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WWE Superstars: RAW Rankings November 30

Welcome to this week’s WWE Raw Rankings. Here I will rank every Superstar and Diva from worst to first based on their performances on this week’s edition of Monday night Raw.

On the back of the lowest ratings in Raw history, the WWE needed to do something to capture fans attentions and while they seemingly tried to get creative, they didn’t quite nail it. In saying that, there were some great performers this week so let’s get into the rankings

Sidenote: Apparently Kevin Owens missed the show due to illness.

  1. Brie Bella

I am not going to complain about a world where Bella’s are jobbing to Sasha Banks because that is a world I want to live in, but if you ever need proof that Brie can’t wrestle, use the fact that even Sasha can’t make her look good. There were times in the match where it was obvious that Sasha was telling Brie to do something or go somewhere and that lead to an awkward half-second pause in the action. She’s just not in the same league as those around her and the WWE seemingly know that.

  1. Goldust

Goldust returned at Survivor Series and two weeks later he’s being used in a pointless match against Alberto Del Rio. Considering Del Rio was going to be a part of the main-event, why use him here? It looks like we won’t be getting the Goldust/Stardust feud with Cody once again nowhere to be seen and Goldust being forced to take a quick loss to someone far less interesting.

  1. The Miz

Congratulations to Miz! He actually made it out of a Miz TV without getting beaten up! In all seriousness, The Miz’s strengths lie in the fact that he always delivers, no matter what promo role he is given and once again he showed why he is the go to guy for stuff like this.

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  1. Ryback

Exactly a year ago, Ryback and Rusev teased a feud between each other and the crowd were super into it. Rusev was undefeated, Ryback was over with the crowd and it looked like being a great feud. Unfortunately, it was never to be with the whole Ryback, Rowan and Ziggler getting fired angle happening. Their match this week was poorly structured with the majority of the match taking place in the ad break and the finish was pretty average and over-booked.

  1. Wade Barrett

This League of Nations stuff has some potential short term, but I can’t see it going anywhere after the Royal Rumble. As soon as Sheamus drops out of the title picture, they’ll all go their separate ways and WWE will never mention the stable again. Barrett was the only member to not have two matches on Raw this week and really had no part in the dull seven on four handicap main-event.

  1. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose, like Barrett, was simply the other guy in the tag team main-event. After winning a great triple threat main-event on Smackdown to become the number one contender to the Intercontinental title, the feud between Ambrose and Owens was put on the backburner to make the wonderful 11 man tag main-event work. Considering Ambrose versus Owens is the match people are actually most excited about heading into TLC, it’s a poor decision to not develop their feud on Raw. They need promo time next week on Raw because these two could deliver the best intercontinental title feud we’ve seen in years.

  1. Jack Swagger

It’s good to see the crowd still reacting to Swagger strongly, but you could also look at it from the angle that it’s really just fan patriotism and not Swagger himself that they’re responding to. Him and Del Rio have put on good matches before and TLC should be no different, despite the result being pretty obvious.

  1. The Lucha Dragons

I’m glad they’re going with a triple threat match at TLC, but they sure picked a weird way to set it up. The idea of a number one contenders match is great, but they should have been given a much longer match before New Day interfered considering it was such a big match. Hopefully they make this a ladder match because these guys will absolutely steal the show if given the chance.

  1. Paige

Paige took a back seat this week but in doing so, allowed for the most character development in this entire Divas Revolution. Paige planted the seed of mistrust between Becky and Charlotte and, even though she’s the heel, is actually the one making the most sense out of everyone in this feud.

  1. Alberto Del Rio

Squashed Goldust, stood tall in the main-event and is feuding with Jack Swagger. We all know that Del Rio is beating Swagger at TLC so I assume we’ll be getting Del Rio versus Cena at the Rumble. As long as Del Rio isn’t in a singles match at WrestleMania, I can live with that. There is no way this man can carry a WrestleMania feud, the crowd is already completely disinterested with him.

  1. Sasha Banks

Another good win for Sasha to get under her belt and it’s good to see her being portrayed as the front woman of Team Bad. It’s weird that they’ve seemingly dropped her feud with Natalya altogether. Considering she’s not really feuding with anyone right now, a few matches with someone as good as Natalya wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  1. Rusev

You can tell this was an attempt to try and patch up the storyline after their real engagement and from that perspective it makes absolutely no sense, but considering there was absolutely no way to turn the storyline around once they got engaged, it was good enough. Rusev needs to return being unstoppable with Lana at his side like he was before the love triangle storyline. A big win over Ryback would be a good start.

