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WWE Stars Who Need a Character Makeover

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In many ways, professional wrestling has evolved over the years. However, there are some aspects that remain largely unchanged. Having a compelling persona with engaging aesthetics is an aspect that remains important in today’s modern wrestling landscape. It’s a new year and thus a great time for some folks to change things up a bit. With this in mind, let’s take a look at few WWE stars that might benefit from a good character makeover;

  1. Roman Reigns – Despite WWE’s best efforts, Reigns continues to get a mixed response from audiences. This is definitely not what you want for the guy you’re trying to position as your companies top baby face. One of the problems with Reigns, that isn’t often discussed, is his in ring attire. He’s still wearing The Shield style flak jacket. Moreover, he’s still coming out to The Shield’s old music. In the meantime, his former brothers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins both have new attire and new music, since the group split. It makes Reigns feel like the guy that’s still wearing the high school varsity jacket, long after his friends have moved on to college. Reigns appears to be in great shape, why not go with more figure flattering attire. Also, let’s get him some new entrance music. It’s time to emphasize the Reigns character has evolved since his Shield days. This won’t instantly change fans perception of the character, but it could be a step in the right direction.
  1. Liv Morgan – I know, it’s technically NXT, but it falls under the WWE umbrella so let’s go with it. This character is it too similar to Carmella’s, but that isn’t the biggest problem. The Jersey Shore phenomenon, sparked by the MTV reality show, has been over for a few years now. This seems to be the inspiration for the character, making the persona seem a bit dated. Also, I’m not crazy about the ring attire. The ripped tights and hat look a little too tiny bopper and not in a charming Bayley kind of way. Morgan is young, athletic, and a former model. At 22 she has plenty of upside and could have a nice career when she does get called up to the main roster. Alexa Bliss also started out in NXT with a lame (fairy) gimmick and was able to turn it around nicely. Hopefully, Morgan will have a chance to do the same at some point.

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  1. Darren Young – It would appear that Bob Backlund’s quest to “Make Darren Young great again” has failed. The student coach relationship between Backlund and Young was somewhat entertaining for a few weeks but quickly became stale. The character hasn’t been involved in any meaningful storylines recently and seems to be without any real purpose or direction. Moreover, Young’s former tag team partner Titus O’Neil is also floundering with his “Titus Brand” gimmick and should also probably be on the list (this list…not Jericho’s). You can probably guess where I’m going with this one. Yep, I think another Prime Time Players reunion would benefit both Young and O’Neil. Think about, The Players could instantly become a top team on either Raw or SmackDown’s, given the current landscape of both divisions. Young and O’Neil always had great chemistry and appear to be far more effective together than apart.
  1. The Shining Stars – If there’s one thing that makes a crowd furious, it’s promoting tourism in Puerto Rico, right? This may be the worst concept for a tag team WWE has come up with in awhile and there are some pretty bad tag teams right now. Poor Primo and Epico, they were saddled with the ill-conceived Los Matadores personas and now they’re stuck portraying Puerto Rican tourism ambassadors. I’m still not quite clear why, as a fan, I’m supposed to be upset with two guys trying to promote tourism. In fact, I’m really not sure why I should care at all. They might be better off simply portraying old school heels who insult the audience and cheat to gain an advantage. Honestly, anything would be better than sticking them with this hopeless gimmick.

This is my list. Which WWE character’s would you like to see get a fresh coat of paint?

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