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WWE Superstars: RAW Rankings October 12

Welcome to this week’s WWE Raw Rankings. Here I will rank every Superstar and Diva from worst to first based on their performances on this week’s edition of Monday night Raw.

This week’s show was… not great. Dumb booking, poor matches, a bad crowd and awful storytelling marred Raw, with few superstars really standing out. This will be reflected in the rankings, where only a handful of superstars really get positive reviews.

At the conclusion of this week’s rankings, we will look at a tally of the top five rankings since Night of Champions to see who this period’s best performers have been. After next week’s final show before Hell in a Cell, the leader board in full will be revealed. How that ranking is going to work will be explained below, but for now let’s start the rankings.

22: Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Paige, Natalya and Team Bella

Warning: The follow ranking contains a rant, if you do not wish to be exposed to said rant, please skip to number 21.

[adinserter block=”1″]Five short days ago we witnessed not just the first ever female WWE main-event, not just the culmination of the best rivalry of 2015, not just the longest women’s match of all time and not even just plain the best match of 2015, but we witnessed a glimpse of what women’s wrestling can be. Five days later and we are given a three minute tag team match between Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox where the focus of the entire segment is on Paige and Natalya. I could spend 500 words about how Paige turning on her teammates, going on a losing streak and now wanting them back is close to the dumbest possible angle they could have gone with after turning Paige heel, but that’s not what this article is about so I’ll leave that there. What’s frustrating is the fact that this ‘Divas Revolution’ has not progressed one iota since SummerSlam and it is woeful, truly woeful, booking like we just saw this week that is holding it back. Let’s not forget about the fact that Charlotte got pinned by a missile drop kick – yes, that actually happened. You know the difference between NXT and Raw? On NXT, the women aren’t treated like they’re fragile flowers who can be beaten by simple moves. To make it clear, this is not the fault of the women above. This is the fault of whoever is putting these segments together, because it’s simply not good enough. I could keep going, but I’ll leave it there.

Note to Bayley: Chain yourself to Full Sail University. Don’t let them take you too!

21: The Ascension

Another example of WWE not knowing how to book NXT talent, missing the chance to do something with them while they’re fresh and new and now they sit in the undercard, jobbing every week – today was no different.

20: Kalisto

Literally, the exact same situation as mentioned above.

19: Rusev and Summer Rae

Is it over? It’s over right? No more love triangle storylines? Yep, okay, it’s safe to come out people, we’re free! Unfortunately, Rusev’s decline from Hero of the Russian Federation to ‘Ru Ru’ continued tonight as Ryback beat him clean in easy fashion on Raw. It’s time to freshen Rusev up. Take him off television until after Survivor Series and bring him back, in the tag team division alongside someone like Erick Rowan or The Miz and give him a strong run in the tag team division to refresh his character and to make him look strong again.

18: Neville

Neville was never going to be a main-event level performer on the main roster. Unfortunately that’s just how WWE works, no matter how stupid it is. But his fall into obscurity continued this week suffering another loss to Barrett and Sheamus in a feud that makes no sense. Stardust took out Barrett, why is he going after Neville? Why does Neville have any reason to give a damn about this feud? Looking for logic in a WWE storyline can be like looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes.

17: Sheamus

He is Mr Money in the Bank, the guy who will be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion sometime between now and next June and he is… the other-heel-guy in a short tag team, mid-card match. This is how you’re going to fix Sheamus, Vince. Have him feud with Cesaro over the Money in the Bank briefcase, culminating in a ladder match at TLC. Simple as that, just give them two months with Cesaro chasing the briefcase. That way, Sheamus is pre-occupied in his own feud and out of the WWE title picture, you get great matches between two guys that have great chemistry together and you’re not wasting Cesaro’s momentum. Seriously, how hard is it to come up with this stuff?

