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WWE SummerSlam 2016 Thoughts and Reactions

So the other day, I wrote a column that I wondered out loud when WWE would move away from Brock Lesnar given that at some point, Lesnar would impede the progress of new and young talent. I was wrong. The Beast Incarnate is very much part of the present plans of the company and its Raw brand – the question now is what happens next following a pay-per-view that I thought fell plat in trying to deliver a knockout blow.

Everything about Sunday night was jumbled with the exception of the AJ Styles-John Cena match. From the notion that titles don’t mean a thing since they were not the two main events for the show and the idea that Lesnar just about beat the hell out of a 12-time world champion in what amounted to nothing. For the second larger event on Vince McMahon’s calendar, this was a lackluster performance. Also given that NXT Takeover nearly tore the roof off the Barclays Center on Saturday night, this was not what I had in mind for my Sunday evening, make that six hours of computer viewing.

There are plenty of questions left unanswered. Here are some general thoughts.


The match between Styles and Cena stole the show, proving WWE and Cena are moving on. The symbol of Cena leaving his arm band in the middle of the ring is as telling as an amateur wrestler leaving his boots on the middle of the mat or Undertaker taking off his gloves and leaving them in the ring after his WrestleMania match with Shane McMahon. How WWE books Cena now is anyone’s guess.

Does this mean Styles now becomes the top contender to face Dean Ambrose and the WWE World Title? If anyone should get another crack at a belt, it is Styles, but how can you justify giving him another shot at the brass ring so soon?

Where does Bray Wyatt figure in all of this?


How will WWE deal with taking the title off Sasha Banks (who is rumored to be injured) and giving Charlotte another title run? The Women’s Division has its own explaining to do, most notably will Bayley finally make the leap to the main roster or will the company wait out the injury to Banks and hope for someone like Naomi to accept the challenge?

Because of the talent in the division, will there be two women’s titles like there are two titles for men? Stay tuned while the spaghetti is unraveled.


It’s a bit unfair to follow the Styles-Cena match with Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. It appeared the fans had the wind knocked out of them the entire match. I am also shocked Balor was given a title run so soon knowing full well how high WWE still remains on Rollins.

The great thing about the title match – which crowned the first ever Universal Heavyweight Champion, is there are still two matches left in this feud before WWE moves on with another program. You have to figure the series will get better with each pay-per-view.


When he is in a program like this with Rusev. In this kind of situation, he is the wrestler the company wants. While the fans have not fully embraced him, Reigns will at some point win the United States Championship and all those ideas of becoming John Cena will hopefully come true.


There is a theory floating around that there will be a double turn between these two. PLEASE DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. Give Reigns a chance to win over the fans with the defense of America theme. I it does not work, then finally let him walk over to the dark side.


I thought there was real potential for this match. Both Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler lacked chemistry. They tried several spots and got no response from the fans. I am a bit surprised Ambrose won so easily. And now comes the hard part of deciding if Ziggler gets another shot at the title or does the company move forward.


Please keep Jon Stewart away from a WWE arena. It does not work and screwed up a solid storyline with The New Day and The Club.

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