clean in a match with the Dudley Boyz and John Cena. Put that win in the bank.

2: Bray Wyatt

The match itself wasn’t anything to write home about, but on a lacklustre show, with a lacklustre crowd, that brawl to close the show lived up to everything it needed to be and Bray took some solid bumps along the way.

1: Roman Reigns

Roman gets ahead of Bray just because of that final spear through the table and the line about training wheels. In a night without really anything that stands out, Roman and Bray did a great job.

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