16: The Dudley Boyz

They got the victory in a squash match against The Ascension. Exhibit A as to why you don’t have star attractions on TV every week. Whenever Brock Lesnar steps into a WWE ring, it’s special and it should be no different with The Dudley Boyz who were white-hot when they returned, but have now lost all of their momentum. They’re now just another tag team in a division with teams that, in 2015, are better than them in the ring. This feud with the New Day could’ve been special. Though, that’s not to say this feud has been bad, because it’s still been good, but it could’ve been more.

15: Cesaro

Lost a tag team match where he’s not even a part of the feud and still looked like a million dollars out there. A vocal Cesaro Section in Chicago helped this nothing-match out too, but without a feud going forward, his momentum is in trouble.

14: Bray Wyatt

Not a great week for this feud in general and Bray didn’t really have much to say or much to do out there this week, not really sure what they can really do with this feud next week either.

13: Wade Barrett

Another pinfall victory helps, but we’ve seen him and Neville go at it so many times that it’s just not interesting. When it looked like he was turning face in his return, it looked like something potentially fresh for Barrett. That was quickly flushed down the toilet.

12: Roman Reigns

Props to the Chicago crowd for being silent and uninvolved all night and then stepping all over a good promo from Roman. While it was dumb to have Reigns basically narrate the feud to this point, the Chicago crowd decided it’d be funny to insert dumb chants in, just because they don’t like Roman. Who, in fact, has proven them all wrong over these last six months. His match with Strowman wasn’t great, but Reigns can’t really be expected to be the guy to carry a monster like Strowman to a good match just yet. The cheap shot to Bray at the end wasn’t necessary and made Roman look cowardly, should’ve just smiled and walked off, poor booking once again.

11: Ryback

Weird how he’s supposed to be really pissed off with Kevin Owens for walking out on his Intercontinental Championship rematch last week and yet the two of them are in two totally separate segments this week. Beating Rusev clean in less than 10 minutes would’ve made you a default number one in February.

10: Braun Strowman

Despite his lack of wrestling experience, he looked good out there. He looked like the juggernaut he’s supposed to be, but he sold that final superman punch outstandingly in what was a smart ending to the match. I’m just worried, and I’ll say this now, where does Strowman go in six months’ time? He can’t be this unbeatable forever otherwise he’ll have to walk into a WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign, something he is certainly not ready for as a performer. I’m worried they’re booking themselves into a corner here by making him too unbeatable. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

9: Kevin Owens

Owens completed his Lucha Dragon collection tonight with his second squash of the aforementioned team in two shows. His feud with Ryback has come to a standstill, most probably due to the six weeks between Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell and WWE Creative’s inability to book mid-card feuds for that long.

8: Randy Orton

I get the feeling Randy was having some kind of bad day today. His promo with Ambrose was sloppy, he had pretty poor body language while the New Day did their thing and then he was very slow and sluggish during the match itself. Considering he’s Randy Orton and this was a throw away match on Raw, it’s not overly important, but it was noticeable. By the way, read last week’s ranking article, I did see Orton and Ambrose vs Harper and Strowman at Hell in a Cell coming. Score one for me!

7: Naomi and Sasha Banks

These two are the only women on the main roster who seem to have a sense of direction right now. As mentioned earlier, the other feuds currently going in the divas division make no sense, but what they seem to be starting here does make logical sense. Sasha Banks is, as everyone knows, the undisputable best member of Team Bad. She’s so good that everyone else on the roster bar Paige and the NXT girls can’t tie her shoelaces. And the crowd loves her, they love Sasha and they don’t care about Naomi or Tamina at all. Have Naomi and Tamina turn on Sasha and have her go her own way, it’s best for business.

Note: This ranking only applies to Sasha and Naomi. Once again, Tamina did literally nothing and I’m not going to reward that with a high ranking.

6: Dean Ambrose

Absolutely no issues with Dean Ambrose kicking off Raw, as much as his segment with Randy could’ve been a two minute backstage segment, he’s still super entertaining. The match itself was fine for a Raw tag team match with Ambrose doing the bulk of the work for his side.

