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WWE Superstars RAW Rankings: December 14

Welcome to this week’s WWE Raw Rankings. Here I will rank every Superstar and Diva from worst to first based on their performances on this week’s edition of Monday night Raw.

This week’s Raw was focused on one thing and that was crowning Roman Reigns as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The story was executed perfectly and lead to a brilliant moment to close the show. There were a few more highlights on the show, but obviously considering how much time was dedicated to the main storyline, a few other segments were hurt by the time constraints.

  1. R-Truth and Bo Dallas

You knew something was up the moment R-Truth and Bo Dallas came to the ring for a singles match. I was hoping Kevin Owens was going to come back out, destroy them and end the segment there, but Vince coming out and straight up kicking them out was rather hilarious. At this point, it’s obvious the WWE has no prospects for Bo and Truth is in his mid-40s so no damage done necessarily.

  1. Brie Bella and Alicia Fox

Team Bella are basically jobbers without Nikki and you know what, that is exactly how it damn well should be. While Nikki can hold her own in the ring, her sister and Fox are well below her as we’ve discussed many times. This segment annoyed me overall and was one of the few poor segments of the night with it simply confusing the audience and not accomplishing anything. Yes, they have six weeks to book between now and the Rumble, but it just didn’t make sense.

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  1. Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze is already jobbing to storylines he has no part in. This is really bad folks. Tyler showed that he’s a team player and willing to put others over in his last year with NXT, but the guy deserves to at least be pushed in his first two months with the company! Even Adam Rose got a winning streak and Breeze has everything you need to be a top star, but instead he’s being relegated to the bottom. By the time they decide to push him, the crowd won’t care because of how weak he’s being booked right now.

  1. Jack Swagger

Lost clean last night as everyone expected and you can tell this week’s put-two-feuds-together tag team segment was simply there to fill time and to get a win under the League of Nation’s belt. I think the next time we see Jack Swagger he’ll be back in his jobber role, or it’ll be the Royal Rumble.

  1. Ryback

This feud between Ryback and Rusev will obviously carry on helping fill out WWE television on the road to the Royal Rumble, but if their three matches to date are any indication, this feud isn’t going to get any better.

  1. Charlotte and Becky Lynch

So let me get this straight. Last night Charlotte cheated to win again and Becky lost in more or less a three on one handicap match and Becky even seemed upset with Charlotte after it all, but now they’re acting like nothing has happened? What they did at TLC was smart storytelling and now they’ve just made Becky look dumb for not having any idea what’s going on around her. Next week they need to get this storyline back on track or they’ll kill the only babyface they actually have on the women’s roster right now.

  1. The Miz

The Miz ‘directing’ the match was entertaining, but I think it could’ve been much funnier if yelled out spots for them to do throughout the match and actually tried to get them to put on a 5-star classic or something. That could be a decent short term gimmick for Miz. Have him come out randomly and start yelling advice to wrestlers in the ring and trying to direct them.

  1. The Usos and The Lucha Dragons

After totally and utterly stealing the show last night, these evil teams decided to use their numbers game to blindside and attack three innocent unicorns who were pouring their hearts out and extending the olive branch to them. I guess people will cheer for New Day either way so you might as well try and get some heat on the other teams?

  1. Rusev

Further proof that being WWE’s dominant heel for a year means absolutely nothing, because if your character isn’t complex enough to adapt and evolve in an interesting fashion, as soon as John Cena overcomes your odds, you’re back in the middle of the road permanently and Rusev will not progress passed the mid-card from here you wouldn’t think. That’s all but confirmed now.

  1. Alberto Del Rio

Nothing really happened in this segment. They won the match – good for them. Mid card feuds are always awkward in the lead up to the Rumble because you assume they’ll be in the match and not competing for titles. One has to wonder when Cena will return though.

  1. Neville

Neville versus Tyler Breeze would have been the main-event of any NXT show and the two would have been given a significant amount of time to put on a great match. Unfortunately on a three hour Raw, there’s just not enough time to give these guys the credit they deserve. Neville getting a win is great and we want him to succeed, but does it have to be at the expense of Breeze?

  1. The New Day

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that Xavier Woods on commentary at TLC produced the best commentary we’ve seen in months – it’s not that hard, Maggle. Tonight we got a different side of New Day and it adds another dimension to their characters showing that they can be serious and genuine at times. These guys are going to clean up at the Slammy’s next week.

  1. Sheamus

The best part about this booking is it means Sheamus gets his rematch at the Royal Rumble and therefore won’t be in the title picture come WrestleMania. Having him retain at TLC leading to him dropping the title tonight was brilliant booking and while the next few weeks will still probably revolve around him, it looks like they’ve finally created some momentum for the WWE Title picture that simply hasn’t been there since SummerSlam.

  1. The Dudley Boyz

The Tables Match at TLC was an example of everything going wrong and it lead to what was a mess of a match. Seriously, were those tables made out of cardboard? Anyway, tonight in their spiritual home, The Dudley Boyz along with Dreamer and Rhyno put on a great extreme rules match and once again put over the Wyatt’s. Well done to them. It’s probably worth keeping Dreamer and Rhyno around for the Rumble match considering all the injuries that have plagued the main roster.

  1. Dolph Ziggler

There were title matches and extreme rules matches, but Ziggler and Ambrose put on the best performance of the night from an in-ring standpoint. The crowd was super into both guys and they put on a great bout – you wouldn’t expect anything less from these two. If this leads to a Triple Threat at the Rumble, so long as all three competitors are still in the Rumble Match, it definitely works for me.

  1. The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family now need to set their sights on the Royal Rumble Match. Think about it, these four should totally and utterly dominate the match and should be booked as the biggest threats in the match. I can’t wait to see how they put this match together, they have so many options and using The Wyatt’s correctly will be a big part of getting this match right. As far as Raw went, Luke Harper was the main star of the night, showing that he is right at home in extreme rules matches.

  1. Kevin Owens

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In one night, Kevin Owens has reverted back to the ruthless fighter that we saw him as in NXT. The way he beat Ambrose and Ziggler into the ground and then stacked them up was awesome and it’s the side of Owens we need to see from here on. Ambrose should pin Ziggler in a triple threat with Owens at the Rumble, Owens should go on to dominate the Rumble match before being eliminated by Sami Zayn, setting up their big feud. Though, if they are considering pitting Owens against Lesnar, that works too.

  1. Dean Ambrose

The ovation Ambrose got when he came out highlighted just how popular this guy is. The crowd was elated to see him with some success and he bloody well deserves it. The title looks damn good on him and from here, he either drops the title as part of this Authority versus Roman feud or he holds the title for a long while, either way we’re going to have some fun. He should kick off Raw next week, introducing Roman so the two champs can celebrate together.

  1. Roman Reigns

Outside of another testicle joke, this was perfect booking because it made sense coming out from TLC and it leaves them with options aplenty going forward. Roman winning now is brilliant because it opens the door up for WrestleMania, who will his opponent be? It creates so much anticipation for the Rumble Match and makes people WANT TO WATCH THE SHOW! Well done WWE, well done Roman, you’ve certainly earned it over this past year.

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