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WWE SummerSlam 2013 Predictions and Analysis

On August 18, 2013, at the Los Angeles Staples Center, WWE will present its 26th edition of SummerSlam. SummerSlam is one of the company’s “Big Four” PPVs, the other three being Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, and Wrestlemania.

Since the 2009 edition, WWE has had SummerSlam, its “Biggest party of the Summer,” in Los Angeles. While I understand WWE’s wanting to be close to Hollywood, and all, I still don’t like the idea. If the other PPVs move around, this one should also.

Anyway, the card for this year’s PPV looks awesome on paper. I think there should be a couple of matches that look like “Match of the Year” possibilities.

I think it is a pretty good card, from top to bottom.

I see that Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels and Booker T are going to be doing commentary on the Kickoff Show. I think that is pretty awesome. It should be great to hear their insight.

I see that the Miz has gone from headlining Mania to being a host of SummerSlam. How the mighty have fallen.

Well, here is my prediction for the 2013 SummerSlam PPV


As you know, on the RAW “go home” show, RVD won a Battle Royal to become the challenger for Ambrose’s title. I am not a huge fan of RVD’s, but he should have a good match with Ambrose, whom I do like a lot.

For me, it’s hard to judge Ambrose’s title reign, because he’s always with the Shield. Even when he does a match by himself, everyone knows the Shield will come to protect him.

I’d like to see him more without them, to get a better idea.

I am just nitpicking, because I do love the Shield.

Prediction: Ambrose will retain his Title.

DIVA MATCH: Natalya vs Brie

This is usually a bathroom break. I respect the Divas. Every woman works just as hard as every man in that locker room.

I just wish the Divas were booked better, and they were given more time, both on TV and PPV.

Since Nikki is dealing with shin splints, I am guessing this is why this match is happening. Another reason is the popular “Total Divas” on E! The women involved are having a Twitter war as well.

[adinserter block=”1″]Natalya should be able to carry Brie to a decent match.

Prediction: I think due to the “Total Divas” show, where the Bellas are predominantly featured, Brie wins.

MIXED TAG MATCH: Dolph Ziggler/Kaitlyn vs A.J.(Divas Champion)/Big E Langston

I am expecting a fun, paint by the numbers match. I don’t expect anything fantastic. After all, this not going to be the Bulldogs vs the Hart Foundation.

Ziggler will be the great seller and bump machine that he is. I expect Kaitlyn and A.J. Lee to get some good work in. Langston should be getting in some of his power moves as well.

This match came about from the soap opera drama between Ziggler and Lee’s breakup, and Kaitlyn wanting another shot at Lee’s Diva Title.

I don’t see a classic match here.

Prediction: Kaitlyn/Ziggler win.

RING OF FIRE MATCH: Kane vs Bray Wyatt (Wyatt Family)

I am sorry. I am just not into the Wyatt Family. They remind me of the characters of the movie, “Deliverance.” I am just not feeling them.

I don’t like the entrance, the music, or their work in the ring. I don’t get the gimmick at all.

Kane has been really awesome since his pairing with Daniel Bryan. I just enjoyed the two together. Great to see a re-birth of sorts for Kane’s latter part of his career.

Now that he’s on his own again, I suspect Kane, who has been a victim of the “Family’s” attacks, will have a pretty decent match with Bray. The match should entertaining.

Prediction: Even though there will be a ring of fire around the ring, the rest of the Family will save the day for Bray, and Bray will defeat Kane.

SINGLES MATCH: Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow

I am expecting this to be a very good, solid match. Both guys are good workers, even though I think Rhodes is the better worker of the two.

The story behind the match is that Damien Sandow won the SmackDown MITB briefcase at the MITB PPV. On the way to victory, Sandow screwed over his friend and former Rhodes Scholar partner, Cody Rhodes.

In retaliation, Rhodes has thrown Sandow’s original briefcase and contract into the sea (seen that angle a million times). Sandow made another one, and during a match on a Raw episode, Rhodes, while on commentary, tried to steal that one. On SmackDown, Rhodes prevented Sandow from cashing in his briefcase by attacking him.

I love the build up to this match.

Prediction: I predict that Rhodes gets his revenge and wins the match.

THE BEST VS THE BEAST: CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar

This match should be one of two that should steal the show. Both guys are excellent workers. Both are capable of pulling out a 4 to 5 star match, and that is what I am expecting.