5: Seth Rollins

I’ve never seen a WWE Champion take so many losses. Seth Rollins’ record in 2015 is 23 wins and 43 losses. As a comparison, Ryback has 42 wins and 15 losses and even Cesaro has 37 wins and 36 losses. The sooner this feud with Kane ends the better, Seth needs legitimate competition.

4: Kane

Was banned from entering the match with Seth Rollins and replaced himself with himself because it’s not really himself, it’s a different version of himself, a version that’s a split personality, a personality the other personality knows about, but pretends not to know about in order to get into Seth Rollins’ head, but The Authority will leave him in charge as Director of Operations anyway despite his constant attacks on their champion because there is no other leadership whatsoever at the show without them, and, well, Kane is scary, you know. THIS FEUD MAKES SENSE, DAMMIT! YOU’LL WATCH WHAT WE TELL YOU TO WATCH.

3: The New Day

The New Day got another high profile victory to add to their already impressive list of accomplishments. Also, they name dropped The Nexus last week and Legacy this week, I don’t know why, but both made me quite happy. They were also the best part of the main-event despite having no actual part in it. From Xavier and Kofi rocking out to Seth’s theme music, to Big E commentating the match at ringside, to Xavier taunting the crowd, these guys are simply the best thing going.

[adinserter block=”2″]2: Dolph Ziggler

New Day antics aside, this was the only good part of Raw this week. Ziggler and Cena stole the show in an outstanding championship match that had everything from eye-rakes, to HBK homage, to one of the coolest fameasser’s you’ll ever see. If it’s true that Cena is taking some time off, then Dolph is the perfect person to drop the title to and Dolph winning the title next week on Raw in a rematch would be the perfect way to do it. Give Cena his rematch at Hell in a Cell, have Dolph beat Cena a second time (I know, won’t happen) and go from there!

1: John Cena

Cena gets the number one spot for getting the win in another outstanding U.S. Open Challenge. Normally I’d agree with him that there’s something special about the Chicago crowd, but they didn’t deserve the praise they received from Cena this week. Lift your game, Allstate Arena. Well done to John and Dolph for putting on the match of the night and settling their differences in a storyline that has been building on Total Divas for months. This is all for the right to marry Nikki! Dolph versus Cena, wedding ring on a pole match, get it done!

So that is this week’s rankings completed, but that brings us to the overall rankings. These rankings will be broken up into the Raw’s between pay-per-views and will re-set after each event. For example, this month’s ratings will all return to zero after Hell in a Cell.

The rating system itself is simple. John Cena, for ranking first this week scores 22 points as there were 22 placings. The Ascension receive two points for finishing second last, Dean Ambrose receives 17 points for finishing sixth and so on. If there were 30 placings, then the person who ranked first would receive 30 points, second would receive 29 and so on. Here are this week’s points.

John Cena 22
Dolph Ziggler 21
Kofi Kingston 20
Xavier Woods 20
Big E 20
Kane 19
Seth Rollins 18
Dean Ambrose 17
Sasha Banks 16
Naomi 16
Randy Orton 15
Kevin Owens 14
Braun Strowman 13
Ryback 12
Roman Reigns 11
Wade Barrett 10
Bray Wyatt 9
Cesaro 8
Dudley Boyz 7
Sheamus 6
Neville 5
Rusev 4
Summer Rae 4
Kalisto 3
The Ascension 2
Natalya 1
Paige 1
Nikki Bella 1
Brie Bella 1
Alicia Fox 1
Charlotte 1
Becky Lynch 1


The full overall leader board for the period between Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell will be revealed next week, though if you go back through the articles I’m sure you can figure the current tallies out yourself. Here is the overall top five, heading into the final Raw.

Kofi Kingston 97
Xavier Woods 96
Roman Reigns 93
Big E 92
John Cena 88

Who will win? Tweet @FeathertopDT and @CamelClutchBlog your predictions!

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