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WWE Superstars: RAW Rankings October 19

Welcome to this week’s WWE Raw Rankings. Here I will rank every Superstar and Diva from worst to first based on their performances on this week’s edition of Monday night Raw.

This week’s edition of Raw was jam-packed with legendary guest appearances and big matches in order to boost ratings heading into Hell in a Cell and while some of the appearances were awesome, others felt weak. For example, using Steve Austin for the sole purpose of introducing The Undertaker felt like a waste of the rattlesnake considering all they could’ve possibly done with his appearance on the show.

Anyway, let’s get into the ratings for this week.

Reminder that part-timers aren’t being calculated into the rankings because it would mess up the leader boards.

  1. Erick Rowan

He’s back? I guess it makes sense, sort of. The Wyatt’s aren’t exactly the type to announce the return of one of their members, but this was still weird considering he had almost no role other than being a fill in for Luke Harper who missed the show for personal reasons. If his return had been interesting, he’d probably have ranked higher. Also, Rowan wasn’t part of the Wyatt Family when he disappeared, he’d reunited with Harper, but they were a standalone tag team so that will need to be explained. Rowan also missed an important spot late in the main event which made the ending awkward, which is also why he’s receiving the lowest ranking.

  1. Brie Bella

[adinserter block=”1″]Brie is by far the least talented member of this Divas ‘Revolution.’ She just doesn’t get the nuances of wrestling and she is so out of her depth in the ring alongside someone like Charlotte that it drags down the match. Not to mention we’ve seen Brie vs Charlotte enough times already to not care. Charlotte, no matter how good she is, can’t carry someone who is as awkward in the ring as Brie is.

  1. Sasha Banks and Naomi

It looks like they’re taking the slow path to breaking this duo up. They essentially lost clean to Nikki Bella this week. Alicia Fox and Brie barely interfered in the ending at all so this was just a straight loss. Sasha is still yet to be pinned or submitted on Raw, for those keeping score. Once again not including Tamina here as she did nothing.

  1. Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox

As mentioned with Brie, Team Bella is just not skilled enough to keep up with where this Divas division is (hopefully) going. Nikki is the only one who might survive once the Four Horsewomen and Paige totally take over.

  1. Mark Henry

Yes, he jobbed again, but his ranking is higher than most other weeks because there was LOGIC behind him being in this match. The match revolved around Kevin Owens figuring out how he can go about hitting the pop up powerbomb on a larger opponent and Owens, in showing that he could do so, adds another element to his match at Hell in a Cell with Ryback. It is amazing what smart, simple booking can do and yet it is so rare.

  1. Charlotte

Did the best she could against Brie, but the most telling thing was the silence from the crowd. They could not care less about this current Divas Championship feud and that was inevitable the second they went down the Charlotte versus Nikki one-on-one rematch path. How this match at Hell in a Cell isn’t a triple threat match involving Sasha Banks or Paige is beyond me. Becky Lynch was once again forced into being no more than Charlotte’s shadow simply there to cheer her on and thus isn’t included in the rankings. Becky could be the face of this women’s division in time, but not if she’s nothing more than “Charlotte’s friend” as Michael Cole described her this week. Looking to Hell in a Cell, expect Charlotte to retain, expect the crowd to be silent and expect the match to be underwhelming.

  1. Ryback

Took a clean loss to the champ and then made a run in after Owens defeated Henry clean. What a vicious heel, can’t accept the fact that he lost, so he goes after his opponent who did nothing wrong… wait, he’s the good guy? Say what? I didn’t see Owens running in to attack Ryback after he lost to Seth? Poor form, big guy, poor form.

  1. Neville

April 28th, Wade Barrett defeated Neville to become the King of the Ring. 174 days have passed and they are still feuding! Sure Neville technically had a break in the middle to feud with Stardust, but who was Stardust’s tag team partner? I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news, nobody cares about this whatsoever and it’s such a waste of talent.

  1. Rusev

Rusev is ranked lower than the other winners in the six man tag match because he currently has no direction. He won’t be feuding with Ziggler beyond the Hell in a Cell pre-show and it doesn’t seem likely that there’s going to anything open up for him. He’ll be teaming with Santino soon. Braun Strowman beware, this is your future.

  1. Cesaro

Did you know Cesaro (sans Antonio) held the United States Championship for 239 days? By comparison, John Cena, across both his title reigns, has held the title for 177 days. If Cena is taking some time off, this is the man to carry the load with lots of Open Challenges. Have him and Ziggler go back and forth over the title for a few months. Wait, isn’t Cesaro supposed to be feuding with Stardust? Is Cody confined to Smackdown only, I’d rather see that than half the stuff on Raw this week!

  1. Dolph Ziggler

The aforementioned show off had a quieter week after his United States Open Challenge last week. Expect Dolph and company to get a nice, comfortable win on the Hell in a Cell pre-show. There’s no surer thing.

  1. Sheamus and Wade Barrett

Nothing separated their performances this week and so they get the same rating. Last week it was Barrett attacking from the outside and Sheamus getting the pin and so they reversed it for this week. Are you not sports entertained?

  1. Bray Wyatt

The segment sitting down with Reigns was a little awkward because Bray didn’t have a microphone of his own. If that segment had been Bray and Roman talking calmly about why they hate each other, it could’ve been interesting, but instead it was nothing special. The main event was good, but compared to previous clashes between The Shield and The Wyatt Family, it was nothing special.

  1. Braun Strowman

Strowman continues to excel as an unstoppable monster. To reiterate my concern from last week though, someone this unbeatable has to either have an eventual weakness exploited or he’s going have to be pushed into the main event scene, something he is not ready for and shouldn’t be given ahead of others on the roster. They need to be careful not to book themselves into a corner here.