Brock Lesnar is awesome in the ring, and I respect that. He just does nothing for me. I never got into him as a wrestler. I appreciate his immense talent.

I am also glad that Paul Heyman is Lesnar’s mouthpiece. Heyman is the best talker in the business right now. That man is amazing.

CM Punk is amazing in the ring. Unlike Lesnar though, Punk is amazing on the mic, and does NOT need a mouthpiece. I like him quite a bit.

This feud got started when Punk broke away from Heyman’s tutelage. Heyman pretended that he wasn’t upset. Heyman then, playing the deceitful jerk that his character is (plays it very well), gets all angry and eventually sends “the Beast,” Brock Lesnar after Punk.

Punk gets beat down on a couple of Raw episodes. On the “go home” Raw, Punk finally got his hands on Lesnar.

This feud has been awesome. I want to see more.

Prediction: I think this feud continues, so Lesnar wins.


I don’t think this feud has been as great as the others, but then again, it’s the “Smackdown Title.” What else is new?

Anyway, Christian is challenging for Alberto Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Championship title. Christian is riding that wave of “one more match.”

I admit that I hope with his turning 40 in November, and with the litany of injuries that he has accumulated lately, that Christian will get a final run with the title before he hangs up the boots for good.

That being said, Del Rio is now a World Champion with a vicious streak. The man destroyed and fired his now, former ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriquez.

Del Rio has had a weird career at WWE. At first, he was a heel aristocrat, who had the cars, and such. He was supposed to have been crowned World Champ several different times, but plans changed.

He did get a couple of Title runs, and had a failed face turn, but now he’s a rather stale character. My opinion.

The match should be very good between these two. They had very good SmackDown matches, so I don’t expect anything less.

Prediction: I think the feud continues after SummerSlam, so Del Rio retains.

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: John Cena (C) vs Daniel Bryan

This match should be the other match that competes for the MOTN.

Daniel Bryan, whom I just love, is on fire. He has all the momentum, and really should be able to have a great match with John Cena.

Daniel Bryan can carry a broom to a 4 to 5 star match. That is how good he is. I love the beard, the “YES” chants, and the entrance music. His work is impeccable, and he can cut awesome promos.

About four or five weeks ago on Raw, John Cena handpicked Daniel Bryan. The crowd at the arena, and fans on the internet went crazy.

Since then, Daniel Bryan has had to jump through hoops to prove himself worthy to be a challenger to Cena. The inept Raw GM Brad Maddox (who also has had to deal with the McMahon family) had Bryan participate in goofy matches. Bryan had to participate in gauntlet matches, and tag with Cena and Orton.

The Chairman of the Board, Vincent Kennedy McMahon got in on the act of trying to discourage Bryan, and trying to make Bryan feel unworthy of being a challenger, or even champion.

On the “go home” Raw, Vince McMahon comes out to meet with Bryan and Maddox (who as referee, screwed Bryan out of a win earlier on the show with a fast count), and was going to make Brad Maddox the Special Guest referee.

Before Vince could do his dastardly deed, none other than Triple H comes out. Vince is so mad, that he leaves angrily. Hunter proceeds to give Maddox a Pedigree, and make himself the Special Guest Referee.

So, there you have it.

Prediction: I think most fans are aware that John Cena is reportedly going to take time off to heal his elbow. That is a factor, as well as Triple H’s involvement as Guest Referee. There is one other little thing. Randy Orton and his briefcase, and will WWE have him cash in.

[adinserter block=”2″]I predict after a very long, and classic match, there will be a some sort of screwy finish (HHH down. Vince tries to screw Bryan. Vince gets Pedigree.), and Daniel Bryan wins the match, and the title.

After a few seconds of celebrating, Randy Orton’s theme fills the arena, and out comes the “Viper,” with a referee, and Orton strikes an exhausted Bryan with an RKO.

Randy Orton is your NEW WWE Champion.

Enjoy the PPV.

Terri Bey currently blogs for about Wrestling, NFL, and other sports/pop culture related subjects. Her work has appeared in BleacherReport and for Terri can be found here at Facebook- and at Twitter-

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Terri Bey currently blogs for about Wrestling, NFL, and other sports/pop culture related subjects. Her work has appeared in BleacherReport and for Terri can be found here at Facebook- and at Twitter-


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