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WWE Summerslam 2017 Thoughts

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WWE Summerslam 2017 is in the books. Overall, it was an okay pay per view marred by lame matches, forgettable matches but three of the last four matches that made up for those bad matches. The fatal 4 notched arguably match of the year honors as well as one of the all-time great Summerslam matches. As stupid as the KFC spots were, I’m craving some extra crispy KFC along my sides and biscuit.

Kickoff Matches: The kickoff started at 5:00 pm. That’s six hours of professional wrestling in one sitting. That’s hard to do at times. I missed the first two matches but I did catch what turned out to be the best kickoff match of three as The Usos retained the tag-team titles from the New Day. The Smackdown roster may be thin and they’re losing the ratings war to Raw but this is one of the most entertaining feuds currently in the WWE. Great bumps and hits from both sides. I have a feeling this feud will continue for a little while longer.

Cena/Corbin: Boy, was I wrong on this one. I thought Corbin would come out with a vengeance with a big win over Cena. Instead, the downward spiral of baron Corbin continues. A tough week for Corbin and the ladder to the top of the WWE roster keeps getting knocked down. Rumors of Vince McMahon not happy with Corbin’s mike skills wrestling rough may have factored in Corbin losing his MITB cash-in. I like Corbin but to bounce back it’s going to be tough to come back from a rough week he had on Smackdown and Summerslam.

Naomi/Natalya: Good for Naomi holding the title for four months but I never got into her glow gimmick. I’m betting the bookers wanted a veteran holding onto the belt for now. The inevitable question is when will Carmella cash in her MITB?

Big Cass/Big Show: The most annoying feud became the most uninteresting match of the night and of the year. Enzo annoys me and I don’t get why the WWE Universe loves him. Too obvious Cass would come out with the victory.

Orton/Rusev: So much for the rumored Rusev push for the about the tenth time during his time in the WWE. I’ve never been a Rusev fan and if he’s still not getting that push I don’t if he ever will. Getting squashed the way he did may be a sign of never getting that push.

Bliss/Banks: Interesting result here. I though Bliss had this match locked up; especially seeing her sitting in her own special chair last Monday on Raw and the promo of the Harley Quinn type masked army. My guess is Bliss will get the title back quickly. The bookers seem high on her. I’m liking her with each passing week. Her wrestling skills and her character has developed well over the past few months. Bliss is a great bratty heel.

Balor/Wyatt: Stop me if you heard this before; Wyatt wreaks havoc on a face wrestler playing mind games only to lose at a major pay per view. Another match with an obvious outcome. The demon get up is wicked and cool! Poor Wyatt! One day he will win a match at Summerslam or Wrestlemania.

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Ambrose & Rollins/Cesaro & Sheamus: For a moment, the match became secondary. Aside from the fact that the title changed hands, Cesaro went out of his way into the WWE Universe to rip up a beach ball that was being tossed around. The only time I want to see a bouncing beach ball at an event is when I’m at the beach and a Jimmy Buffett concert. Oh yeah, the match. One of the best sequence of finishing moves of a match that I’ve seen in a long time. Personally, I think Cesaro & Sheamus should’ve held the belt longer but I hope there’s a rematch with these four combatants. Does this mean the return of The Shield? We’re two thirds of the way there!

Styles/Owens: FYI, I wore my A.J. Styles t-shirt. Shane McMahon’s reaction to Styles and Owens exchanging hits was just as entertaining as the match. Of course, this is the only match that had a ref bump; three of them. Great chemistry between Styles and Owens in this feud. Do we get one more rematch or does the momentum shift towards an Owens/Shane feud? Styles continues to show why he’s the top Smackdown face.

Mahal/Nakamura: Not a great match but intrigued by both wrestlers and the outcome. Yes, Mahal’s not killing it with the ratings but I’m liking him as a heel champion. The bookers must think the same thing too. I agreed with what one of my friends said last night that The Singh Brothers take the hardest bumps in wrestling right now. Can’t agree with him more. As for Nakamura, I love his entrance but after watching his interview with Renee Young a couple of weeks ago tells me he still needs a little polishing of his character. Maybe the bookers agree with me? Maybe Nakamura’s was pushed too fast? The WWE invested a lot of money in Nakamura so it may be best to give it a little time.

Fatal Four Way match: What can I say? Amazing match!! All four combatants took their bumps and showed the world they can main event a pay per view match. Watching Strowman dominate Lesnar seals his status as top level roster guy. Reigns is what I expected from him. Fans don’t like him but he has that “It” factor. Always been a Samoa Joe fan and I appreciate the WWE bookers gradually building him as one of the top heels on the Raw roster. I hope Lesnar makes more Raw appearances. This four-way feud could go on for months and I would never grow tired of it. And give credit to Lesnar for getting the crap beat out of him. Moment of the night for me was Strowman throwing an announcers chair at Joe and Reigns. I didn’t expect that coming and I don’t think those two did either.

And there ya have it! Summerslam 2017 is history! It’s a happy time as this is one of my favorite annual summer get togethers while it’s sad that this is the final get together of our group for the calendar year until the Royal Rumble as wells summer coming to an end in a few weeks. But rest assured, life goes on and so does the WWE.

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