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WWE Superstars RAW Rankings: December 28

Welcome to this week’s WWE Raw Rankings. Here I will rank every Superstar and Diva from worst to first based on their performances on this week’s edition of Monday night Raw.

The final Raw of 2015 was an undermanned show that did the best with what it had. There were quite a few standout performances this week and the show left people wanting to tune in next week so you’d have to give the show a thumbs up for the week.

  1. Wade Barrett

I don’t like this one bit. Barrett is clearly injured and has been for a few weeks. There’ve been several reports going around about his neck injury being serious and he hasn’t actually taken a bump since TLC. If he’s injured, get him off TV for his own sake and don’t have him be a part of matches! Yes, they protected him by not tagging him in very often, but what if something goes wrong? It is live television after all and him not being able to take a bump without risking his injury could lead to some seriously awkward TV or worse, he could take the bump and get more hurt. Sorry Wade, go home and get well soon.

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  1. Ryback

What was the point of having Ryback versus Big Show? From Ryback’s perspective, he got his butt kicked by Big Show, then competed in a match that ended by count-out almost immediately. In other words, nothing was accomplished. It was a segment for the sake of a segment and there were so many better places that time could have gone to tonight.

  1. The Usos

It wasn’t the night for Jimmy and Jey to standout. They took a loss and provided some help in the main event, but nothing special and the six man tag was something we’ve seen a hundred times before.

  1. The Miz, Goldust, Zack Ryder, R-Truth and Heath Slater

Ranking these guys individually would be pointless considering there would be actually nothing to write about. It’s good to see the WWE using Miz. Goldust got on television, yay. Ryder got a massive pop in his home state, unfortunately he’s been jobbing for too long to be perceived as anything else by casual fans. Slater has new theme music and also got a nice pop, there might be something there for him if used correctly and Truth did Truth things, which was great, but it’s time to retire that gag before it gets overdone.

  1. Big Show

Why on Earth would Big Show make himself entrant number one? Is it so he can clear the first five guys out? If so, I’m already this Rumble Match is going to fall apart. If it’s so entrant number two can shock the world by eliminating Show early on, then that actually sounds good.

  1. Xavier Woods

Woods is simply the best promo cutter in the WWE outside of Cena. There is no one else that comes close to this guy and what he does allows Big E to be funny in short, sharp bursts and allows Kofi to chime in and bounce off Woods. Tonight was no different for Austin Creed.

  1. Kofi Kingston

You know that this was a strong Raw when New Day members come in this low. Kofi and Kalisto put on a fun match with the time they were given and I’m glad Kalisto got the win. It was a good segment all-round.

  1. Rusev

Again, the six man tag match wasn’t anything special, but they got a win and the League of Nations are going to need all the wins they can get to remain credible.

  1. Sheamus

Sheamus will get his WWE World Heavyweight Championship rematch next week on Raw with Vince as guest referee. I genuinely hope that Vince gets taken out early on and Sheamus and Reigns get at least 15 minutes to put on the best match possible. Then you can have Vince come back and try to screw Roman. Roman will obviously retain and in retaining they’ll probably set up Roman’s match for the Royal Rumble or something. Either way, next week’s show is going to be worth watching.

  1. Kalisto

I’m very glad that Kalisto continues to be booked this strong and it’s even more important now that Sin Cara has dislocated his shoulder. If he’s out of action for a while, I can seriously see Kalisto getting to Rey Mysterio levels IF the company gets behind him. With all the injuries right now, why not build up an unexpected star?

  1. Neville

This was really well booked. Yes, Neville and Owens having a 30 second match is fairly underwhelming, but would Owens snap the way he did if he had lost a 12 minute back and forth match, probably not to that extent. The quick, out of nowhere loss set up what was the angle of the night and Neville comes out of this looking strong, picking up a win and walking out after that beating.

  1. Roman Reigns

Everything that happened involving Reigns this week was simply done to set up next week and that’s fine, but there wasn’t really anything to report as far as this week goes. The arrest angle was a little drawn-out and a bit much, but I guess it got the job done come the end of the night. I hope this is building to Vince calling in Brock to deal with Roman at the Rumble.

  1. Big E

This was a really good win for E. It re-establishes him as the dominant force he is, but it was also a rare singles opportunity to show the strings he’s added to his bow since joining The New Day. His in-ring charisma and speed really shined through tonight.

  1. Alberto Del Rio

This is the sort of feud that Del Rio needs. He can’t be the one taking the lead with promo’s and crowd engagement – he’s simply too boring. However, when in there with someone as good as John Cena, Del Rio’s limitations are covered up and he can get down to doing what he does best – wrestling. Del Rio should drop the title back to Cena at the Royal Rumble, unless WWE want to set up something bigger for Cena at the event.

  1. Sin Cara

Dislocated his shoulder during the match and wrestled out the remainder of the match including hitting a big top rope move with BIG E on his shoulders! Kudos to Sin Cara for being the ultimate professional and let’s hope the injury isn’t too serious.

  1. Becky Lynch

Wow, a women’s match got 15 minutes on Raw, that is insane considering there was actually nothing at stake in this match-up. It was also the only flaw with the match and probably the reason a small part of the Brooklyn crowd tuned out. If this had been a number one contender’s match, the crowd would have a reason to pay attention to the spots in the middle. Instead, this was nothing more than a match to highlight how alone Becky is in this whole situation. Lynch and Banks are the two best women’s wrestlers the company has, but they need to realize that main roster crowds require faster paced action throughout the match with psychology and wrestling not really being their thing. They’ll learn and only get better, but the match itself was still a great match.

  1. Dean Ambrose

This feud between Ambrose and Owens is the best thing on Raw right now and they did a spectacular job of building heat between them. The best thing about Ambrose as Intercontinental Champion is the fact that the spotlight will now consistently be on him, as it should be. At the same time, I still want Ambrose to be in the Royal Rumble Match and be a legitimate threat in the match so hopefully we get the best of both worlds.

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  1. Sasha Banks

The best thing that can happen next week is a rematch between Becky and Sasha in a number one contenders match with Team BAD banned from ringside. Sasha needs to prove that she isn’t reliant on them and we need to start sorting out the Divas Championship Match going into the Royal Rumble. Becky is already having whether she can win alone questioned and if she throws that question back onto Sasha, then we have a number one contender’s match with a lot on the line. Whoever gets the win, Charlotte retains and then we build to a triple threat match at WrestleMania. The worst thing the WWE can do is overexpose these matchups though, so they’ll have to be careful with how many times they give us Sasha versus Becky, Sasha versus Charlotte, etcetera.

  1. Kevin Owens

As already mentioned, this was the best booked angle of the night. Owens destroyed Neville and then blindsided Ambrose later in the night. It looks like they’ll be going into the Royal Rumble with the most anticipated match on the card. Like Dean though, hopefully Owens is also in the Rumble Match later on.

  1. John Cena

The WWE sorely missed Cena these last few months and that was immediately evident tonight. Cena’s energy and ability to draw a reaction out of the crowd is second to none. It was a great return and with Cena, Ambrose and Owens running the mid-card of the Royal Rumble, it looks like it’s going to be a great pay-per-view.

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