  1. Tyler Breeze

I don’t understand why Breeze is taking so many losses so early in his career, but at least he’s getting the opportunity to show how good he is. He and Ziggler delivered a solid match on Raw, the Intercontinental Championship number one contenders match on Smackdown was great and their Survivor Series match was also good despite the lack of time given. Breeze will get himself over, but he does need to get a few more wins under his belt.

  1. The Usos

It’s good to see the company getting right behind The Usos again. They have energy like few others in the ring and if they’d been given a chance to have a proper match with the Lucha Dragons, it would’ve been great. A seven on four main-event doesn’t give anyone a chance to shine though so not much they could’ve done there.

  1. Charlotte

They might be pulling the trigger on a potential Charlotte heel turn a little early, but it mightn’t be a bad thing because Charlotte is far better as a heel. What we saw today is great character development showing us why Charlotte is the Divas Champion and Becky isn’t, because Charlotte is willing to do anything to win and Becky is ‘too nice’. While Becky gets the most development out of this, it puts Charlotte over as the dominant person she was in NXT which is what needs to happen. I still believe a triple threat between Charlotte, Becky and Sasha at WrestleMania is the way to go and this is a good way to start building Charlotte and Becky towards that.

  1. The Wyatt Family

While the six man tag match itself wasn’t anything special, what we got here was a hot angle heading into TLC. A Tables Match between the four Wyatt Family members and The Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer and another ex-ECW guy, (maybe Rob Van Dam?) at TLC would be great. It seems like a great way to get a win under The Wyatt’s belt, taking out four big names.

  1. Becky Lynch

Becky may have lost the match, but she gained the most out of tonight’s Raw. Before this week, what did we know about Becky from her time on the main roster? She’s a little eccentric, bubbly and loyal. That’s about it. Now, we get an insight into her as a person, seeing that she is possibly too nice and too caring about other people when she needs to focus on herself. As long as they don’t do something rash like turning her heel, this could be a great way to build her slowly as someone who’s getting smarter and adapting to the ‘big leagues’. She’s a naturally likable person and building her up like this gives the crowd a reason to cheer for her as she essentially grows up in front of them. Of course, I’m giving WWE creative far too much credit here and she’ll probably turn heel or this won’t lead anywhere.

  1. Dolph Ziggler

This feud between Breeze and Ziggler needs some extra spice going into TLC. They’ve now traded victories, but we need a reason to care about who wins outside of their wrestling ability and their similarity. Have Breeze come out and say that Ziggler needs to retire and that he’s never going to amount to anything ever again because guys like Breeze from NXT are going to replace him. Ziggler needs to start being portrayed as a veteran because that’s really what he is now.

  1. The New Day

I’d like to think that Vince realized people weren’t watching so his solution was to give us three New Day segments, but over-exposing your best act is not a good idea. Don’t get me wrong, they were awesome as always, but they didn’t need to be involved in the main-event and the opening segment was strange considering they were really just there to introduce Sheamus. Focus on the tag team title match and let them do their thing.

  1. Roman Reigns

The 5:15 title match should have just been the main-event, they were doing such a good job of building it up. The original idea was great, but adding the stipulations that Ambrose and The Usos lose their title opportunities if Reigns loses was great because it gave you a reason to get invested in the match. The match itself was also great for the most part with the intensity matching the stipulations and the commentary team actually doing a great job of matching the urgency. The ending was anti-climactic, but if it had been the main-event, they could’ve ended it with the League of Nations standing tall having just formed which would have been far better than what we actually got.

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  1. The Dudley Boyz

This idea of ECW extremists versus The Wyatt Family is an outstanding one. The inclusion of Dreamer was a great idea and as previously mentioned if they throw someone like Rob Van Dam alongside him, then we’ll have ourselves some fun at TLC. Hopefully they keep the ball rolling here next week.

  1. Sheamus

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion had an excellent week. His promo to start the show was great, with the irony of Reigns laying him out and taking the title while confetti fell was a very nice touch. I’ve already discussed how I don’t think the League of Nations will last very long, but it is a nice way to keep some interest in Sheamus as champion because it sure wasn’t going to happen naturally. The best thing they can do is have Sheamus lose at TLC, get his rematch at the Rumble and then drop back into the mid-card for WrestleMania.

So we are now two weeks into the final rankings period of this year. The defending champion Kevin Owens is in a lot of trouble now and will find it very difficult to retain his Rankings Championship. With one more Raw to go before TLC, who will be this periods ranking champion? Here are the top five going into the final show.

Name Score Breakdown Total
The New Day 26, 19 45
Roman Reigns 23, 20 43
Sheamus 20, 22 42
Charlotte 24, 15 39
The Usos 22, 14 36


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