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New Day
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Welcome to this week’s Raw rankings. Going into Hell in a Cell, WWE seem to be in a strange position where they don’t have a main-event calibre feud to carry Raw. The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar haven’t appeared together as of yet and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship feud between Seth Rollins and Kane’s has been underwhelming, mainly due to the overly-supernatural nature of it and Kane’s lack of legitimacy as a contender to Seth. This has resulted in Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns main-eventing last week and the U.S Open Challenge doing so this week.

Here are the rankings from this week’s Raw, as of next week, I’ll be tallying all the results and providing a leader board.

Note: I will be excluding part-timers (eg: Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, The Rock, etc.) from the rankings all together as to not muddy-up the rankings, but more on how the leader board will work next week.

23: Becky Lynch and Charlotte

Confined solely to a single backstage segment, they didn’t really have anything to do on this week’s episode of Raw. I get the feeling WWE has absolutely no idea what to do with Becky Lynch and is just killing time until after Nikki gets her re-match at Hell in a Cell, though a one-on-one re-match between Charlotte and Nikki is the kind of booking that is killing this revolution. If only someone had better ideas

22: The Lucha Dragons

[adinserter block=”1″]The Dragons and Kevin Owens were chucked together this week to get a clean win under Owens’ belt and to kill another week before Hell in a Cell, Sin Cara taking the loss here. The 36 days between Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell is proving too long as WWE Creative seemingly can’t find anything to keep these mid-card rivalries afloat for the five weeks of television.

21: Wade Barrett

Is Barrett finally going to have a babyface run? He seems to be acting like one. Unfortunately, we’ve already seen him feud with Neville who is also a babyface and Stardust was nowhere to be seen on Raw so this whole mess is rather confusing.

20: Neville

I don’t know what that segment was, but it certainly wasn’t good. Neville, the man that was near-on impossible to beat in NXT, the man that fell a Rusev disqualification short of becoming United States Champion and the man that all but had the WWE World Heavyweight Championship won from Seth Rollins if it weren’t for Seth being close to the ropes, just lost in under two minutes to Sheamus in a feud that may not even involve him… or Sheamus. What is going on?

19: Sheamus

Basically gets ahead in the rankings because at least he got a win. WWE has nothing for him right now and the decision to give him the briefcase seems stranger by the day. He is reaching Sandow levels of neglect.

18: Tamina Snuka

Does she even exist? Naomi and Sasha did all the talking on Raw and I can’t remember if she was ever even tagged into the match. It’s time to cut Tamina and Alicia Fox out of this whole thing, too much dead weight is being carried in this division.

17: Ryback

Made a run in to save The Lucha Dragons, nothing we haven’t seen before. Ryback should’ve wrestled this week instead of Owens after that promo he cut on SmackDown about unleashing the monster within him, missed opportunity.

16: Rusev and Summer Rae

One moment you’re undefeated, riding into Wrestlemania on a freaking tank, championship belt in your possession and the next minute Summer Rae is proposing to you on Raw. Putting the United States Championship on Cena has been one of the best decisions of 2015, but the damage it’s done to “Ru-Ru” has been irreparable.

15: Team Bella

Had decent chemistry with Sasha and Naomi in what was a fiery promo. Nothing really separated the three of them though so they’ll get this ranking together. Full credit to Brie, however, for selling Tamina’s super-kick to perfection. I think we’ve about reached our limit with 6-Diva Tag Team matches though, put some thought into it, Vince.

14: Paige

Having her lose clean to Natalya is a very strange decision. Having just turned heel, you’d assume she’d need to get a few big wins under her belt to gain some credibility, but instead they have her lose to someone who hasn’t won on Raw since March… and she pinned El Torito in that match, yes, you read that correctly. Paige also lost clean to Naomi on Main-Event this week, so I’m willing to be patient and see where they go with this losing streak angle before judging.

13: Big Show

I was personally hoping The New Day would interrupt Lesnar and tell him not to be sour, but I guess him laying out Show one last time doesn’t hurt. Say what you want about Big Show, but he always nails the promo’s he’s given.

