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WWE Superstars: RAW Rankings October 26

Welcome to this week’s WWE Raw Rankings. Here I will rank every Superstar and Diva from worst to first based on their performances on this week’s edition of Monday night Raw.

This week’s show was one of the strongest in recent memory from a wrestling standpoint. A number one contender’s tournament culminating in a Fatal-4 Way match made certain of that. It highlights something that Raw has been lacking all year and that’s a sense of purpose. It’s not just three hours of random matches the point is to build to something and having five matches on the card with significance carrying the show kept the crowd going all night and lead to a great show. There were really no squash matches and no wasted segments which means no weak performers making this week’s rankings rather tough.

Will Kofi Kingston be able to defend his Rankings victory? Let’s find out as the road to Survivor Series begins!

  1. The Miz

Simply on Raw to plug the release of WWE2K16, The Miz was still rather entertaining. Of course, being that he was only used in a few backstage segments, he can’t really rank any higher than last place. For the second straight week, WWE have wasted having access to Stone Cold too which is a little disappointing.

  1. The Wyatt Family (not including Bray)

Lured Kane into a trap, beat him up and carted him off through a smokey corridor backstage. One has to wonder though, do they set up a smoke machine back there? Is it the only place indoors where WWE personnel are allowed to smoke and they just like the smell? Am I reading too much into this? Is wrestling fake?

  1. Ryback

The big guy got his rematch at Hell in a Cell and now is treading water without a feud. Expect to see him involved in whatever the tradition Survivor Series match is this year, I assume it’ll involve the Wyatt’s and the Brothers of Destruction. Look for guys not currently doing anything to fill the slots. Eg: Ryback, Ambrose, Cesaro.

  1. The Dudley Boyz

I think it just needs to be said, The Dudley Boyz aren’t capable of putting on great matches any more. They once again looked slow against The New Day at Hell in a Cell and they’ve all but reverted back to a series of five of six signature moves. They’ve been overused to the point where they don’t feel important and it’s time to put them on the shelf for a few months. Have The New Day take them out and have them return at the Royal Rumble for a TLC match with the unicorn-champs. It’s time to give a younger team a chance.

  1. Charlotte and Becky Lynch

The moment this was booked as another six diva tag team match, it was obvious something was going to go down. WWE, despite all the evidence to the contrary, aren’t THAT stupid. Paige turning on Charlotte and Becky was clearly delayed to get the Nikki Bella rematch out of the way, but now that it’s here, can we stop talking about who started the Divas Revolution and just get a decent feud over the title? Charlotte sold the betrayal well, neither one of them trusted Paige and it was a look of anger rather than shock on Charlotte’s face afterwards. The “we want Becky” chants were nice, at least the crowd remembers her name, I don’t think Vince does…

  1. Team Bella

Played the role of default heel team to get a default match out of the way so we could get to the Paige heel turn, if this is the start of them fading into the background then I am all for that.

  1. Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae

Look everyone, it’s Tyler! Prince Pretty is FINALLY on the main roster and despite this Summer Rae/Dolph Ziggler feud being revoltingly stale, the prospect of Breeze going against Ziggler is the perfect showcase for Tyler. Just get this right WWE, please, don’t you dare turn him into this year’s Adam Rose.

  1. Neville

Looked good in a fresh match with the returning Del Rio, but still doesn’t have any direction. Having him go after the United States Championship would be the way to go, but it seems like he’ll be used only as an enhancement talent for the foreseeable future.

  1. Sheamus

It might be time to just pull the trigger on Sheamus. If this Reigns versus Rollins match is the beginning of leading into a Shield Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania, then Sheamus needs to cash in as soon as possible or just not at all. Chuck him and Rusev together as a tag team. That would be interesting. Putting the Money in the Bank briefcase on Sheamus has been an unequivocal mistake.

  1. Rusev

The Bulgarian is still lacking direction, there’s not much more to add from last week. I guess the prospect of him teaming with Sheamus or Barrett is something fresh at least.

  1. King Barrett

Maybe WWE has teamed these three guys up in anticipation of the European tour? Just testing out a theory here, I have literally nothing to say about Barrett… At least they won?

  1. Kane

After what can only be described as an awful WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match and feud at Hell in a Cell, Kane bounced back well coming to his brother’s aid, albeit a full night too late. The prospect of one last Brothers of Destruction team up is awesome. It looks like we’ll be getting a four vs four match at Survivor Series. I can’t quite see The Wyatt’s recruiting a fifth member, it’d be rather awkward for that guy. Predicting Kane’s teammates: The Undertaker, Ryback and Cesaro, but Dean Ambrose, The Dudley Boyz or Neville could also slot in. Hey, maybe we’ll see Team Hell No featuring The Undertaker reunite!

