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WWE Superstars: Raw Rankings February 1

Welcome to this week’s WWE Raw Rankings. Here I will rank every Superstar and Diva from worst to first based on their performances on this week’s edition of Monday night Raw.

This week’s show was a fairly average show with bits of gold sprinkled throughout what was essentially a filler show on the road to Fast Lane.

This week, there was a clear standout as the number one performer and let’s get straight to the rankings:

  1. Tyler Breeze

The burial of Tyler Breeze continued on Raw this week as he was taken down by Titus O’Neil in a match no longer than five minutes. The match served no purpose, propelled no storyline and added nothing to O’Neil. It only served to continue Tyler Breeze’s downward spiral towards the bottom of the WWE roster which is such a shame.

  1. Big Show

Thankfully, Big Show versus Erick Rowan was a match that lasted about as long as their entrances did, but the giant got completed destroyed by The Wyatt’s post-match. It seems that Big Show is going to serve as the entrée before the Wyatt’s go after Lesnar. Expect Bray or Braun versus Big Show at Fast Lane. It’ll be a yawn either way.

  1. The Social Outcasts

Curtis Axel and Adam Rose took a clean loss to The Usos in a competitive match. Unfortunately for them, the losses continue to pile up and mean that they’re gaining absolutely no ground. They remain an undercard comedic act and that’s about it.

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  1. Titus O’Neil

This was the definition of a time-filler segment where nothing of note happened. O’Neil seems to exist in a bubble outside of all feuds. He doesn’t feud with anyone above him on the card and he doesn’t go near any titles, he just wins a match and moves onto the next one.

  1. Rusev

Rusev and Kalisto put on a fun and worthwhile match to kickoff Monday night Raw. The two showed good chemistry and the best part was how they worked the size difference. Rusev dominated, but Kalisto got in a lot of offence and wasn’t totally dominated until his late flurry at the end. This was a good back and forth match controlled by the larger opponent which goes to show you that Rusev is capable of working with anybody.

  1. Goldust and R-Truth

These two continue to provide entertaining segments and when they do eventually become a team, they’ll be gold, and that’s the truth. Hopefully they play this cat and mouse game out for a few more weeks.

  1. Charlotte

Charlotte continues to develop as a heel her jabs at the injured Nikki Bella were excellent. She’s seems all but a certainty to take the Divas Championship into WrestleMania and so having her feud with Brie through to Fast Lane, while there are A LOT of better options, isn’t a particularly bad thing because we know Charlotte will be retaining.

  1. Naomi and Tamina

Team BAD enter their last stretch of relevancy. Sasha has split from them as she was inevitably going to and that presents an opportunity for a mini-feud to eat some time up on the road to WrestleMania. Have Sasha and Becky reluctantly team up to deal with Naomi and Tamina, culminating in a tag team match at Fast Lane. However, there will be a lot of pressure on Team Bad, particularly Naomi, to deliver because she has shown promise, but Naomi has never actually delivered a match to back that up. She should get a chance at that in the next few weeks against Sasha.

  1. The Usos

The Usos won a match of no importance against The Social Outcasts and the tag team title picture still seems completely up in the air heading into Fast Lane. Expect a multi-team match involving The Usos and The Social Outcasts.

  1. Brie Bella

Brie continues to show how abysmal she is in the ring, but hey, she’s a Bella, she has her own show and little girls will cheer for her. She was a heel last week and she’s a babyface this week continuing the fact that most of the Divas roster doesn’t have any sense of direction. Outside of Becky, who’s a proper babyface, Natalya who’s a babyface by default and Charlotte, who’s a good heel – everyone else switches depending on their role on the day and that’s just not good enough. Expect this to be Brie’s last one-on-one title feud.

  1. Becky Lynch

While Becky was the fourth wheel tonight, she still got a good pop from the crowd and actually a much bigger pop than Sasha received. The crowd has embraced Becky and she can’t be lost in the shuffle between now and WrestleMania. As mentioned earlier, her teaming with Sasha, reluctantly, would be a good filler feud for the time being. Team BAD versus Sasha and Becky (ironically known as Team BAE in NXT) would be a good match for Fast Lane and keep them relevant heading into what is hopefully a triple threat match at Wrestlemania.

