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WWE SummerSlam 2015 Thoughts and Recap

So it was Sunday night and it would be the first Summerslam pay per view I’d watch live in its entirety in almost four years. I went over my friend’s house to watch the event along with my WWE pay per view crew. The card had the potential to be one of the better Summerslams in recent memory and as the evening progressed my prediction came true. Aside from a couple of lame decisions, the action was solid and a hot crowd at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York was a plus.

I know I’m late with my recap but I got up early the morning after Summerslam for a day trip to Ocean City, New Jersey. But as I was chilling out on the beach I flashed back to the night before to summarize my thoughts match by match. Here’s what came to mind.

[adinserter block=”2″]Jon Stewart opens the show as host. Visually confirms he let himself go after the final Daily Show. He looks good for his age but it’s amazing what make up and highlights do to one’s appearance. I smell interference in the near future.

Sheamus defeating Randy Orton – A solid opener. My original prediction was an Orton win and then Sheamus cashing the Money in the Bank to capture the title at signoff or the following night at Raw. I and lots of others were wrong on that. I have a feeling one way or another Sheamus will cash it in sometime this fall. And as usual, I’m thinking what next for Orton? TBD

Two beers into the show, the sausage, peppers and onions, chicken nuggets and potato chips with onion dip were available. First stop of many as I began with five nuggets. I was talking with another guest and we predicted the onion dip will be history because onion dip is always gone at any party.

Tag Team Elimination Match – Brand New Day recapture the WWE Tag Team Title – As I quote a friend of mine “New day is the best tag team group since Spirit Squad.” Totally agree in terms of humor. Most entertaining intro in the WWE right now. Great match with everyone showing off their moves. Originally thought Prime Time Players would retain but I hope going forward them and the New Day continue the feud. It would be an entertaining feud that can last a while.

It was thumbs up so far after two solid matches as I moved onto the sausage and peppers. Hit the spot! A few more chips with onion dip. After this, I forget the actual order of the matches.

Dolph Ziggler and Rusev wrestle to a double count out – Lame! Although unique since I can’t remember the last time there was a double count out in one of the three major pay per views. I get the double count out since Ziggler just came back from a break. The feud is in its early stages. I’m sure there will be a mixed tag team match at the next pay per view or a future one. Hot action and hot women; nice combo!

Ambrose & Reigns defeat The Wyatt Family – The host wonders why the WWE hasn’t marketed the Sweat stained Luke Harper T-shirt. I would buy one of those. Had the feel of an Ambrose or Reigns heel turn with the non-stop best friend talk. Always love the Wyatt Family entrance; really cool on this night. Match didn’t disappoint as these four always deliver. Interesting that in the three big pay per views this year (Rumble, Mania, & Slam) the crowd has booed Roman Reigns. Too bad because I really like him and I was hoping he’d catch on quick to become WWE champion. Let’s see where he stands with the WWE and fans by WrestleMania next year. Maybe a heel Reigns would do him good.

Munching continues as I grab more nuggets, potato chips. As the late Gorilla Monsoon would say “This could be the beginning of the end” of the onion dip.

Amell & Neville defeat Stardust & Barrett – Don’t know much about Steve Amell but when a celebrity is in a tag team match it almost always means a win for that team. Not sure whether or not Amell should’ve taken his shirt off. I see that and I see a lot of average Joes like me in the ring with Neville. I’d sit back and let Neville do all the work; and a sweet view watching Neville’s 450 splash. Match over, Flash has been promoted, thank you Neville for your work, now Neville should continue his push. Stardust is a great freak heel, and Barrett should continue his reign.

Ryback defeats The Miz and Big Show to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship – I’ve become a big Ryback fan as the year has progressed. I’m guessing the WWE is making him the updated Batista and having him hold the title for a while will help. Ryback should continue to build on his title reign while The Miz and Big Show wallow in mid-card steadiness.

Seth Rollins Defeats John Cena to retain the WWE Championship while becoming new United States Champion – A tough one to call as this match could go either way. Rollins’ white outfit escalates him to white HHH tights level. Now you know he’s made it when he wears white. He’s been a badly booked champion but he finally showed his stuff in this match. Keep it going! Let him be the heel and do his own thing! Great match. Like the Jon Stewart turn but he gave away the turn way too soon with his body language. I’m curious to see where Rollins goes after this match. A Rematch? Thank you John Cena for bringing the United States title back to relevancy. As I’m watching this match with the crew, we discussed how great Cena would be a great heel. Did you hear the crowd heat for Cena?

PCB Defeat Team Bad and Bella Army – Expected PCB to win. Better than expected match for the divas. I wish Charlotte would’ve wrestled a little more. Once Nikki Bella surpasses AJ Lee for the longest reigning Divas champion, Sasha or Charlotte should be getting the next title winner.

One more grab at munchies and the onion dip has been officially kicked before the end of Summerslam. Well done team!

[adinserter block=”1″]Kevin Owens defeating Cesaro – Good match. Owens losing the night before at the NXT house show meant a Summerslam win for Owens. This guy is really good! He’s strong and agile for a big guy. Maybe a little polishing up with his character and/or attire but this guy will be around for a long time. Poor Cesaro! I so want him to be a top card level wrestler but he may be stuck in mid-card haziness. Oh well….

Undertaker defeats Brock Lesnar by Submission – I predicted Taker winning to even the score with the tiebreaker at WrestleMania. This was the fourth match where one of the wrestlers bled; very rare these days. It was a weird ending because it makes the Undertaker look weak showing him tap out when the referee didn’t look but on other side of it I guess that keeps the Lesnar beast mystique going. If this is the case then if there’s a third and final match between the two it should be a Hell in a Cell Match. Likely won’t see Undertaker until the Rumble? Lesnar will be heading somewhere.

Great night of wrestling! I thought it was one of the best Summerslams in recent years. Due to the day trip I haven’t watched all of Raw yet but I will have my say in the near future. Heard and saw bits and pieces of it (Dudley Boyz & Sting) but I should be caught up by the end of the week. Thanks for reading!

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