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WWE SummerSlam 2015: Making the Case for Another John Cena Title Run

There are six days until SummerSlam and I am still sitting on the fence when it comes to the WWE World Title match between Seth Rollins and John Cena. I am not willing to support a win by the 15-time champion Cena because it would mean he ties the immortal Ric Flair for the number of world title reigns.

[adinserter block=”1″]Frankly, I stand by my belief in the fact Cena cannot carry Flair’s boots and the two in no way have any connection to each other besides the fact they have been the ring leaders of their generations of fans. Those two generations are vastly different. Flair was a “wrestler” as well as a performer. Cena, while carrying the flag for sports entertainment, is a performer first and grappler second.

I am wrestling internally with the notion that Cena should beat Rollins in Brooklyn and claim the title for the 16th time, tying Flair’s record and thus moving closer to wrestling immortality. To hear Flair, as talked about on Woooo Nation, say he would not mind if Cena tied his record of holding the world title on 16 occasions and potentially surpassing it, I really had to pause for a moment and gather myself.

The subject of current WWE United States Champion John Cena potentially breaking Ric Flair’s record world title reign recently came up on a question-and-answer session on Flair’s WOOOO! Nation podcast, the website explains.

Flair has never been one to shy away from the topic of being a champion many times over and the respect he has for Cena as a performer and person is great.

“I’d be thrilled if John Cena tied my record and surpassed it. I think the world of [John] and he has been the flagship for the company for a long time. If John were to catch that title again and then he can surpass the record, I’d be very proud of him.”

OK, so Flair is behind the idea, but that doesn’t mean I have to jump on the bandwagon with this one – unless there is a real benefit to it – which would eventually become Rollins’ gain.

A Cena win at SummerSlam allows him to not only tie Flair, but it also keeps the United States Title around his waist, which is where it belongs. But a Rollins loss could help his legacy as a heel champion. A chance to reclaim the title at Night of Champions – which I assume would happen in the next pay-per-view, only adds to his legacy as a multiple champion, something the WWE needs from their top villain.

Should Rollins reclaim the World Title, would that ultimately lead to another program with Brock Lesnar after he takes care of business with The Undertaker? There is no other opponent for The Beast unless Randy Orton becomes the viable veteran or the WWE takes another path and pits the current Beast of the company against Kevin Owens, the future beast of the promotion.

If you take that kind of approach to SummerSlam, then yes, a Cena win makes all the sense in the world. The part that bothers me is the connection to Flair in all of this, which is likely to be a forgotten element in this pay-per-view event on Sunday.

[adinserter block=”2″]As a fan of this business, I understand the WWE’s position with Cena. If you take it a step further, Cena tying Flair is another step in Hulk Hogan’s face – as he has been obliterated from all WWE conversation and memory. Cena is the Hogan of this generation and another title reigns only solidifies his place in WWF/E lore – even if it takes down Flair in the process.

All of this makes sense, but it still leaves me sitting on the fence – wondering if I can accept the idea. So I have to take the high road as SummerSlam approaches. I may not like the idea of another Cena title reign, but in reality, it is the best for all parties concerned and Rollins eventually becomes the one who benefits from it most.

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