  1. Kevin Owens

Whoever Owens feuds with beyond Hell in a Cell, hopefully they give him more than just squash matches on Raw. He’s had three in as many weeks and someone as talented as Owens should be doing more. This would’ve been the perfect time to use Stone Cold Steve Austin rather than wasting him in the opening segment. Owens and Austin going back and forth on the mic would’ve been incredible. Best case scenario for post Hell in a Cell – Daniel Bryan returns and feuds with Owens right through to the Royal Rumble where Sami Zayn returns and takes on Owens at Wrestlemania. Prediction for Hell in a Cell – Owens retains comfortably.

  1. Paige

Her two minute skit with Renee Young was better than any match on Raw during this Divas ‘Revolution.’ Just let the women be themselves and be entertaining like this, instead of this mess of squabbling between nine faceless Divas that we are currently getting. Sasha Banks’ NXT character was the coolest thing going, Becky Lynch is incredibly witty and likable and Charlotte… well, she’s great in the ring, so there’s that, but come on more of that and less pointless tag team matches!

  1. John Cena

Rare that Cena takes a back seat on a show, but he was undoubtedly the sixth wheel in this match. I have absolutely no issues with that, however, because the prospect of a U.S Open Challenge at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view is brilliant, fresh and exciting. I hope it delivers. He gets the high ranking due to the high profile, good match to kick off Raw as well as the prospect of that open challenge.

  1. Dean Ambrose

After Hell in a Cell, it’s time for Dean to go his own way. The twist that Orton is kayfabe injured and can’t compete at Hell in a Cell is interesting. I seriously doubt this was always the plan considering how much they played up the angle of them not being able to trust each other last week, but considering it was a throwaway match on the pre-show I don’t think many will mind. The Shield one time reunion was gold, but I’d have liked it if Ambrose was a little more upset about having to team with Seth than he was. Also, the idea of Ambrose in a three on one handicap match with the Wyatt’s was the most Dean-Ambrose-style thing imaginable. Another use of Stone Cold this week could’ve revolved around him and Ambrose. That would’ve been entertaining.

  1. The Dudley Boyz

[adinserter block=”2″]Okay, that looked painful. Woods hit that table hard. Those damn, dirty, Dudleyz… The New Day beat them clean, without cheating and they senselessly ganged up on and beat up an innocent man who just wants to save tables, learn the trombone and play video games. Get well soon, Xavier, you brave soul.

  1. Roman Reigns

Another main event win and another multiple segment show for Roman who is slowly being brought back into the main event scene right under the noses of jaded fans. The Shield reunion, however fleeting, was awesome and I don’t think this is the last time we’ll be seeing The Shield in the same ring in Dallas Texas… WWE seemingly foreshadowing their Wrestlemania main event! The use of Ric Flair was pointless however. He didn’t get an entrance, he was there for less than a minute to introduce Roman and nothing was accomplished. Why not use Ric to give this Nikki/Charlotte feud something fresh? Have Nikki slap Ric or something, come on WWE it’s not actually that hard.

  1. New Day

New Day not only claim the number two position this week, but they also claim positions one and two on the overall leader board for the period between Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell! Unfortunately, their usual awesomeness just got pipped by Seth Rollins this week, making it the second time that Seth has defeated Kofi this week. Sorry for the spoilers, UpUpDownDown fans.

  1. Seth Rollins

This was FINALLY the champ’s week. A clean, intelligent win over Ryback was won so sorely needed, that it was actually surprising to see Seth get a win without some kind of interference. I liked his work with HBK, if only we could see the two of them together in the ring, that would be classic. My only gripe is I wish Shawn had put Rollins over a little bit more and been a little less goofy once Seth was in the ring. Then there’s Seth orchestrating a Shield reunion out of absolutely nowhere and then just as we’re getting to the hot tag, he jumps off the ring apron and walks off. Absolutely brilliant, why the hell would he want to get back in there with the Wyatts? He has Kane to worry about and he doesn’t care one bit about Dean and Roman, this was Seth back to being the architect and it was great.

Now it is time to look at the overall rankings.

So, ladies and gentlemen, your rankings winner for the period between Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell is Kofi Kingston of the New Day! With scores of 25, 30, 22, 20 and 21, Kofi and The New Day altogether owned this period and really kept WWE afloat in what was an ordinary month of Raw.

Paige is the clear winner for the Divas with Naomi in a distant second place.

A quick recap on how scoring works, the person ranked last this week scored one point, the person who ranked first scored 22 points as there were 22 rankings and everyone in between scored in a linear fashion. If a wrestler does not appear on a Raw, for example Kane this week, they score zero points for that week.

Here is the leader board in full!

Kofi Kingston 118
Xavier Woods 117
Roman Reigns 113
Big E 113
Seth Rollins 110
John Cena 105
Bray Wyatt 100
Dolph Ziggler 80
Paige 80
Braun Strowman 78
Kevin Owens 77
The Dudley Boyz 75
Randy Orton 67
Dean Ambrose 67
Kane 59
Big Show 54
Luke Harper 53
Naomi 53
Rusev 49
Charlotte 44
Ryback 44
Wade Barrett 44
Natalya 43
Neville 43
Sasha Banks 37
Nikki Bella 35
Sheamus 32
Kalisto 31
Cesaro 25
Becky Lynch 22
Brie Bella 19
Stardust 17
Alicia Fox 16
Bo Dallas 14
Prime Time Players 13
Summer Rae 11
Mark Henry 8
Tamina Snuka 5
The Miz 5
The Ascension 5
Sin Cara 3
Erick Rowan 1

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