  1. The Wyatt Family

Bray Wyatt was absent from Raw due to his grandfather being in hospital. Because of this, Luke Harper got the chance to shine as the fill-in leader of the family. The three giants destroyed Big Show as you would expect them to. Rowan continues to be the bunny of the family, getting pinned by Show incredibly quickly. Braun Strowman versus Big Show sounds good on paper, but the match itself will probably be dreadful.

  1. Roman Reigns

Roman took a backseat this week and that was a smart move, giving Ambrose and Lesnar the spotlight. More on them later, but Reigns didn’t really have much more than his role in the main-event tonight. Reigns will be winning at Fast Lane, he won’t be in any match other than the main-event of WrestleMania, but the match itself should be fantastic.

  1. The New Day

The fact that The New Day being in the main-event is nothing special any more shows just how far these guys have come. They have earned every bit of their success and it’s little things like ‘Bootyham’ that make them amazing. Remember, this time last year, they were taken off of Raw and SmackDown for a few months because of how hated they were. Things are a little different now.

  1. The Miz

The Miz proved once again why he’s one of, if not the best talker on the WWE roster. Having him carry the segment and not allowing Styles to get a word in was a great call because having AJ re-telling his history is not going to get him over as casual fans will not care. Having Miz compare him to Bryan and do all the talking for him will do more for AJ than any match on Raw will. Great segment all round.

  1. Kevin Owens

Owens and Ziggler stole the show again this week and the surprise twist of Ziggler getting the victory adds a lot of intrigue going forward. Ziggler and Owens feuding at Fast Lane would be great as well already know the great chemistry they have. Give them time to put on a classic and they most certainly will. Owens throwing the Raw script at Michael Cole and slapping a sign out of a fans hands continue to make him both the funniest and the sassiest guy on the roster.

  1. AJ Styles

There’s not much to add from what was written for The Miz, but the fact that AJ’s segment kicked off the second hour of Raw shows that the WWE are very much behind AJ right now. Styles will serve as a great catalyst for turning Chris Jericho heel and hopefully that happens at Fast Lane.

  1. Kalisto

Another great win for Kalisto who continues to show just how talented he is in the ring. It’s disappointing that they’re wasting their time with another singles match against Del Rio at Fast Lane. Kalisto and Neville had a fantastic match on SmackDown last week and that would have made for a much better Fast Lane rivalry. Kalisto and Del Rio don’t have the greatest chemistry and Del Rio is also just plain boring.

  1. Sasha Banks

Sasha really shined tonight. In one promo she re-established herself as the dominant, alpha-female of the division that she portrayed so perfectly in NXT. Turning her face is a smart move, but honestly, Sasha has gotten to the point where she transcends ordinary face/heel dynamics. She has shown time and time again that her character molds perfectly depending on who she is up against. While she’s fighting Becky, she makes a great heel and while she’s fighting Naomi or Charlotte, she works well as a face. It’s not like when Brie Bella flops from heel to face every week because Sasha’s character doesn’t change. She has perfected this character to the point where she can work both ways.

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  1. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph picked up a great win against Kevin Owens in a match that was better than all of their previous encounters. They’ve wrestled each other many times with Owens winning on every occasion except this one and so Dolph getting a clean win out of nowhere adds some spark into the feud. Owens will probably crush Dolph and move on after Fast Lane, but any time Dolph is given some spotlight he delivers and this should be no exception.

  1. Brock Lesnar

Brock won’t be winning at Fast Lane for the simple fact that we won’t be seeing Lesnar versus Triple H at WrestleMania again. Lesnar will dominate, the Wyatt’s will attack and take him out, Dean and Roman will finish the match. It’s a rather predictable fate and Lesnar versus any member of the Wyatt’s doesn’t seem like an overly exhilarating prospect for WrestleMania. We got a brief glimpse at what would make for one of the best WrestleMania matches of all time on Raw though, unfortunately it won’t happen.

  1. Dean Ambrose

From the moment he came face to face with the Beast, Ambrose was always going to be number one. Dean Ambrose versus Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania would be the match of the night and an early favorite for match of the year. The feud with Heyman and Ambrose going at it on the mic and Dean not being afraid to brawl with Lesnar would also be amazing. Unfortunately, it won’t happen, but we got a taste of it this week on Raw.

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