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WWE Superstars: RAW Rankings September 21

Ranking every performance on Monday night Raw from worst to first, this list will highlight everything that was done well and everything that was not.

This week’s Raw wasn’t anything special, lacking in good matches and not doing a great deal in terms of storyline development with a few exceptions. There were, however, some good performances that saved segments from getting a failing grade. So starting from the worst performer from Monday night, let the rankings begin.

31: Sin Cara

In an otherwise decent match, the curse of the Sin Cara mask returned with a painstakingly obvious botch in the middle of the match claiming Sin Cara the position as worst performer of the night. The Lucha Dragons have been great, so Sin Cara gets a reprieve this time around.

30: Mark Henry

The World’s Strongest Jobber? That’s all the match with Sheamus was. Kudos to Henry for hanging around and putting younger talent over, he could easily be enjoying retirement right now. He did well to sell a Brogue Kick that clearly missed his face too.

29: The Ascension

The Ascension are only here because they suffered a loss and didn’t really do anything of note. Classic WWE, booking both teams to win that way neither team gets over with the crowd or establishes any dominance.

28: The Bella Twins

Nikki cut a very short promo where she referred to Paige as trashy. Paige is now the third Diva Nikki has called trashy, she probably needs to work on some different insults.

Brie took on Charlotte in a match that really made no sense from the beginning. Firstly, didn’t Charlotte beat Brie clean in eighty seconds to earn her title shot? Doesn’t Charlotte have an injured knee? How has she had zero issues using that figure-eight? On top of Brie’s basic inability to keep up with Charlotte in the ring, this was a glorified squash match. Brie gets points for targeting the knee at least.

27: Stardust

Nothing really worth noting happened in the match and he was on the losing side.

26: Becky Lynch

Lynch is arguably the most talented member of team PCB, but once again was given nothing other than the role of getting in between Charlotte and Paige. Paige’s heel turn hopefully sets up a few matches with Becky. The crowd needs to really see what she can do as she’s been reduced to matches against Tamina, Brie and Alicia Fox thus far and Becky can’t exactly get herself over facing talent so far beneath her. An aggressive feud with Paige would fix that for the Lass Kicker, but she needs something and soon.

25: Cesaro

It’s a rotten shame that Cesaro is being used to put the Big Show over. After gathering so much momentum going into SummerSlam, Cesaro has been booked to lose week after week and the fact that the company is using Cesaro to make Big Show look strong so they can use Show to make Brock Lesnar look strong is ridiculous. Why not just cut out the middle-man and give the crowd Cesaro vs Lesnar? You want them to buy the Network, right?

24: Bo Dallas

Bo lost in another squash match, lots of them going around lately. Gets bonus points for cutting a promo at the start of the match and hey, Kevin Owens likes him, NXT Champs have to stick together.

[adinserter name=”366 left”]23: Sheamus

Despite getting a win, botched his first Brogue Kick and the match was nothing more than a match to fill time and to give the Celtic Warrior something to do, I doubt he even broke a sweat.

22: Braun Strowman

It was great to see something different kick off Raw for a change, but obviously six man brawls don’t really leave room to stand out, Strowman didn’t get much promo time either, thus the low ranking. The segment itself was fine though.

21: Luke Harper

As above.

20: Ryback

The Big Guy squashed the inspirational one before laying a beautiful Meat-hook on Owens. I assume they just wanted to get a week out of the way before launching into this feud.

19: Dean Ambrose

Everything the guy does is entertaining. The little things he does in brawls like this, if you watch closely, just highlight how great a performer Ambrose is.

18: Randy Orton

The viper made his return and helped The Shield boys stand tall against the Wyatts. It’ll be interesting to see whether this feud goes down a different path or whether this’ll be a similar style six man tag at Hell in a Cell.

17: Neville

Got the win and looked good doing it, not much more to be said.

16: Dolph Ziggler

Did the brunt of the work in a good, long, six man tag match, but came up on the losing team so that hurts his rating. Surprised not much was made of Ziggler pinning Rusev at Night of Champions. Remember when the Bulgarian was undefeated?

15: Dudley Boyz

Same as Dolph, good match, but they came up short.

14: Big Show

Beat Cesaro clean, for the second time in a week. Does this mean he stands a chance against Brock Lesnar? No, no of course it doesn’t. So why is Cesaro being made to look weak? Because you’ll like what we tell you to like, dammit.

13: Naomi

Naomi got a good win with intelligent use outside interference. Naomi and Natalya have great chemistry together.

12: Rusev

Got bumped up from 14 to 12 by Xavier Wood’s rendition of his theme song, would not be mad if he just joined the New Day full stop.

11: Charlotte

Despite what a lot of people think, Charlotte does legitimately deserve to be the champ, whether her father has helped her get there or not. The fact remains that she’s a better wrestler than probably every other Diva on the main roster exceptions being Becky and Sasha. She got the win against Brie and hopefully we get something involving not just Nikki, but Sasha Banks as well going into Hell in a Cell. Let Paige and Becky feud separately.

10: Kevin Owens

Didn’t compete, didn’t really do anything special, but his five minutes on commentary was better than the other 175 minutes of commentary that took place. Owens has managed to get his character to the point where doing next to nothing, like eating an apple, is actually entertaining.

9: Natalya

Lost due to outside interference from Team BAD, but it’s great to see Natalya finally getting used. Hopefully this leads to her siding with Paige eventually. It’s time to move the focus away from Team Bella, take Alicia Fox and Tamina out of the picture completely and focusing on those that can perform in the ring.

8: Kane

Mind games Kane is my favourite kind of Kane. Good to see Kane using the smile that Dr Shelby taught him to good effect here. Points lost for that over-the-top ‘dragging to hell’ thing. It’s the sort of segment that makes non-wrestling fans laugh at wrestling fans. Keep the supernatural to a minimum.

7: New Day


6: Kalisto

Giving Kalisto time to shine is a very smart move. This guy is incredible and he finally got to really show off some of his arsenal.

5: Bray Wyatt

The Wyatt Family looks stronger than ever and Bray not wanting to fight Roman initially was the right move, great promo all round, hopefully they don’t let this feud stagnate.

4: Seth Rollins

Another great match with Cena, but another clean loss to the U.S. Champ. Which title is the premiere title again? Keeping the title on Cena was a smart move, but maybe they should’ve had Kane interfere rather than Seth losing to Cena twice in a row, they have to keep him looking like a credible threat.

[adinserter block=”2″]3: Roman Reigns

Reigns did exactly what he needed to do on the mic. It was short and sweet, and exactly the kind of badassery we want to see from him. Roman gets better every week.

2: John Cena

Cena retained his title clean and now needs to move away from Rollins and bring back the U.S Open Challenge. Who his next feud will be against will be interesting to see. Maybe a triple threat with Dolph Ziggler and Rusev is the way to go.

1: Paige

Call it whatever you want, but it was effective. In five minutes Paige turned the entire Divas Revolution on its head and FINALLY gave it the spark that it has lacked. Her natural chemistry with Becky was immediately evident and the two need to feud before Paige goes after the Divas Title. This is the Paige we’ve been waiting for on the main roster. Hopefully they let her stay uncut.

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