WWE Star Wants To Smack Eric Mangini


WWE The MizMTV reality television and WWE superstar, The Miz is making some headlines today. The Miz did an interview with ESPN.com and blasted Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini. The Miz definitely has a career as an NFL analyst after he hangs up the boots. The Miz has no love for Man-genius and would love to well…see him soil his pants.

“A person I’d like to see and smack the s— out of is Eric Mangini. That’s what I’d like to do. He is doing absolutely horrific. He is horrible,” says the longtime Browns fan. “Brady Quinn sucks. Derek Anderson sucks. But the reason why they suck is that their offensive line is not giving them time to throw the ball. I want to smack Eric Mangini so hard he poops himself. The Browns are the new Lions. It’s horrific.”

[adinserter block=”1″]How tremendous is that? I am sure there are a lot of Cleveland Browns and New York Jets fans that feel the exact same way. I know several Jets fans that can’t stop talking about how much they despise Eric Mangini. Not too mention the picture of Eric Mangini pooping himself after being slapped by The Miz is hilarious. The Miz may find himself the biggest babyface on the show the next time World Wrestling Entertainment returns to Cleveland, New York, or New Jersey.

I do think a lot of this is for show, and rightfully so. People are talking about it and the quote has already received a ton of press. The Miz also took some shots at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the interview. Those quotes come off to me like The Miz staying in pro wrestling character. Any smart WWE star would take shots at The Rock in hopes that the press would pick it up and run with it. At some point The Rock is expected to Guest Host WWE RAW. The two have a natural angle ready to go once the Rock comes back to Monday Night RAW.

[adinserter block=”2″]As far as Eric Mangini hosting WWE RAW, that is something I don’t expect to happen in my lifetime. Although think of the fun angles they could do with “Spy Gate?” Maybe we can finally solve the G-TV mystery?

Read the entire interview with The Miz by clicking here.

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