12: Kane

I’m trying to care about this Corporate Demon thing, but knowing that Kane has no chance of beating Rollins at Hell in a Cell isn’t helping. This feud hasn’t really progressed at all in a fortnight and it’s already being kept away from main-event slots. There’s just no real reason for us to invest in Kane because we’ve seen this angle before, as recently as last year with Daniel Bryan.

11: The Dudley Boyz

Ignoring the fact that WWE has taken the fizz out of their return by not giving them promo time or any reason to get behind them, the Dudley’s had a busy show. They faced Kane and Rollins in a dull tag match, where the babyfaces could’ve been anybody from Los Matadores to The Hardy Boys and it wouldn’t have mattered because there was just nothing to the match. Then they came out to confront the Tag Team Champions in the main-event only to get laid out. I have no issue with them putting over The New Day though, hence the high rating, despite a lousy week.

10: Seth Rollins

Raw’s viewership is dropping, if Seth had a legitimate contender for the title or at least someone we haven’t seen in a title feud before, maybe people would actually tune in. Where’ve that Swiss guy and his section gone?

9: Kevin Owens

Only won a squash match, but considering that Sheamus and Tamina are the only other winners on this list so far, Owens gets pushed further up the list. Hopefully this Ryback vs Owens feud gets a fresh angle next week.

8: Naomi

Look, I was Naomi’s biggest critic. She had no personality, she’d never had a stand out match and her mic work was B-grade at best, but whether it’s standing next to Sasha or whether she’s just gotten a lot better, her personality and mic work have improved out of sight to the point where she can hold her own with the best. If there was a most improved Slammy, she’d come runner-up to Roman Reigns in it. Put Naomi and Becky in the ring together next week, give them 12 minutes and have them steal the show. I don’t even care if it’s relevant to the storylines, both girls need a showcase badly, it can even be done on SmackDown if need be.

7: Dolph Ziggler

His music hit and he got dragged onto the stage, then he came out post-match to help Cena only to get laid out again, so why is he at number seven? Because of the potential Cena/Ziggler feud that was teased in that segment. Give me something interesting and exciting and I’ll jump right on board with it.

6: Natalya

Wins and losses still mean something… okay maybe not, but they do on my list! The first victory on Raw for the queen of Harts since March when she pinned El Torito in an interspecies 6-Man tag match… I know I’ve mentioned that twice, I’m still getting my head around that actually happening!

5: Sasha Banks

The Boss returned home and it was clear from minute one that she was going to receive a heroine’s welcome. The ‘we want Sasha’ chants were loud all night and she shone like the star she is in that 6-Diva tag match. Going into the biggest match in the history of female pro wrestling, she couldn’t have asked for a better start to the week.

4: John Cena

Is it bad that John Cena wrestling a good match has become so normal that it’s hardly even worth remarking about any more? Because that’s what’s happened here with Cena and Big E putting on a good main-event in a long line of great U.S Open Challenge matches. If it’s true that Cena is taking some time off, then the U.S Championship should be passed to Ziggler to keep the U.S Championship in safe hands. Dolph is one of the few guys the company knows it can trust to go over Cena and keep the title prestigious. Opportunity might finally be knocking on the show-off’s door.

[adinserter block=”2″]3: The Wyatt Family

In what was the best match of the night, The Wyatt’s showed why they and The Shield are the masters of the 6-Man tag match, putting on a clinic to open the show. While this didn’t really progress the story any further, the feud between Bray and Roman has just about reached its peak and this match was everything it needed to be.

2: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton

All three men were excellent, but nothing really separated them either, hence the triple ranking. What will Ambrose and Orton be doing at Hell in a Cell? They’re far too big to have no role. Have them face Harper and Strowman at the event. It can even be on the pre-show if there are time constraints.

1: The New Day

I thought about separating Big E from the others based on his excellent match with Cena, but The New Day members deserve equal spotlight here. I want you to close your eyes and imagine back in January The New Day destroying John Cena, The Dudley Boyz and Dolph Ziggler to close Monday night Raw standing tall. It is simply insane how far they have come with this gimmick. Credit to these three guys who deserve all their success. Sidenote, Xavier Woods must be nominated for breakout star of 2015.

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