WWE SummerSlam 2014 Planned Matches and Card


The biggest party of the summer is only several weeks away and it looks like we have a preliminary card. WWE SummerSlam is about as stacked a show as you are going to get right now with one of the most intriguing rematches in recent years scheduled to headline the big event.

[adinserter block=”1″]Keep in mind that these are all preliminary ideas and any of these matches are subject to change before they are officially announced by the WWE. This all comes via a report in the Wrestling Observer newsletter.

John Cena will defend the WWE championship against Brock Lesnar in a highly anticipated rematch, at least by this blogger. This one gets real interesting outside of the ring as the big question here is who goes over. Cena went over Lesnar in their first match back at Extreme Rules 2012. The result was criticized by fans and wrestling media alike as one of the dumbest business moves in WWE history at the time. What happens two and a half years later?

At the time I was one of only a few who thought that people were overreacting to the decision. I would like to think that I have been proven right. Lesnar remained a business draw following the loss and continues to remain a hot attraction in the company. Would he be stronger today if he hadn’t lost? Who knows but the idea that they killed his marketability was as big an overreaction as I have ever seen from critics.

I think there is only one finish here and that is Lesnar over Cena clean. Lesnar has tremendous momentum right now following his win over Undertaker at WrestleMania 30. I have already written an extensive blog explaining why I think Brock is the perfect choice to be WWE champion. Cena can certainly take a loss and maybe the split wins sets up a trilogy at WrestleMania? As sick of Cena as some people are I think fans are quickly forgetting how incredible their first match was at Extreme Rules. Cena or not, I have no problem seeing what these guys can do a second or even a third time.

Roman Reigns will have his first big singles match against Randy Orton in what will probably be billed as second from the top. It’s an intriguing match but a little disappointing to see on a SummerSlam. The expected Reigns vs. Triple H match is being held off for a few more months. Reigns and Orton have been wrestling singles matches for a while now at house shows so I’d expect them to have something decent down pat by that point. It is a huge match for Reigns as it is truly his first test as a singles in a top match. Say what you will about Orton but he has done a great job in recent years with guys in this same position so I am expecting a decent to very good match here.

Chris Jericho will lace up the boots at SummerSlam once again and take on Bray Wyatt as expected. This feud has been fun to watch thus far and they haven’t even wrestled. Jerciho looks like he hasn’t lost a step since his last go-around and Wyatt is red hot right now. If not for Lesnar vs. Cena I’d look for this one to be a show-stealer. It will certainly give the top match a run for its money.
Stephanie McMahon is penciled in to wrestle Brie Bella. I am not sure what to think of that one. In my opinion the WWE have tried too hard to have it both ways with both Steph and Brie for anyone to care. Steph is firing Vickie one minute and then cheering on the Special Olympics 20 minutes later. Brie is the caring wife by Daniel Bryan’s side yet is shown (in the few Total Divas I have seen) on Total Divas being caddy and mean towards some of the other Divas. Fans are confused and confusion leads to complacency in pro wrestling. At some point this is all going to come back to bite WWE in the butt and that point could be SummerSlam.

[adinserter block=”2″]Finally while not reported I’d expect Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins in some kind of gimmicked match on the card. How can you go wrong with these guys? Very quickly this rivalry is turning into one of the hottest feuds in recent years. With a match at Battleground already set, my hunch is they have some kind of stipulation match, maybe a ladder match for the MITB briefcase at SummerSlam. I don’t care if it’s a blindfold match, if they are wrestling each other, I am sure it will be good.

That’s your SummerSlam lineup…for now.

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  1. Your info is obviously more reliable than my opinion, but here is how I think Battleground should end on Sunday:

    Plan C will be Lesnar. That isn’t even a question, just a statement of fact.

    Reigns has all the momentum and is about to beat Orton, when Triple H comes running down as a distraction, Reigns goes after the COO and leaves ringside. Orton and Kane double team Cena until it is time for the pin, then they turn on each other. After a Kane Chokeslam to Orton, Cena slips in with the AA and gets the win by pinning Kane (thus, not winning clean over Orton or Reigns to ruin their momentum). As Cena is celebrating, he is interrupted by “The man behind the one, who is the one, behind the one, in 21-1” Heyman gives his whole speech and introduces “The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.” Lesnar comes down and F5’s Cena. Rollins comes running out with briefcase in hand and referee behind. Just as Rollins hits the ring and is about to cash in, Ambrose comes flying down to the ring and tackles Rollins down and out of the ring. Show ends with Rollins and Ambrose being seperated by officials and Cena staring up the ramp at Heyman and Lesnar.

    Summerslam matches set: Cena vs. Lesnar, Rollins vs. Ambrose in a Street Fight, Reigns vs. Triple H

    Boom, next PPV booked, and they have a month to build the story to those matches


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