WWE: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley’s Birthday Wishes

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H
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Admitting defeat is such a hard thing for a member of the McMahon family to do. But in light of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley ‘s birthday this week, maybe the wish she made when she blew her candles out was to have a more successful brand of wrestling than the one she and her husband, Triple H, are serving fans at an alarming low rate of popularity right now.

[adinserter block=”1″]Word on the street (that is code name for rumor) is Vince McMahon is irate at yet another pay-per-view failed to impress the masses, the ratings for all television programming slipped again, and the only that is keeping the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view from already being deemed a failure is the final match between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

Any more bad news and the daughter of Vinnie Mac may have to take a trip down to Suplex City herself. What a way to celebrate your life in the McMahon family.

To say the WWE is in trouble might be a step over the line, but it cannot be ruled out. Professional wrestling could be turning into – much like the promotions it kicked in the teeth and laughed – a dying breed.

What we wouldn’t give for another invasion angle. I know TNA is in jeopardy of falling off the face of wrestling’s earth, so maybe it isn’t a bad idea to look at a talented roster, make a few phone calls and sheepishly admit you need help from little brother.

Seriously, though, that’s another blog altogether.

The daughter of the greatest wrestling promoter of all time has to be wondering if the decisions she has made over the past nine months have been a true benefit to the business, or should she step aside and ask daddy to help her get her core curriculum correct.

Here is a thought that I continually ask myself…

Can McMahon, who is credited with the creation of Hulkamania, The Attitude Era and credited with making The Rock and John Cena household names, find a way to salvage what has been an average at best so far by wrestling standards?

Right now, I say it isn’t possible.

Usually when something like this happens, McMahon and his cronies come up with something big – shake up the nest and hope for the best. Adding The Dudley’s to the tag team division and Sting to the active roster have been small “bumps” in terms of fan acceptance. The addition of women like Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Paige to Raw have done little to make the heart beat a little faster.

Sting may have wrestled his last match, there is no timetable yet on Daniel Bryan’s return and John Cena isn’t going to sniff the WWE World Title until sometime next year when he takes the belt from Roman Reigns.

Wow, there’s something we did not see coming. Cena in the title picture and Reigns again being shoved down our throats. In the name of Susan Powter – Stop the Insanity.

Lesnar’s “Go to Hell” Tour with the culmination of the final chapter in his war with The Undertaker ends in Los Angeles at Hell in a Cell. It’s the perfect pacifier for fans who are tired of seeing an overworked Seth Rollins and no opponent as of yet for John Cena. It also provides one more chance for WWE to use one of its best mouthpieces – Paul Heyman – once again to stir the echoes of the need for more managers in programming.

[adinserter block=”2″]Can the rubber match between these two beasts deliver and give us all what we want? It probably cannot, but it’s the best thing going to day.

Can the pipe bomb by Paige give the Divas some much needed adrenaline and officially start a revolution? I think so, at least for the time being. At least this part of WWE programming is not as focused on the Bellas as it was just a week ago and the rematch between the former champion and the current champion, Charlotte, has a little more meaning.

The rest will just have to work itself out over the next few weeks.

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