  1. Seth Rollins

Didn’t have much to do this week, standard Authority promo to kick off the show and then sat on commentary for the main event, once again showing that most current superstars are more interesting on commentary than the actual announcers. Rollins and Reigns are going to put on a match of the year candidate at Survivor Series, bank on it, both men have been waiting for this one on one clash forever. I think the best way they can do this sees Seth leaving Survivor Series with the title.

  1. Big E

The former lover of the number five continues to show that he is more than a dancing unicorn. When given the opportunity, he is capable of putting on quality matches and being in there with his former mentor in Ziggler was a great showcase for him. Big E is pure entertainment.

  1. Kofi Kingston

Kofi got in considerably more offense than expected in a quality match against Roman Reigns to kick off Raw. It just goes to show that all gimmicks aside, Kingston is one of the most versatile guys the WWE has. I assume Woods will be back next week and The New Day will get new challengers for the tag titles. If Jey is fit, it’s time to bring back The Uso’s.

  1. Bray Wyatt

Bray was surprisingly focused here. His promos are usually surrounded by riddles and obscure references, but his mission statement was clear here. He’s had a taste of The Undertaker’s power, The Undertaker is once again at his weakest and he wants what’s left of the Phenom’s power. It helps that he has three monster enforcers. Nobody should be able to touch Bray with Rowan, Harper and Strowman at his side… but if anyone can, the Brothers of Destruction can.

  1. Cesaro

I’m going to make a big statement here. Cesaro has a Daniel Bryan 2013 aura about him right now. All he needs is one really good feud and I think he’ll become the most popular guy on the roster. His match with Owens was once again absolutely fantastic and the Cesaro Section grows by the week. Also, my theory that Stardust is not allowed on Raw continues to grow legs as the Cosmic Wasteland was once again absent.

  1. Paige

This is how I would book Survivor Series. Next week, Paige versus Sasha Banks, winner faces Charlotte at Survivor Series. Becky costs Paige the match, because obvious reasons, Sasha and Charlotte feud for the title separately and Becky and Paige go back and forth in an aggressive, hate-filled feud. That sets everybody up, gives us awesome matches and gives everyone involved sorely needed character development. There’s no need to rush into Paige versus Charlotte.

  1. Alberto Del Rio

I’m not even going to touch the MexAmerica stuff, which is the most Vince McMahon thing I have ever seen. As shocking as his return was, I can’t help but remember the fact that Del Rio was the single most boring main eventer on the WWE roster during his run on top. His in ring work is better than ever and he showed that twice this week, but once the shine of his return wears off, I can’t see him being anything bigger than he was in his previous run with the company.

  1. Dolph Ziggler

As good as Roman versus Seth is going to be, it would’ve been interesting to see Ziggler win this Fatal-4 Way just for the history between Rollins and Ziggler. Think about, at Survivor Series last year they were the final two men and their fight was cut short by interference. Now, one year later, they fight over the top prize in the company in the main event of the same pay-per-view. Just an idea, but Reigns vs Rollins works too.

  1. Kevin Owens

This is one of the few times I will give WWE credit for their commentary. JBL called the end of the Owens/Cesaro match brilliantly, highlighting how intelligent Owens was, waiting and picking his moment perfectly, putting him over as being smarter than his opponent. It was the match of the night and Owens did a great job of almost making it look like he was going to win the Fatal-4 Way too. After getting a taste on Raw, the prospect of Reigns and Owens feuding down the line is pretty awesome too.

  1. Roman Reigns

It was never going to be anyone else at number one. Are we going to continue to pretend that Reigns isn’t over with the crowd? How about continuing to pretend Roman can’t wrestle? My only gripe was that he never really sold his injuries from the Hell in a Cell match, but that’s being picky. He delivered two great performances and has mastered getting the crowd amped up mid-match. While I don’t think Survivor Series will be his coronation, he’s ready for the crown.

That’s it for this week’s rankings, over the next few weeks leading into Survivor Series the rankings will be tallied and an overall winner will be found. Go back to last week’s article for an explanation on how the overall rankings work and tweet @CamelClutchBlog and @NicNegrepontis on Twitter with your thoughts on this week’s rankings.

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